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  • Odin Griffen
    Odin Griffen

    The layer of fat building up around my tosros disagrees with notion that beer is healthy for you.

  • Diane Schmidt
    Diane Schmidt

    It is so interesting to live during this period where nazis and nazi sympathizers are rising up and no one really cares or is doing anything. I’m sure one day our grandkids will ask us why we didn’t all make a huge deal about it and do something to stop it and I won’t even be able to answer them.

  • Jim Lawton
    Jim Lawton

    I'm sorry but What the FUCK is with Late Show making the monologue Unavailable in Canada?!?! Not cool 'Merica, first the vaccines now our comedy?! Seriously tho, you're not going to turn into Last Week Tonight and make us all find it illegally are you????

  • Mercenary Tau
    Mercenary Tau

    Have Trent Reznor and/or Atticus Ross ever been on the shou? They should get Jon to host that one.

  • EnderYeah

    Popstar was awesome.

  • SandyRiverBlue

    Mr. Batiste, The Last Cat. More to come.

  • Lauren Higgins
    Lauren Higgins

    Can we get a weekly segment where Stephen discusses LOTR?

  • The Sun Bro
    The Sun Bro

    I like how the GOP thinks they are the good

  • Brian Short
    Brian Short

    I always wondered what a fascist ham cube rolled in barber hair would look like. Now I know.

  • Willow Moon
    Willow Moon

    Just doesn't get old. Lmao 🤣 keep this style of entertainment I dig it.

  • Clint Davis
    Clint Davis

    I regret voting Biden. Bidens a mistake, bad mistake

  • Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea

    Yet there still hasn’t been any round up of the main seditionists - all those senators wo refused to acknowledge the election results after it was verified. All these senators who did everything they could to spread lies and create false legal actions in which everyone of them failed. The former President recently made the statement about "winning the 3rd time." These are words of a mentally challenged individual whose followers are all seditionists as they want to overthrow the sitting administration. The CPAC was nothing more than idiots idolizing their god Trump to include a statue of him - scary. America better get it‘s act together or it will be in for severe turbulent times riddled with internal strife.

  • blaze jennifer
    blaze jennifer

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  • Karen Whinesmore
    Karen Whinesmore

    Did anyone else notice that the stage to the CPAC event was in the shape of the Nazi sign?? Disgusting....they arent even trying to hide their racism!! Lol Steven just mentioned it....I guess they noticed! Good it needs to be pointed out!!!

  • Connie King
    Connie King

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  • Kathleen Jerry
    Kathleen Jerry


  • Bernadette Fuson
    Bernadette Fuson

    Congrats Jon, well deserved.

  • wtmf80

    dude! turtleneck and chain :)

  • Yamato Wolfgang
    Yamato Wolfgang

    Not intended to body-shaming. But where is Ted Blob's neck? Is it gone with the rest of his spine?

  • James Puffer
    James Puffer

    “Death by a thousand cuts” is such a great way to put that, this guy was so patient and explained things in such an intelligent, understandable way.

  • DanJW83

    Hate to be 'that' guy, but Wallace fought against the English (not the British) around 1300. Great Britain/British wasn't created until England and Scotland united in 1707.

  • frenstcht

    _Grooming?_ The fact of the phrase _child grooming_ is a powerful tool for protecting children from predators, and misusing it puts children at risk because it's stupidly crying wolf.

  • I'm Aimée Miami
    I'm Aimée Miami

    Anyone else in Canada not able to watch other clips from yesterday's show?

  • Sue Kennedy
    Sue Kennedy

    So funny. Too bad Sleepy Joe is losing his mind and beng abused by Mister Kamal and Mister Pelosi and his intimidate family.

  • Destroyer ofworlds
    Destroyer ofworlds

    Neil was wrong about of this stuff.

  • ChrisKewl

    I love uncensored Colbert! We need more of this CBS!

  • mithu lahiri
    mithu lahiri

    Ted Cruz is like a rogue, power-hungry preacher who makes convoluted analogies to his flock of zombies who already believe convoluted conspiracies and will pour millions into supporting a cause that doesn't even exist, except for in the preacher's bank account.

  • Louis Guthrie
    Louis Guthrie

    Congratulations to John Baptiste 😃well deserved...

  • Katelyn3666

    This was fabulously entertaining. I love seeing Stephen geek out over his love for LOTR. It peaks my interest in it more.

  • Ivy Breaux
    Ivy Breaux

    I am so disappointed to hear about Cuomo but get him the F*ck out of here because unlike the Republicans I don't want creeps in the government. Unless it's made up. There needs to be a thorough investigation.

  • shadyshady

    We need more Stephen Colbert uncensored F bombs! I think this is the first interview I actually heard him swear. I've seen it, lip read it through the bleep, but this is gold!

  • Connie King
    Connie King

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  • Bottle Aire
    Bottle Aire

    1. Good to see Mr Batiste get recognized for his work. Dude is music personified. 2. I drank a sixer of caffeinated beers once and I'm still apologizing for my nutso behavior. I did regain my frontside air at the skatepark, then slammed a 40yo body into retirement.

  • Celeste xRozePetalzx
    Celeste xRozePetalzx

    Congrats Jon!! Well deserved! The best soundtrack in a long time!!!

  • Jeff Alexander
    Jeff Alexander

    Palms Springs made my pandemic easier.

  • Lil Nastyy
    Lil Nastyy


  • Barbara Romeo
    Barbara Romeo

    I just really, really respect a man that lets another man call his wife names to the public and then kisses his ass after. I despise this ugly hypocrite.

  • cayogator

    a failed comedian with a TV 'slander show' ..................................................................

  • Caroline H
    Caroline H

    wait wait.... the monologue was only 3 mins today???? what

  • triggerfish66

    In the latter days good will be called evil and evil called good.....and here we are. The irony is the either side uses this against the other. America is corroding and collapsing from within.

  • Menos Problemos
    Menos Problemos

    The countries are connecting. It's bout time we all get cultured!

  • JakeyBoy

    please make more tolkein films :(

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • Nicole H
    Nicole H

    wasn't surprised about Cuomo, sagittarian men win the Most Likely To Sexually Harass Employees/Coworkers superlative of the zodiac

  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker

    William Wallace would've hated Lying Ted. Just like everyone in Scotland does.

  • Raw Evil Gaming
    Raw Evil Gaming

    Ted Cruz really wants to be a stand up comedian but instead he's just a weird asshole.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    Ted cruz is probably the dumbest rich boy ive seen outside of his orange god.

  • James Hiott
    James Hiott

    "Feck this show."

  • rpavlik1

    Nothing sadder than an old guy trying to pretend to be hip.

  • Chaninification

    Musk and Bezos are among the parasitic wealthy.

  • TaDa TaDa
    TaDa TaDa

    It’s ALL hear-say.

  • C B
    C B

    We're in a struggle against the new nazi party

  • Chaninification

    Warren Buffett is a good human, as well.

  • Anne Mahoney
    Anne Mahoney


  • Bdpjev

    By down playing Trump, turning him into some cartoon character, it really does a disservice to the public. This man is really dangerous, that's the reality. But I guess people wont stop laughing until a full blown civil war takes place. This man is partially responsible for the murder of Police officers and a host of others during the insurrection at the capital. However this country is so crooked law enforcement will still support this clown. Take the new GOP serious stop playing games with these characters

  • Sherry

    So glad he won this. I love listening to him

  • David A
    David A

    I don't know, do you think it's fair to be making fun of Donald tRump, Dead Cruz, Gosh Hawley and others at the C-crap convention? Just because they are traitors and haters.... OK ya maybe just because they are traitors and haters who use their "brain" to inflict pain for their root-en too-tn Putin of America x-presidenta. It's funny to see the lap dogs at a Nazi rally for a looser 🤭

  • Malon D
    Malon D

    I had no idea Jon worked on Soul. It has become one of my favorite movies. Incredible message, great music, and just beautiful to look at.

  • rpavlik1

    Wait, the drudge report is still a thing?

  • Adam Tobin
    Adam Tobin

    Strangers with Candy is the most amazing show. Anyone who hasn’t watched it, do yourself a favor and watch all three seasons. You won’t regret it

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    Congratulations to John :) I’ve listened to his albums on Google play music, and he is excellent

  • Katelyn3666

    That was one of the best clips for a movie I have seen. I am going to check out that movie TODAY. It looks so funny!

  • Christopher Mattheys
    Christopher Mattheys

    Batiste the Beast!

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Ted Cruz sounds and looks like Mr. Haney from the show "Green Acres". He was always trying to sell lies, just like Cruz. I think he might be his daddy.

  • Allie B
    Allie B

    “Not the only ones quoting Mel Gibson” I CHOKED-

  • Gess Healey
    Gess Healey

    Well Ted, it's hard not to be 'TERRORfied when the insurrection clearly wanted to kill and did, maimed

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith

    3:45 now don’t drag Star Wars and Ghostbusters into this crap....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • The Full Energy Channel
    The Full Energy Channel

    John McEnroe is a legend, I started watching tennis when he was playing the man was Box Office

  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass

    The look on its face really says it all.

  • Joker Smith
    Joker Smith

    She has a really high quality camera.

  • curse1

    Green book is a fantastic movie

  • The ShrEd
    The ShrEd

    Bahahaha he legit looked so pissed wen the trump animation came back BAHAHAA

  • Lorraine H
    Lorraine H

    Thank you for not playing the clips of him.

  • Video et Taceo
    Video et Taceo

    Rebel alliance? That fat bastard wouldn't last 5 minutes

  • Harry Kendall
    Harry Kendall

    These two are complaining that they were forced to have a white person in the movie..Louie Anderson. A bit ironic.

  • Paul Miner
    Paul Miner

    Goddamn conservatives embrace lying 😡

  • Jim Klingensmith
    Jim Klingensmith

    Can you imagine what Moses would have done if when he came down off the mountain that golden idol is the one he saw instead of the calf

  • kilroy987

    The panning camera in Oprah's interview is too much. The music isn't necessary either. Save that for crafted movies and story series episodes. Stop ingraining people. Remember, a pretty big chunk of people were fine with the insurrection at the Capitol. Do you really want to suck people into the TV that hard anymore, given everything that has happened? Wait, Republicans watch Star Wars and Star Trek?

  • George Hedgepeth
    George Hedgepeth

    What a lame, tired, hack.

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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