The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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  • Robert Cogingsford
    Robert Cogingsford

    Think you've got your vikings mixed up with your saxons...

  • Jim Jiménez
    Jim Jiménez

    Dave’s the best he’s so humble! They’re both great!

  • Bill Pratt
    Bill Pratt

    On Mars no one can hear your helicopter scream.

  • Brian Philbrick
    Brian Philbrick

    7:07 - I’m not one to nitpick but Stephen is holding a 17th century French main gauche dagger.

  • drewski 15
    drewski 15

    7:42 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Noble Williams
    Noble Williams

    Ahh Stephen Colbert. theres plenty of late shows but my week isnt right without the awesome Mr. Colbert!

  • Steve Chance
    Steve Chance

    Mcconaughey for Governor of Texas!!! ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!!

  • Marisa Nocito
    Marisa Nocito

    Love Stephen’s monologues. Always so funny.

  • LucasIsHere

    Rowan Atkinson Age: 65 Average Bean Lifespan: 66-67 years *NO NOT NOW NOT NOW*

  • KJ Archer
    KJ Archer

    I got myself a Bluetooth oxen

  • candycoatedchump

    is he gonna eat that chicken?

  • Elizabeth Cameron
    Elizabeth Cameron

    Was that a real chicken?

  • Roz Hill
    Roz Hill

    Well put. That is exactly what I see in Cruz.

  • Kay2Jay

    OMG Good things are happening, the virus is slowly ending. Half of America has gotten at least one shot... thank god we got a new administration who actually know what they're doing.

  • MiTmite9

    Lucy ft. The Blue Hoodies

  • MrsD

    Voldermoron is the best name for #hewhoshallbenamed

  • Dayana Lara
    Dayana Lara

    1989 is coming...

  • Ben

    @7:34 - c'mon man, the Doomsday book was from the Norman period, some time after the Anglo-Saxons were conquered! Your chronology is whack.

  • Rolyat Neek
    Rolyat Neek

    Texas is exactly the kind of state that would elect McConaughey as their governor.

  • Brad B
    Brad B

    LOL pube displacement disorder...

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    114th Comment! Yay!

  • Admiralty86

    The title said he's a fake politician, I thought cowboy Dan was a parody skit! Is that his real commercial?!

  • kodguerrero

    She deserves more credit for Mean Girls. That movie is still great to this day!

  • DR Boze
    DR Boze

    Go to the movies again? Sheesh, all Hollywood can make are what used to be direct-to-DVD movies.

  • thedirty530

    So would this refusal to get vaccinated have an impact on a single political group that is basically saying F*** you to everyone who doesn't look like them. The world is crossing it's fingers!

  • Player_1

    7:42 "I know I have to bite this, but I am definitely getting salmonella if I do, so I'm making an executive decision to go against rehearsal by not subjecting myself to foodborne illness."

  • Stoned Homer
    Stoned Homer

    I can watch all the jackass movies on Paramount+

  • New Message
    New Message

    Nobody like the Thin Reasoning Mints, I guess.

  • Gail Mork
    Gail Mork

    I hear the muffled giggles

  • Artemis Knight
    Artemis Knight

    In beowoulf's defense. The setting was not in a swamp, nor a bog.

  • Noodling The Night Away
    Noodling The Night Away

    I swear you were gonna take a bite out of that chicken...You at least thought about it

  • Rick 8589
    Rick 8589

    Is this the most viewed video from Stephens Channel

  • Thomas Spencer
    Thomas Spencer

    Ron DeSantis actually thinks that he is a governor without knowing what lobbying is!? What a hack.

  • Wikan Saktianto
    Wikan Saktianto

    Matthew McConaughey is going to be Texas Governor? Hmm..I wonder when he and Elon is going to put Interstellar on Houston.

  • Will Reaper
    Will Reaper

    I just wanted to see him bite the chicken...

  • Sheila Lopez
    Sheila Lopez

    Did the pilots have to hold their breath the whole time? I like Spacey news.

  • JustTrollingAlong

    Mike Lindell seems like the kind of person who sews a fleshlight into their pillow.

  • Danrion

    Stephen Colbert having a great time since the previous Guy booted out.

    • Yes 0r?
      Yes 0r?

      Me too 💛

  • Mistress Jen
    Mistress Jen

    Well, hey, Stephen, Dirty Deeds are done dirty cheap. 😉😂🤣 Couldn't resist.

  • Maija Liepa
    Maija Liepa

    🌸🙏🌸 Sweet-n-Precious🌸🌸🐝🌸🙏🌸ThankYou🌸🙏

  • Michael

    Remember what you did to the shah of Iran with human rights. Was that a Christian. Thing to do? When khomeni killed hundred of thousands when he came to power first few months how come you were silent ion human rights. .? Where you put into power1976 to remove the shaH?

  • Despozble Hero
    Despozble Hero

    I still can't find vaccine in the bay area through my health care system lol, even though I have a precondition that was approved weeks before the "everyone" approval

    • Cream Pie
      Cream Pie

      try looking for mass vax sites on your state/ county government website. All of the pharmacies where I am have been out for several weeks, but I was able to get appointments for myself and my parents using one of those centers.

  • JustTrollingAlong

    I have a concussion, but if I didn't I would get my COVID-19 vaccine shot.

  • mac979s1

    Thank You for sharing that you can stream Dr Quinn on paramount

  • New Message
    New Message

    Just don't play that clip of McConaughey saying Matt Gaetz' mantra about high school girls anymore.

  • David L
    David L

    First ad is an entire interview from The Daily Show. Who says SLtoos can't learn :)

  • Dittzx

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is just upset that she's way too old for Matt Gaetz to pay her money and to travel with him.😅

    • Yes 0r?
      Yes 0r?


  • Australien

    Just put the vaccine in a big batch of meth

  • Brandon T.
    Brandon T.

    I'm 36 and fully vaccinated with Pfizer and still not going on vacation to the beach for at least another year.

  • Zen Mode
    Zen Mode

    Alright x 3

  • Mitch Zurbrigg
    Mitch Zurbrigg

    If you dont get a vaccine you should be barred from entry to all stores and restaurants in the future. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

  • David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
    David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer

    Not gonna lie I miss Stephen’s impersonating trumps tweets. DOT DOT DOT DOT DOT DOT DOT 😂😂

  • Sig2423

    Is he brandishing a rotisserie chicken rotisserie?

  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller

    Twins remake with John Cena and John Oliver!

  • RahRan123

    so someone flew their very expensive drone on mars....Awesome.

  • TokyoSara

    The only Cowboy Dan I know is by Modest Mouse. Well, Cowboy Dan's a major player in the cowboy scene He goes to the reservation drinks and gets mean He's gonna start a war He hops in his pickup puts the pedal to the floor And says "I got mine but I want more"

  • Pondart Inc
    Pondart Inc

    I can't keep my eyes off that chicken.

  • Barbara McDavid
    Barbara McDavid


  • Nicholas Cecil
    Nicholas Cecil

    Video starts at 2:25

  • pepsidude2007

    Me: wonder what he gonna do with that chicken? 🤔

  • thedirty530

    Dirty backstabbing swamp creatures.... Sounds about right!

  • TheTunaMaster

    i got two

  • Aaron Oneal
    Aaron Oneal

    I love the Sord with a chicken on it

  • Wikan Saktianto
    Wikan Saktianto

    Wait, Mars Helicopter? Oh no..It will attract DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON!!! No wonder Fast Furious Franchise eager to do space race..


    DeSantis is a dead-eyed ghoul.

  • thedirty530

    I'm sure the rest of the world sure could use the millions of vaccines that inject freedom from oppression by cloth....... Yet, we are the ones stuck with these sacks of shit!

  • Ian Maidment
    Ian Maidment

    We pay more for cops mistakes than their salary in20 years

  • Seth L
    Seth L

    Those vaccine dancers 🍑 tho 😂

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H

    I think the hypocrite fake evangelicals are as bad as the toxic gop goons when it comes to dumb stupid conspiracy theories. Smh

  • sweiland75

    The vaccine has killed at least 19 peopole from blood clots.

  • Collin Keyser
    Collin Keyser

    Other Celebs Have Gotten The Shot And Are Encouraging Their Fans To Get It As Well. Britney Spears Was Among Them.

  • emiller113

    wish Germany gets the vaccine going .Waiting to travel again 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Cindel Garns
    Cindel Garns


  • New Message
    New Message

    If the theme to Airwolf didn't play in your head when watching that Mars footage, I don't wanna know you.

  • LucianLegacy

    Beowulf reference. Don't see too many of those anymore.

  • Rem Forrest
    Rem Forrest

    That thing cost 100k dollars. Are they defusing bombs or something. In the army we didn't even use those unless a IED needed to be defused

  • The Urban Shaman
    The Urban Shaman


  • kimberly cornelius
    kimberly cornelius

    Thank you #Charlesbarkley.

  • Ian Maidment
    Ian Maidment

    When are cops gonna be trained not to kill the inocent

    • Ian Maidment
      Ian Maidment

      @Armandhammer sorry red hat what does spelling matter when pigs are killing innocent people

    • Armandhammer

      When will you learn to spell?

  • Swampy

    How long till you flood Mars with guns America?