Blake Shelton "Minimum Wage"
Country superstar and "The Voice" coach Blake Shelton makes his Late Show performance debut with this rendition of his new single, "Minimum Wage." #Colbert #MinimumWage #BlakeShelton
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  • gloria simpher
    gloria simpher

    thank you blake for the song about you an MIRANDA .yes miranda had the 1 bedroom apartment when you met well well blake you wrote a song about miranda an you together good boy blake.

  • NCR RANGER1995
    NCR RANGER1995

    Not really the show his target demographic watches

  • Maran Chic Teo
    Maran Chic Teo

    BLAKE SHELTON (2021) - MINIMUN WAGE (Traducción en español) Yeah, I met you 'fore anyone knew my name Sí, te conocí antes de que nadie conociese mi nombre Playin' for pennies on the dive bar stage Tocando por unos centavos en el escenario de un tugurio Split an all-star special on our first date Dividimos un menú “All-Star Special” en nuestra primera cita In a Waffle House booth En el reservado de un “Waffle House” Your daddy was cryin' when he gave you away Tu padre estaba llorando cuando te llevó al altar 'Cause all those country songs I played Porque todas aquellas canciones country que tocaba They didn't come with a 401k No venían con un un plan de jubilación 401k But hey, I had you Pero eh, te tenía a ti You could make a six pack on the carpet Podrías hacer que un pack de seis botellines en la alfombra Taste like a million dollar bill Lo disfrutara como un billete de un millón de dólares You could make a one bed-room apartment Podrías hacer que un apartamento de un dormitorio Feel like a house up on the hill Pareciese una casa en lo alto de la colina You could make my truck out in the driveway Podrías hacer que mi camioneta en la entrada Roll like a cleaned up Cadillac Rodara como un Cadillac impoluto Girl, lookin' at you lookin' at me that way Nena, mirándote mirándome así Could make a man feel rich on minimum wage Podrías hacer a un hombre sentirse rico con el salario mínimo Girl, your love is money, your love is money Nena, tu amor es dinero, tu amor es dinero Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage Sí, tu amor puede hacer a un hombre sentirse rico con el salario mínimo Girl, your love is money, your love is money Nena, tu amor es dinero, tu amor es dinero Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage Sí, tu amor puede hacer a un hombre sentirse rico con el salario mínimo You could give me a tab that's always open Podría darme una cuenta que siempre estuviese abierta Give me a yacht parked out in the ocean Darme un yate estacionado en el océano But all that keepin' up with the Jones' Pero todo eso nos haría no ser menos que los demás It just ain't my style Ése no es mi estilo Just give me some lights strung out in the yard Tan sólo dame algunas luces escalonadas en el patio Give me a lawn chair under the stars Dame una tumbona bajo las estrellas The top of the world's right where you are La cima del mundo está justo donde tú estés 'Cause every time you smile Porque cada vez que sonríes You could make a six pack on the carpet Podrías hacer que un pack de seis botellines en la alfombra Taste like a million dollar bill Lo disfrutara como un billete de un millón de dólares You could make a one bed-room apartment Podrías hacer que un apartamento de un dormitorio Feel like a house up on the hill Pareciese una casa en lo alto de la colina You could make my truck out in the driveway Podrías hacer que mi camioneta en la entrada Roll like a cleaned up Cadillac Rodara como un Cadillac impoluto Girl, lookin' at you lookin' at me that way Nena, mirándote mirándome así Could make a man feel rich on minimum wage Podrías hacer a un hombre sentirse rico con el salario mínimo Girl, your love is money, your love is money Nena, tu amor es dinero, tu amor es dinero Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage Sí, tu amor puede hacer a un hombre sentirse rico con el salario mínimo Girl, your love is money, your love is money Nena, tu amor es dinero, tu amor es dinero Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage Sí, tu amor puede hacer a un hombre sentirse rico con el salario mínimo

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto

    Another amazing song! Congratulations Blake!

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison

    Shout out to all the Suga mamas!!!

  • Frank Guinan
    Frank Guinan

    Like always, this song is tone deaf and formulaic.... he had an opportunity to say something meaningful about the desperation of workers like me barely scraping by, and instead he blabbed on about “love” and “six packs feeling like a million bucks”.... well, when you can’t afford to feed your children, I’d opt for the million bucks over a fuckin’ six pack....

  • Caper. here
    Caper. here

    That was helpful🙃😳

  • Optimal81

    Hey Colbert, when is your bff Andrew Cuomo going to be back on your stupid show again? Will you give him another Emmy for the thousands of people that died under his administration?

  • Proton Vibes
    Proton Vibes

    Country music used to be protest songs or songs about the working class and for a hot second I had hoped somebody had the guts to return to this, but no, it's a dumb love song

  • Hannah Sharma
    Hannah Sharma

    About as dumb when a recruiter said in California "we get paid in Sunshine dollars!".... Okay does my rent also accept solar coin?

  • Levi Richendollar
    Levi Richendollar

    Get a hillbilly bone everytime I hear this tune! ;)

  • lexis word
    lexis word

    I really like this.. First song of his I actually like 😁

  • fakethat93

    absolute garbage

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin

    He was a roofer. He wasn't born with the silver spoon in his mouth. And maybe, just maybe, he understands the feelings of other people. That's worth more than any amount of money.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher


  • Gabe F.
    Gabe F.

    its a bit disingenuous isn't it, even if I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. First off, I realize he had a gf, probably, maybe, before he blew up, but he didn't stick with her, obviously. Dude engaged to rich girl Gwen, who DIDNT know him before he blew up. So this ode is to, who exactly? Oh its hypothetical and out of touch? Gotcha. Gwen should have slapped him on the back of his neck for this one.

    • Hazel Angus
      Hazel Angus

      He didn't write it, so it's not an ode to anybody. Not an ode from him, anyway. Could be an ode from somebody else though.

  • Justin R
    Justin R

    The pople complaining about this song are the left wing version of ring wing conspiracy believers. Both are equally dumb.

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger
    Strange Wayfaring Stranger

    This is why Johnny Cash will always be one of the most legendary artists ever, cause he wrote songs that he lived. And even if he didn't live them, he made it seem like he did. It came from the heart. And he wasn't a complete jerkoff like this guy.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher


  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger
    Strange Wayfaring Stranger

    "Your love is money. Your love is money. But your money is also money, and i'm so glad you got some. A lot of it."

  • Fantod69

    Out of touch millionaire poseur insults the working class by pretending he can relate to how most suffer on poverty wages. Go away.

  • Road Dog
    Road Dog

    I think that this is the worst conceived, overproduced piece that I've heard in quite sometime. Quite pukeworthy....Hey Blake, with all your cake this is the best you can come up with ?

    • Road Dog
      Road Dog

      @Hazel Angus Copy that, I was raised hillbilly & I write songs & some are pretty bad. But my formula is still three chords (OK sometimes 5) and the truth. " Your my minimum wage"" ?

    • Hazel Angus
      Hazel Angus

      He didn't write it, so he didn't come up with anything. But he did accept it.

  • John McIntosh
    John McIntosh

    Lip sync performance.

  • Matthew Joyce Entertainment
    Matthew Joyce Entertainment

    This song straight up sucks y’all.

  • erik schaepers
    erik schaepers

    Sweet Home Alabama, anyone ?

  • andyroosky

    Ummm tons of country singers sing about stuff like this and most are loaded and not living the life they are singing about. Why are people so upset about this one?

  • Judith Molamo
    Judith Molamo

    Beautiful song!!!

  • Patty Banda
    Patty Banda

    Like it your love is money love you both I like how the song is about love and happiness

  • Dr John Pollard
    Dr John Pollard

    Hey, this is a great song.

    • Dr John Pollard
      Dr John Pollard

      @Fantod69 Ok, I stand corrected.

    • Fantod69

      No it isn’t. It’s insulting to people trying to live on minimum wage.

  • CooperTime

    I live in NC, make a little over $50k per year and my rent (2 bed) for me and my 2 kids costs about 45% of my bring-home pay. This is in the 'cheap' south. Minimum wage is a joke. Wages should be tied to cost of living in local area.

    • Mrs. Lauren
      Mrs. Lauren

      That's sad. 50k would be very wealthy in other countries. Housing is too expensive! You should be able to have a comfortable family life for the money you make

  • Jelly Whit
    Jelly Whit

    So good, love it!! I just spun my chair around!

  • Ana S
    Ana S

    I don't disagree - maybe it's not the best timing but honestly all these people with a "hater attitude"... I can respect someone telling his story of the past. It's part of him and he has as much right to tell it as he's been through it. All of us that have been through bad times know that things are always better with good people around us and good times will follow. I believe that's the main message of the song if you don't like it don't listen 🤷

  • Elonwy Hickey
    Elonwy Hickey

    So a the guys been screwed over by a society that doesn't pay a living wage and looks to his partner for emotional support?

  • Jenni LB
    Jenni LB

    A rich man's perspective on poverty. No one making minimum wage can afford a one bedroom apartment or a truck or a mealat Waffle House. The lifestyle he's describing is more than $15/hour. I know it's just a song, but I think it's actually harmful. People believing that this is what poverty looks like makes it impossible for them to understand why people are fighting for a living wage. People are fighting for the right to this standard of living.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      are you a democrat

  • House Bill
    House Bill

    If her love is money, send her to the landlord to pay the rent. Is that what he is saying?

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison

      Sugar mama, it auto withdraws from her account. 😎

  • Austin Smock
    Austin Smock

    Tone deaf beyond belief. Just makes him seem like a total douchebag, if not a flat out asshole.

  • Lama Administrator
    Lama Administrator

    Why do I feel that coming from a multimillionaire this song is sooo NOT authentic....

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu


  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore

    A one-bedroom apartment on minimum wage? Where he stay?

  • Jamie Meylan
    Jamie Meylan

    Wow great Alsome amazing fantastic song Blake Shelton I love listening this song 👍🎶❤️

  • argonsfolley

    LOL. Who can afford their own one bedroom apartment AND a pickup truck AND food on minimum wage? If he had asked anybody on minimum wage to help write this song, he'd have two roommates in a studio, and a bicycle and no time for a girlfriend between his three jobs. Either way, when so many people are hurting, and the majority of the country is calling for the need to raise minimum wage, putting out a song about how all you really need is love, and that $7.25/hr will make your life wonderful... is a little tone deaf. I'm kinda surprised Stephen let this on the show. Maybe CBS forced it?

    • Jenni LB
      Jenni LB

      So true. This perpetuates the myth that people can survive on minimum wage.

  • Morgan Persson
    Morgan Persson

    Not a bad song but nothing special. He's made MUCH better music.

  • Alec Galloway
    Alec Galloway

    I was hoping he'd play minimum wage by They Might Be Giants..

  • Tricknologyinc

    Let them eat Blake?

  • Paul Camus
    Paul Camus

    Being offended by this is akin to being offended by someone saying "I feel like a million bucks".

  • Amirah

    "your love is money"? thanks but I'm still broke af. Love is wonderful, but only money is money. Incredibly tone deaf.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      like i said you are not broke you have a computer not cheap to buy go feed your crape to a dummy DUH?

    • John Harrison
      John Harrison

      I think he's talki g about sugar mamas

  • Linda Cormier
    Linda Cormier

    This is definitely a number one hit. Hello from Canada. 🤗🤗🙏🙏

  • HeyMJ

    Thank you for hosting Blake Shelton. Each musicians’ score interpretation, the heartfelt lyrics, the studio’s attn to detail, and team’s collaboration resulted in a moving, modern ballad. #StephenColbert

    • Road Dog
      Road Dog

      Overproduced Puke ?

  • fd svensson
    fd svensson

    Of course he can sing that, he's with Gwen Stefani (who's rich 😉)

    • TheIdahogrl

      So is he.

  • jack nick
    jack nick

    is he lip syncing?

  • GoldyLuck

    Ugly people need to learn to code

  • Alessandro Compagno
    Alessandro Compagno

    Nodody s gonna say Sympathy for the Devil vibes intro and verse?

  • Jessica Chapman
    Jessica Chapman

    This is so out of touch with what people who make minimum wage go through... and from a millionaire... during a pandemic where people are broke. Missed the mark huge dude.

    • TheIdahogrl


  • Mr. Gregory
    Mr. Gregory

    Most Americans make minimum wage. It's a Tragedy ! Thankfully I live in Canada and have a Good Job as a courier driver with a Paid off Home, Free Healthcare and lot's of cash because of my Long Hours with a Decent Wage ! Canada is the Dream ! America is lost ... CANADA IS THE DREAM !!! America is Not Welcome, you are stained with Trump !

  • Johnny Crash
    Johnny Crash

    Wtf, its a love song. A Love Song. Why this discussions about economy and politics? He feels rich with her in his life even if he's struggling on low to no money. Can we leave it to what it is a love song.

    • Jenni LB
      Jenni LB

      Because it's harmful to perpetuate the myth that this is what poverty looks like. People fighting to increase minimum wage to a living wage are fighting to have this kind of lifestyle.

  • Pete Mtb
    Pete Mtb

    I guess I’m late to the dance but millionaires shouldn’t sing songs about minimum wage. It’s a real slap in the face when low talents like Shelton have the audacity to use the suffering of others to create such formulaic, meaningless product. Colbert if you continue to provide the vapid with airtime many of us just will not watch.

  • Sam Everett
    Sam Everett

    Seriously though Colbert, how can you have Blake on here and not roast him? Like you did for “Accidental Racist”?

    • Graham Davis
      Graham Davis

      I'm guessing it had something to do with the legal team.

  • Maitri Nancy Peden
    Maitri Nancy Peden

    Roots rock.

  • LandIsFlat

    The song can be described as 3:55 of stock song country style. It's hard to imagine a more generic progression and lyrics.

  • Lee Lo
    Lee Lo

    No Steven for a week....I'll be in withdrawals for a whole week. Bummer

  • Marie

    He's fucking loaded, not sure how I feel about this song.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      when he is feeling good is when he tells the truth. about him an MIRANDA .

    • Marie

      @Sweet Pea Exactly. It's capitalist propaganda. For example: "Girl your love is money" -- um, that love won't pay off crippling student debt and a $5,000 hospital bill if you got laid off, lost your healthcare, then had a medical emergency.

    • Sweet Pea
      Sweet Pea

      He’s not though. He’s glamorizing poverty because “if you have a pretty girl”, you don’t need”to be able to eat or have decent housing or healthcare or affordable education 🤦🏻‍♀️ This song is absolute trash

  • jenny kastelic
    jenny kastelic

    Isn't "Minimum Wage" a song by They Might be Giants?

  • kimber newman
    kimber newman

    Colbert (my fav) tried saving Blake’s a$$ with this title song....expected more from min wage single. It’s super kinda yeah umm NOT ok in 2021. Read the room, Blake Shelton. It’s between 10-12 years since actual MINIMUM WAGE has been increased and kids are starving in ‘Merica. Just really bad timing on a good twang tune.

  • Anthony

    Fuck the haters!

  • Anthony

    Great song and message!!

  • StimeTime

    Quick moment of silence for Gwen Stefani. I hope she recovers from whatever it is that makes her want to tie herself to this sonic criminal.

    • Fantod69

      Agree. Generic modern country crap about drinking beer and pick up trucks. Make it stop!

    • Darla Morgan
      Darla Morgan

      So now he is a criminal! Wow you are really a bad person. Remember words hurt.

    • Darla Morgan
      Darla Morgan

      Your just vile! A real troller. You dont know Blake or Gwen. UNITY! You know not going on social media to treat people down. Your opinion is irrelevant

  • Ginger Dragon in Redshoes
    Ginger Dragon in Redshoes

    Love is not money. It does not pay the rent, or buy food, or keep the heat on in the winter. Here we have a millionaire who works to make a corporation rich trying to skew the culture in order to get people who have to settle for starvation wages to think there's pride in their struggle. Stop it.

  • Anthony

    Stop being a snowflake. It’s a damn love song

  • Karen Conroy
    Karen Conroy

    I ❤ Blake

  • Lauran Drown
    Lauran Drown

    Catchy hook, but insensitive song for a rich man to sing, even if he did roof houses once upon a time. Shelton could have used his platform to share what he thinks about the minimum wage debate and what American workers actually deserve - for roofing houses and manning counters and cleaning up after the rest of us. Stephen Colbert - you almost got a discussion going but chickened out. Could have used your platform for a productive bit of television. Have him back and talk some more.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      he ows you nothing he worked hard

  • Death Becomes Her
    Death Becomes Her

  • Sofia Elias Jamison
    Sofia Elias Jamison

    Sheesh, sad how jaded everyone is! He’s a musician who wrote a song about love. Whether you like his music or not, you have no idea of his history, charitable giving, etc. Spread love and kindness everyone

    • Geralt Rivia
      Geralt Rivia

      The song was written by Corey Crowder, Jesse Frasure, and Nicolle Galyon. Shelton bought the rights to it and released it at the most tone-deaf time that he possibly could have and, unapologetically, blamed fans for being annoyed with it, claiming listeners had misinterpreted the song, citing: "these days, there are people out there who don’t want to know the truth. They just want to hear what they want to hear, and they want to pick a fight" There's no time to drink beer, make love and watch the stars when you're working multiple minimum wage jobs just to sleep under a roof. That's the real truth and we don't need a millionaire telling us how good we have it, just to play victim when we don't buy his album.

  • TheTuubster

    100% playback. Nice song, but it's a little lame to not at least perform the song live on tape.

  • Valerie CA Mtn
    Valerie CA Mtn

    GUITAR SOLO SAVES THIS 😵 Me ⁉️ WTF🤠 (no ♥️ & no 💰 here) Me ⁉️ TRUCK broke I walk/bus 😷 RIP Charlie Pride & & & & Nice resonator guitar too

  • Karen NO
    Karen NO

    He's praising working class and saying if ya got love, it truly makes life much rosier! He knows what being a low income person or family. He was raised and still lives in rural oklahoma USA. Blake is a country boy at heart 4-ever!

    • Karen NO
      Karen NO

      @Jenni LB I've lived all but 2 yrs on rural MO. The 2 yrs I didn't live here I was in a city. I'd nver seen the amount of poor / homeless before. I then realize, in a "deeper way" of the MANY that are extremely disadvantaged. I'm a fan of country music as well as Blake. I meant no disrepect.

    • Jenni LB
      Jenni LB

      Yes. And I have been a social worker for people making minimum wage or a little more. They would love to be able to have the lifestyle described in this song. Instead they are working 2 or 3 jobs and still can't pay for rent and food.

    • Karen NO
      Karen NO

      @Jenni LB are you from middle America?

    • Jenni LB
      Jenni LB

      What he's describing might be working class, but it's not minimum wage. He had no idea what poverty looks like.

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson

    Wtf does he know about minimum wage? The last time he would've worked such a job, it would have been livable.

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson

      @Darla Morgan So, you just like... completely ignored the sentence after the question?

    • Darla Morgan
      Darla Morgan

      He lived it. Blake did not come from money and spent years in Nashville doing hard work before he got his break. Why should you care? Cause you found something you could be negative about. Lighten up!

  • Baaah


  • Health and Happiness
    Health and Happiness

    Blake brings credibility back to the south. A great song.

  • Trish Rowland
    Trish Rowland

    I remember when the minimum wage was $2.10. Yes, I'm old.

  • cheese dude
    cheese dude

    "Your love is money?" So, its a contractual thing? And if "Time is Money" and "Love is Money", does that mean "Time is Love"? Then you have "You can make a six pack on the carpet taste like a million dollar bill?" Never actually wanted to drink money, even if the denomination existed. And if you pour my beer on the carpet, I will be very unhappy. This has to be one of the worst written songs of his career, and that is a very low bar.

    • King Jive
      King Jive

      Thank you. I know by experience it's not worth the time to pick apart bad lyrics, because millions won't even recognize. But what can I say, it's the right thing to do :D

  • Gail Jacobson
    Gail Jacobson

    This is an ode to poverty. Really pathetic

  • zelmoziggy

    I prefer the original.

  • ursaltydog

    Yeah.. you don't have to worry about merely existing on minimum wage any longer.. and wondering if your kids are damned to a poor future along with your grandchildren. With as much clout as you have, you could've made a great statement with this title.. but instead filled yet another non-true country song full of cliches.. This is not country... it only exemplifies the base minds that make you even more money, not your followers. It does not encourage spending of taxes to help people out of poverty through employment creation and education reforms. It does not truly make couples working 3-4 jobs to feed their family reminisce of the dark times, because they're still in it..

  • Arctic Haze
    Arctic Haze

    The tragedy of the working class in America is that so many its members vote for the very party which represents the interests of the richest 1%.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher


    • Hannah Sharma
      Hannah Sharma

      Like both of them?

    • Susan Allen
      Susan Allen

      Well said

  • Succubusisis


  • Ontario Cruz
    Ontario Cruz

    What's Blake know about minimum wage, if he did he fogot!

    • The Elephant
      The Elephant

      1. I don't know if he forgot, and 2. He has earned it fair and square. Don't think he stole it from anyone


    Who clicked on this thinking, it would be about people actually struggling... Shame on you Stephen... promoting this shit

  • Jeanine P
    Jeanine P

    I found the song okay but having it released duri g a time of such struggle for so many was offensive. Minimum wage can't support a family, so 2 or 3 jobs are needed. Very insensitive song now. Hopefully instead of a multi million wedding Blake and Gwen can lesson the struggles of many by donating to food banks, rental support, etc. Disappointed in the release timing.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher


    • Nahla Aly
      Nahla Aly

      Yeah, I felt it was pretty Tone-deaf, pardon the pun.

    • Silver Bat
      Silver Bat

      It really doesn't read the room.

    • arthur riley
      arthur riley

      Great tune, wrong timing. P. S., There is nothing romantic about struggling. Ask anyone who is going through it.

  • Paige Morgan
    Paige Morgan

    Blake Shelton has such a unique voice!

  • Anthony Robison
    Anthony Robison

    I'm a manager at a RV/mobile home community and we have had to turn people away cause they don't make enough.Cause the price of living here can't exceed 1/3 of what what you make.Its sad to see people making minimum wage can't rent a mobile home in rural America.

  • Google User
    Google User

    Minimum wage is poverty wages! Raise the minimum wage!

    • Sweet Pea
      Sweet Pea

      I tried but no one wanted my macaroni necklaces or plastic canvas hearts 🤷🏻‍♀️ Really though, I’m a teacher and am required to have a masters degree for a job that has a base salary of $32k. My level of education is not commensurate with my compensation. Just as minimum wage was intended to be a living wage (look it up if need be) and at this point even $15 an hour isn’t enough. Dems are not left, they’re center. Damn the stupid two party system.

    • Darla Morgan
      Darla Morgan

      Ha dingbat I think. We are working on that. Plus if you don't want to get paid minimum wage get some type of craft that you would

  • Neight Hardman
    Neight Hardman

    I'm tired of Blakes, bring back Waylon and Merle.

  • Ray Bin
    Ray Bin

    This is country music?

  • Vicktoria LB.Pettigrew
    Vicktoria LB.Pettigrew

    Love it!

  • Renėe de Bruin
    Renėe de Bruin

    I love the black and white. Maybe because it gives a certain style, like the 30’s and 40’s movies. And can people just stop talking about this song being offensive??? It’s a love song. He knows what it is like to have very little. He is just lucky that he made it big. And if minimum wage is not enough in your country, then it is a thing to discuss for politics, just be happy when someone else has actually made it. It could have been you (the public) and I’m sure you would buy an expensive house, a car, anything, while other people can’t do that. And I’m sure you wouldn’t regret any of it.

  • TristeRobot

    TMBG did it better.

  • Edward Roche'
    Edward Roche'

    Some of y'all never been in love and happy with what you have. You don't know what you're missing and you never will

    • Alicia Carr
      Alicia Carr

      When you're in love and on starvation/homeless wages, then it's still starvation and homeless wages while your loved ones suffer along. Maybe you don't know what you have.

  • Khalimero Adam
    Khalimero Adam

    Dont give up your your job just yet..

  • Jamal Shelton
    Jamal Shelton

    Bo Burnham was right 😂

  • Kays adventure
    Kays adventure

    For everyone's information Blake wasnt famous ever since he was born his first job was roofing houses so I'm sure he has experienced Minimum wage in his life before

    • Jenni LB
      Jenni LB

      He may have experienced a working class lifestyle, but that's not minimum wage. The lifestyle described in this song is over $15/hour. No one on minimum wage can afford a 1 bedroom apartment, a truck, or eating at Waffle House.

    • Magic4Real312

      @Kays adventure interesting, looks like the average rate of pay for a roofer is 17.60 in the US

    • Kays adventure
      Kays adventure

      @Magic4Real312 I'm sure some roofers don't get paid much

    • Magic4Real312

      Do roofers get paid minimum wage around you? Not by me by a long shot

  • Dnvn Side
    Dnvn Side


  • Gabrielle Greiner
    Gabrielle Greiner

    you'd think Colbert wouldn't permit such a tone deaf song on his show