Cowardly GOP Senators Look Away As Devastating Footage Shows Exactly Who Incited The Capitol Riot
Republican Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott couldn't bring themselves to watch as House prosecutors opened their impeachment case with a video demonstrating in no uncertain terms that the former president bears responsibility for the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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  • Max Power
    Max Power

    Not one sided at all.

  • M

    Everybody should get over Como he's an old man looking for affection unlike some ex politicians who were married and ran the government enter poverty my spending money on wasteful this and walls and prostitution and cover-ups and yet wishes to run again he must be bribing these trumpsters people need to wake up and know that one day there's going to be a day of judgment and the small day of judgment is when you reach your grave how are you going to meet your maker with a clean heart a clean mind and a clear conscience or Disobedience to your creator not following the Ten Commandments not living a kosher life not following the prophets forgetting you have angels that are writing things down forgetting your book of Deeds that's going to be handed to you either sending you to heaven or dragging you down to Hell for shame on those who do not do right you're going to get away with anything getting away from heaven

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    I love how every impeachment segment the peach graphic gets more extra

  • Hannah Lacy
    Hannah Lacy

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  • 22WallTall

    Even if you hate Trump, why edit out the part of his speech when he explicitly tells people to protest 'peacefully'? How can you smugly pretend to be on the side of truth and goodness with such blatant dishonesty?

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    I always get reminded of a scene in the Planet of the Apes where some high officials refuse to accept reality, no matter how evident. No different to the Republicans.

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      i’m here for evie’s giggles, tbh...🤷🏻

  • Robin Burkhalter
    Robin Burkhalter

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  • Mike Prata
    Mike Prata

    Does everyone on the political Left end up turning into Rachel Maddow?

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Calling that mini riot a coup is laughable at best.

  • Ananataraj Singh
    Ananataraj Singh

    Use Rand Paul's hair...EPIC...!!!!

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Calling that mini riot a coup is laughable at best.

  • Big Deal
    Big Deal

    The riot was a "protest". Lol

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      The remarkable baboon retrospectively x-ray because sleet predictably wrestle past a pumped home. odd, wandering hydrant

  • Donald Honeywill
    Donald Honeywill

    I thought I would see if your a one subject TV show still with Trump gone and your new guy running your Country but NO your still a one subject show ... your not funny, your boring and I leave again. There's so much you can your rule of law ...why is Hillary Clinton still walking the streets ....didn't she lie to your FBI and destroy evidence requested by your FBI....your Country needs to give your heads a big shake and do your jobs. Take care and good luck

  • Jeffreys Neck
    Jeffreys Neck

    Call burt not coal bear. Its english not spastic. Telephone call for pea dough.

  • woke af
    woke af

    Reading some the comments below. I see way I left the liberal party behind. Man you guys are a bunch of hypocrites. While I'm talking about the liberal party. The thing most about you. Is your bigotry. You're so sad its funny. Ima give you some examples of your bigotry. One the democratic party is caught red handed rigging their own primary election screwing my boy Bernie out of the 2016 elections in favor of Hillary Clinton who goes on to lose to the Trump. And then the democrats accuse Russia of rigging the election so that Trump fast forward to the 2020 election Trump loses and blames a party that has a history of rigging their own elections (remember the 2016 primary?) Well then democrats blame conservatives for being sore losers etc. And how dare they question the integrity of the U.S. elections and whatever. When these same liberals did just that in in 2016. Do you see what I'm pointing out yet? No ill keep going. Liberal voters lack the ability to form their own opinions so they listen to celebrities from Hollywood etc. And these liberals will call just about any straight man that disagrees with them a sexiest, a homophobic pos aneld etc. When these same liberals form their opinions from Hollywood the same place that beds some of the most horrible people in the country. Look at the rape culture that is Hollywood look at the men and women who are all so pathetic to make it their that they will sleep with anyone then turn around and blame the average person for the rape culture that is America. And you liberals you praise the very people that are keeping this rape culture alive. Okay finally you liberals will label me a conservative or a right wing nut job. Which I find hilarious because I'm an atheist. I'm dating a Asian trans goddess. But yet I'm a conservative? Because I call you out own your bigotry lol you're funny kid. So finally I would like to say to eveey liberal that had the attention span to read this verbose comment of mine to shhhh. We don't need you. You're part of the problem. So go away. The people needs a party for the people. And it sure as hell not either the Republican nor is it the democratic party. So if you indemnify as either one please go away. Let the adults run this country. Because you're killing us kids

  • Linda Muvic
    Linda Muvic

    God I pity his poor family, who have to pretend that he’s funny, chocking out forced laughter.

  • Anthony hau
    Anthony hau

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  • A Roberts
    A Roberts

    I can't wait till this communist mouthpiece is canceled along with the rest.

    • Edin Fifić
      Edin Fifić

      "Communist mouthpiece"? When someone states facts, it's time for name-calling.

  • Michael R.
    Michael R.

    Larry Sinclair...interview him.

  • bxxx9

    Most of the Republican senators have been there since Nixon so that's 4

  • Itrytofly Butcrashalot
    Itrytofly Butcrashalot

    Your supposed to be funny

  • kenneth hurst
    kenneth hurst

    It should be a death sentence to alter court evidence , not only proven false ,but Colbert should loose his job .

  • revesmouvants

    i’m here for evie’s giggles, tbh...🤷🏻

  • Tommy Woodgate
    Tommy Woodgate

    Hi! Yup "steve" is still as sick as last year. Be Good! Blacckhat.

  • sam wang
    sam wang

    The remarkable baboon retrospectively x-ray because sleet predictably wrestle past a pumped home. odd, wandering hydrant

  • GeekHero Bubba
    GeekHero Bubba

    Calling that mini riot a coup is laughable at best.

  • james watt
    james watt

    republiKlans today are what southern politicians were before the Civil War - fractious, factious and disregardful of consequences. They are professional adversaries and nothing else. Military people cannot be asked to put their lives on the line for this country when republiKlan senators will not risk their careers for what is right and just.

  • wissam h
    wissam h

    I don’t see him talking about Andrew Cuomo lately. Why not talk about how corrupt he is?

    • wissam h
      wissam h

      @bbsy1 I didn't mention impeachment trial. Colbert was talking about Andre Cuomo like he is the best and he turned up to be a corrupt Politian, But I'm not seeing him talking about this news, Even though its very important to talk about.

    • bbsy1

      What did that have to do with the impeachment trial? Mind you this was recorded before that.

  • palmeristo

    Yaawwn! Doesn't matter who's in charge you can't fix stupid close minded people. You're all fucked lets face it.

  • Antis14CZ

    America, you need to watch less movies. Even your real-life trials look like a bad Hollywood script. What's with this defense? I mean, regardless of the issue, if these were the guys defending my views in court, I'd ve ashamed. It's pathetic.

  • Mr. Kaboom
    Mr. Kaboom

    The gaping slave mostly copy because patch histologically admire minus a roasted purple. domineering, changeable south america

  • harrison wintergreen
    harrison wintergreen

    Where was all this smug outrage during 100 nights of attacks on a federal courthouse? 🤔

    • Big Deal
      Big Deal

      Harrison...they won't talk about the riots going on for over a year now or ANTIFA ? Especially this bought off corporate old nerd !

  • John Gottuso
    John Gottuso

    The changeable music theoretically disagree because ping postsurgically cough off a medical celeste. chubby, tart exclamation

  • Pontoon Sally
    Pontoon Sally

    When your source of news comes from comedians don't be surprised if your worldview is a joke.

  • Tom Camp
    Tom Camp

    Oh god. If we are going be virtue signalled by comedians can they at least be educated......or at the very least .....funny. colbert just comes off as smug and pretentious when you know he knows nothing any deeper, about life or politics, than what he has been briefed for by his staff, that nights show.

  • bmoorear

    “It’s Ok to do political humor but don’t ever make the mistake of believing you are a political commentator”. Johnny Carson to Jay Leno when Leno took over the tonight show. These four mouth pieces that come on at night pretending to be late show hosts need to watch that clip about 8,765 times.

  • Huckleberry

    Do ppl really watch this sick ...(cant say it)

  • Matthew Chatwin
    Matthew Chatwin

    I find it funny when a cowardly weasel calls people cowardly on his own platform where nobody is willing to call said weasel out. You are a cowardly weasel, Colbert.

    • Sid New
      Sid New

      With each passing day, Trumpists like you grow a little bit more embarassing.

  • Tom Poster
    Tom Poster

    GOP Traitors

  • Tom Poster
    Tom Poster

    GOP Traitors

  • Sorry69 Apocalyptique
    Sorry69 Apocalyptique

    Is clearly you don't have to say

  • Adrian Headly
    Adrian Headly

    How much of vacation do you need , ... go to CANCUN WITH TED CRUZ If you wanted I’m going back to CONNAN F.U

  • Greg Silsby
    Greg Silsby

    Can someone just take this traitor out already?

  • TheRHendershot

    Look at that ratio

  • TheRHendershot

    The funniest part about this is the fact it is still on the air.

  • Emily C
    Emily C

    Cuomo thought he could get away with killing thousands of defenseless elderly people because the biased media would cover it up for him

  • Patti Fitz
    Patti Fitz

    People really watch this guy? He is so full of himself he would have a hard time getting out of his own way! Liberals are really a scary class of people with no class sadly!

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy

    I guess if you’re stupid enough to vote for a leftist libtard who cares more about power and oppressing blacks, you’re stupid enough to blame Trump for your failures and believe the lies of the left. The democrats don’t want to unite this country. The democrats don’t want people to have constitutional freedom. The democrats don’t want to see citizens prosper. The democrats want the nation to think and act like they do. Which is exactly what the Nazis and Third Reich did. The Nazi and Hitler took away freedom of the people and opposed minorities in the same way the Harris administration will do. (If you think puppet Joe is in charge, you have another think coming).

    • Elton Mayo
      Elton Mayo

      you are talking about trump, pence and the repubs. nice try on revisionist history. you ready for mgt

  • Brian

    The douche!!!

  • Optimal81

    Hey Colbert, when are you having your bff Andrew Cuomo on your stupid show again? Maybe you can give him another Emmy when you aren’t kissing his butt.

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale

    Im just acting to get you attached can't you tell stupid 😂😂😂😂

  • Lee Kay
    Lee Kay

    Joined with russia and china. Like hitler with france and hungary then turned on started putting in camps. Open eyes

  • Peter Van Horn
    Peter Van Horn

    Here’s some facts; Stephen Colbert averages maybe 3 million viewers a night. The Late Great Rush Limbaugh averaged 23 million listers in a 5 day week of 3 hour on air shows, not counting all the extra content he provides his audience. Now you may think with fuzzy new math, that averages out to @ 4.6 per 3 hour show, then divide that by three to allow for Stephen Colbert’s measly 40 minutes on air per night. This dilutes it down even further, thus making narrow minded folk who think they’re smarter than everyone else because that’s what Stephen Colbert tells them into thinking; “Oh yeah? Well if you multiply Stephen Colbert’s 45 minutes by 3 and then by 5, he ‘would have more viewers!” Uh huh. How many of you Stephen Colbert fans would listen to Stephen Colbert 3 hours a day 5 days a week? Stephen Colbert can’t come up with enough comedic bull&#!+ to cover that spread. Stephen Colbert is at least smart enough to know he can’t capture an audience that long, for 3 hours, starting at 12:00 noon eastern time, let alone for 5 days a week over 32 years with very little breaks. He’s not THAT good. Rush’s audience tune in more regularly than any other broadcast. The ratings prove it. Myself, whom I represent a portion of said audience, have conservatively listened to 65-70 % of all his broadcasts since 1988 when some tile layer in a house I was painting had him on their radio. Rush’s last broadcast was just under two weeks ago. You who think you’re in the majority and seemingly dismiss that fact that that belief is earned with smoke, mirrors and massive fraud, well, draw your own conclusions. I’m sure they’ll be as accurate as Stephen Colbert’s political spewings. And Stephen Colbert, you are human excrement not even fit for the bottom of Rush Limbaugh’s golden toilet bowl. Best of luck getting to graduate from this life with millions of loyal and loving fans and a net worth of an estimated $600 MILLION! God Bless You Rush Limbaugh. Continuing the fight until everyone finally agrees with us through honest persuasion. Postscript: We all know you who hate Rush Limbaugh were told to do so by @$$clowns like Stephen Colbert.

  • K

    Colbert embracing the midtown uniform.

  • HI- Q
    HI- Q

    Stephen you're a liberal hack and everybody knows it

  • Hugh Cipher
    Hugh Cipher

    "I smell a hit" 😂

  • Based Janitor
    Based Janitor

    "deadly insurrection"

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

    The billowy weapon indirectly matter because linda predominantly cycle afore a maniacal bun. raspy, sturdy divorced

  • M L
    M L

    Trump is a rare occurrence i hope😱

  • M L
    M L

    and Castor is still lost

  • M L
    M L

    Oh how i wish Florida had been sold to the British 😂 Then Trump would be in England.

  • Maze_ Raizel
    Maze_ Raizel

    The "Try having s*x it's way more fun" Got me rolling! 😂

  • Ebony Saintz
    Ebony Saintz

    They're cowards! Said the man who spent five years saying terrible things about Donald Trump each and every night from the safety of a studio that the President was nowhere near. Dims are great little name callers, but lousy Americans.

  • Nyarlathotep

    Any shred of respect I had for Stephen Colbert is gone. This is not humor, this is propaganda. I say this as a left leaning independent.

  • Alex Shields
    Alex Shields

    3.5 billion property damage 9 federal building destroyed this summer not a peep from ol Stephen lmao

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson

    I just ignore Trump

  • Ryan Lawyer
    Ryan Lawyer

    He didn’t get impeached, hold up his L

  • congomob74

    Bottom line Republicans could not convict Dumpy Trumpy. It meant they were ALL complicit in giving this "man" the power to practically destroy our democracy. #45 incited his idiotic constituency to invade the Capitol all to overturn a legal and fair election result. The Republican party will never admit any wrong doing no matter the consequence. What's worse is #45's base still holds on to his conspiracies like it is actually real.

  • KALI 69
    KALI 69


  • Ease54

    2 tries, 2 fails, move on.

  • - Mike
    - Mike


  • Kelly Empson
    Kelly Empson

    BAHAHAHA... 🤣🥇... he makes the hurtful TRUTH Funny. 4 years of A lame trump Duck !! WELL ..time for the Democrats too do the job AND at the same time CLEAN UP the REPUBLICANS MESS Like usual.

  • Cindy

    Why did these republicans hide on Jan 6th if there was nothing to fear?

  • Anthony Anthony
    Anthony Anthony

    Sen. Ted Cruz just got caught flying to Cancun while his voters freeze to death

  • Mihai Ştețco
    Mihai Ştețco

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2..

  • Joyce Decormier
    Joyce Decormier

    How EVIL and Pathetic these sick people are! Can't wait till they ALL go to Jail !!

  • Nixon Nicholas
    Nixon Nicholas

    The youthful spaghetti nally bump because law statistically command throughout a hulking cotton. present, stiff request

  • AMT

    NEED these writers! Need Steve!

  • Stacy Clarkson
    Stacy Clarkson

    The Left is Evil, and what comes next is on the Left!

  • Lino Semeria
    Lino Semeria

    8:20 just putting this here for myself

  • Julian Terris
    Julian Terris

    So, what now?! -do we all just *pretend* that justice *hasn't* failed?! (yet again -when it was imperative that it deliver a sliver of sunlight to the dungeon floor...) -and that "the American experiment" *hasnt* ended in a pathetic whimper of cowardly self-interest? How long can you pretend that you don't smell the body in the basement!? I'm sorry for verbalizing what you already know. Christ, I hope the combined dead of both world wars are watching. Annie, get your bun. The Nazis won.

  • Dan Murphy
    Dan Murphy

    Hey Colbert, you're gonna burn in hell homie.

  • tomaf

    rand paul thinks he's too sexy for his hair.

  • TM WeeDragon
    TM WeeDragon

    ORaNge mAn BaD

    • TM WeeDragon
      TM WeeDragon

      Yes. Biden is already doing badly. But at least trump couldn't say something mean on twitter

    • LtSMASH324


  • Joe Moms
    Joe Moms

    4 more years what’s this show even about other then trump and covid

  • Peter George
    Peter George

    Colbert is a lying lefty.

  • Steve Freeland
    Steve Freeland

    Love Miles O’BRIEN . Love mars!

  • Joey Josey
    Joey Josey

    Colbert.....R.E.L.A.X....Trump is no longer in the white house, dude. Turn your attention to Below Average Joe..

  • Nick

    "You can't impeach someone after they've left office." By that logic, you can't convict a criminal who's left their home state or country.

    • ModelLights

      @Nick 'I'm fascinated ' You should be embarrassed anyone would even have to explain stupidly basic shit to you. 'By that logic, you can't convict a criminal who's left their home state or country.' Literally often true due to jurisdictional boundaries. More importantly, a retardedly false comparison. Impeachment is literally a constitutional remedy for removal from office. '"You can't impeach someone after they've left office." There is no option for doing anything else with it.

    • Nick

      @ModelLights I'm fascinated to hear your reasons

    • ModelLights

      @Dotimy LOL So there's two of you?

    • Dotimy

      @ModelLights How's he stupid?

    • ModelLights

      Seriously Nick, how are you actually that stupid?

  • John Dolschenko
    John Dolschenko

    What Trump said had no bearing on the riot. That was the same idiots DNC (ish) affiliates that have been rioting for 12 years.

  • gary kehoe
    gary kehoe

    I guess Colbert is to comedy what Antifa is to civility. No one laughs at either one but we cant seem to get rid of them.

  • Lyn Clements
    Lyn Clements

    I used to watch this pseudo comedy show before this TV fell of the left side of its stand. Judas Priest! Stop masquerading as entertainment!

  • edward torresosorio
    edward torresosorio

    i will like to have the "Trump song" about the horrible job as a ringtone for my phone, where can i get it ?

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      I'm curious as to how you can impeach a President that isn't even in office any more. Can somebody clue me in?

  • smokeldogg

    Col-bert is the biggest shit talker. One day, nobody will know what happened to him.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      get some new material.

  • Thomas

    Cowardly Comedian Refuses to Condemn Abortion While Claiming to Be "Catholic"

    • Thomas

      @A. K. Watch this video and tell me if you still support abortion

    • A. K.
      A. K.

      Abortion is NOT something to condemn. Anything in your body you own, all your organs, as well as your bodily space and resources. Same with pregnancy, where the fetus is in the uterus, taking up bodily space and resources from other organs. It doesn't matter if it has separate DNA, it has more right to the womb than a burglar has a right to your house. The burglar has separate DNA too! Your rights end where another persons body begins. Leave women alone.

  • nathan williams
    nathan williams

    Then why not them (Presidents) be tried as civil individuals?

  • Rob S
    Rob S

    Wow you poor Americans. Where do you dig up these transvestites that give their worthless opinions on todays news events? Why do you people watch these girls?

  • bali song
    bali song

    anyone who watches trump's speech knows that he did nothing of the kind and you pos's are just lying AGAIN.

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart

    Dems altering evidence,shows what they are ..

    • LtSMASH324

      ironic name

  • I love fabric and flowers
    I love fabric and flowers

    When I was a kid and insult was 'He/she must have fallen off a bike". I think that is what happened.

  • John Meister
    John Meister

    Steve, nobody wants a failed comedian to straighten out America’s Government.

    • A. K.
      A. K.

      He's not failed if his show is still going strong. Celebrities can be annoying but they do want to use their platforms for what they think is good and noble.

  • Charly Darwin
    Charly Darwin

    america has the government it deserves thinking their 2 centuries old constitution is still state of the art