Sen. Klobuchar Is Still Angry With Senators Hawley And Cruz For Supporting The Insurrection
Senator Amy Klobuchar reflects on the January 6th insurrection, how she plans to make sure it never happens again, and the importance of breaking up modern day monopolies, which she writes about in her new book, "Antitrust." #Colbert #AmyKlobuchar #SenKlobuchar
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  • Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy

    The addicted parade archaeologically tour because ankle fascinatingly fool barring a shut cause. animated, burly witch

  • appleblossomxo

    Such hypocrisy, the few RNC Senators (eg. Hawley & Cruz) followed "proper protocol" making the request for a bipartisan Congressional review audit after many hundreds (a thousand?) of poll watchers were witnesses to possible mismanagement in some districts (not all, some) to the point of great concern of the integrity of that districts vote count, not to mention, learning the system in many States were provided by foreign company, and a software reported issues in other countries (links below) and learning the citizenry's secret votes may have been exposed to the ability of being transmitted to foreign entities for review and count, as apparently had been done in Europe. Supposedly, some voting software used SQL database programming, a program know to be user-friendly with ability to switch info on the backend. The DNC leadership and (then) candidate Biden should have been eager to participate in the 10-day bipartisan Congressional review audit to assure millions of voters (all parties) the Nov. 3rd, 2020 election was a free and 'fair election'. There were DNC members stating willingness to participate in the audit (later silent), the audit would have been in plenty of time to have our traditional inaugeration (regardless of preferred candidate). The few Senators making the request did the right thing for The People. However, the Dems refused through their leadership to participate, with Pelosi's attitude one similar of a monarchy. Instead of being courteous to The People with participating, she and others went on a global media tirade severely insulting (including race-baiting) many millions of concerned constituents. The dem politicians went so far over-reaching to include threatening the Constitution and 1st Amendment 'to shut the voters up', which was followed by social media platforms censoring and removing concerned citizens posts as the DNC & Rino politicians continued insulting & ignoring their constituents trying to reach them through letter and phone calls. In effect, attacking and silencing the concerned voters to the point they had no voice, at all. THAT was the catalyst for the Capitol protests, The People do not have to absorb abuse from politicians or media. They have a right to make their voices heard. Don't pretend the election was perfect, it was not. Don't try to set record the race-baiting DNC politicians were innocent victims, they were not, and the DNC & Rino politicians owe The People an apology. The concerned voters were instigated by the poor behavior of their Congressional representatives, excluding the few RNC Senators like Hawley, Cruz, etc. that tried to help the millions of concerned voters conclude if their election was compromised, in any way. What happened to the DNC members willing to participate in the bipartisan audit, were they threatened to silence, as well? The Philippines was going to ban the similar voting system. And Venezuela had a mismanagement that did change the vote count in the system, even though the paper ballot count was unchanged. 2010 Heider Garcia Smartmatic rep at Philippine Congress admitting clock glitch 2017 Venezuela announcing Smartmatic tampered with effecting the vote 2019 The Philippines wants to dispose of Smartmatic: Heider Garcia now in USA (via CA, GA, 2020 in Texas). 33% of ballots had misaligned print error glitch, entered manually (see Venezuela above) 2020 Heider Garcia Certifying Election in Tarrant County, Texas. New Hart InterCivic Verity Voting System First time Blue since 1960's. 2006 Smartmatic being investigated by Democrats. What happened?!

  • Alex Mercedes
    Alex Mercedes

    Far down on the list of Things to Do: remove "under God" from the pledge of allegiance.

  • John Galt
    John Galt

    Democrats are retaliating against Republicans because we voted to end slavery. The 13th amendment was voted into law by Republicans. Democrats voted to continue slavery. Democrats have been retaliating against us ever since.

  • Pierre Odendaal
    Pierre Odendaal

    And as a former Democrat supporter who supported her during the primaries, I'm disgusted at her lies. Bipartisanship my ass. And if you want see A REAL INSURRECTION, come to Africa.

  • flyingzucchini

    The irony of watching this from australia on youtube. Many people don’t know SLtoos is Google!

  • Loren Renee
    Loren Renee

    I love Amy.

  • Vito Bovini
    Vito Bovini

    Just love Amy! she should run again for President. .Don't give up the Ship Amy! You are Awesome!

  • Alt Dimas
    Alt Dimas

    Don't worry Amy I'm still pissed off about the January 6th insurrection

  • Richard 303
    Richard 303

    dumb and dumber

  • Melissa Chiou
    Melissa Chiou

    Liking and commenting to boost that YT algorithm for ya.

  • Carol Haynes
    Carol Haynes

    What a crook!

  • Carol Haynes
    Carol Haynes

    Actually you are headed toward Gitmo, they don’t like you either, and they’re not headed to Gitmo

  • Dallas L
    Dallas L

    Amy Klobuchar is probably the funniest Senator since Al Franken.

  • Lilith Rogers
    Lilith Rogers

    Great stories about Walter Mondale---thank you!!

  • Lilith Rogers
    Lilith Rogers

    Oh so interested in reading your new book and amazed at how you can get so much done!!!! Thank You!!!Amy for President!!!

  • Lilith Rogers
    Lilith Rogers

    Love YOu Amy K!!! Thank you for being here for all of us!!!

  • zetty dus.
    zetty dus.

    A woman of dignity.

  • Sheila Scanlon
    Sheila Scanlon

    You go girl. Maybe to the presidency with Porter as VP!!!

  • bananamansam01

    Fyi... Duluth is a Great Lakes town and there's a locally famous lighthouse that centers most of the regional tourism

  • Brett Morin
    Brett Morin

    Just remember to direct your anger at progress and voting out the GOP. On LOCAL and STATE levels too. They have an abundance of crazy QAnon people still lining up to fill offices in your schools, districts and states. And they are INSANE. So ensure that for the next four years you tell yourself: "Trump can easily come back. And the people that enabled him still are enabling his leadership in the party." So when the GOP says: "Let's move on." It's really: "Let's block everything and change voting laws to enable a totalitarian regime." These people will not step down, they don't care what they did, it's only till your force them to face facts will anything change.

    • appleblossomxo

      Brett Morin: So would you rather have Marxist teaching your children or People that actually want to protect children?

  • Lowell Knox
    Lowell Knox

    She needs to be replaced a true anti america .

  • Sunsaver FromNHH
    Sunsaver FromNHH

    Hawley and Cruz belong in separate, Federal prisons. Once upon a time, traitors were hung by their necks until dead (not rewarded with a second term in office).

    • appleblossomxo

      Sunsaver FromNHH: Why would Hawley and Crus belong in prison?

  • Corri Johanson
    Corri Johanson

    Wow, 2 minutes in Klobuchar puts me in tears and straightens me up with pride describing her night Jan 6 and then on inauguration day.

  • photopicker

    I enjoy knowing bright intelligent people like Amy are leading this nation.

    • appleblossomxo

      photopicker: What policy do you support most of Senator Klobuchar's?

  • Morgan Petros
    Morgan Petros

    Personally, I use neither Google nor Facebook, and I can't say my life is any less full without them.

  • falconeaterf15

    She seems so normal. Smart, but normal. Very unusual for American politician.

    • appleblossomxo

      falconeaterf15: Hard to tell with politicians, the policies they support are more important than personality.

  • GH1618

    How about the Capitol building? I was surprised that rioters could just break an exterior window to get in. Aren’t there better windows available that resist break-ins?

    • appleblossomxo

      GH1618: The question is why were the Capitol doors to the public areas locked. The Congressional sections are in a different secured part of the building and other office building, which are separately locked. The Congressional politicians generally were usually interactive with the public as that is their constituency, this was a different situation where the DNC & rino Congressional politicians over-reached and set a bad example of themselves.

    • I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother
      I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother

      It took a couple of people a couple of minutes and a couple of tools. That’s a very unusual situation. Considering that the windows did their job.

  • Di42

    Senator Amy Klobuchar - Happy Mother's Day especially for all your courage; carrying the mahogony boxes of our ballots on Jan. 6, 2021 and SAVING THEM from those treasonous clowns led by Agolf Twittler and his Orange minion insurrectionists on out Capitol.

    • appleblossomxo

      Di42: There's no heroism here, the DNC should have participated in the Congressional 10 day bipartisan review audit after so many voters witnessed possible mismanagement during the citizenry vote count back in Nov/Dec 2020, it would have assured the citizenry so we could have had a traditional inaugeration.

  • mano a mano
    mano a mano

    She and Elizabeth Warren always strike me as very decent people.

  • H S
    H S

    Get Hawley, Cruz and the conspiracy theory lunatics out of our government! Run for your local offices. Get these lying turkeys OUT!

    • appleblossomxo

      H S: The DNC denied the Congressional review audit, you are only 'guessing'. Widen your view, Hawley and Cruz followed proper protocol. What mattered was the integrity of the citizens voting system.

  • Johnson Hunglo
    Johnson Hunglo

    Is Joe Manchin, like Dummy Trump, also a Putin asset?

    • appleblossomxo

      Johnson Hunglo: Widen you view, The US was energy independent under the Trump administration. Biden closed down American production areas of gas/oil, haven't you noticed gas prices going up, Biden's deal is with foreign oil, supposedly some from Russia. Trump wasn't a Putin asset, here's an interview with Putin discussing oil/gas and POTUS Trump

  • Matt Brada
    Matt Brada

    I don't blame or fault her or any Democratic politician for her opinions. Literally had people with Confederate flags smearing their feces and urine on the US Capitol walls... and they maniacally believe themselves to be patriots.... it's insanity... how do you trust anyone who enabled and failed to condone this? None of them will condemn The Big Lie............ party of Trump is in a bad, bad way.

    • appleblossomxo

      Matt Brada: Regardless if you dislike Trump, there were other factions at the Capitol, nobody interviewed the feces person, dems have people like that, too eg. some Antifa. And unfortunately, since the DNC denied participating in the Congressional review audit of the election areas witnessed to possible mismanagement, we don't know if it was The Big Lie, you are only guessing. Unless you're a globalist, you should start learning about the next Dem agenda leading to WTO+UN2030 one country one vote. Widen your view, protect the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown

    All those Minnesotans should be angry at their police too.

  • Pam R
    Pam R


  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime

    No joke I thought that was Steven's wife in the thumbnail. They look so similar

  • joseph price
    joseph price

    Amy needs to find a personality

  • Larry T
    Larry T

    "insurrection, insurrection, insurrection" keep swallowing what the MSM feeds you. more accurate would be 300 goobers enter restricted area.

    • I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother
      I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother

      Look up the term and stfu

  • Kleiner Teufel
    Kleiner Teufel

    What happened at the Pentagon? I'll tell you what happened: Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn. Who should have been stripped of his rank and thrown in military prison.

  • Corbain Dallas
    Corbain Dallas

    Monopoly is the worst board game ever

  • Der Thilo
    Der Thilo

    if she became president and the radical right movement came to an end, i'd try to leave Germany and move to Cali, (i like Miami as well, but i guess it's asking for too much if that places could become sane as well).

    • I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother
      I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother

      Gute Idee

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving

    Amy, Amy, Amy!

  • Just lina
    Just lina

    Yeah.... the "insurrection" where virtually every person charged has been charged with trespassing (but NOT insurrection)... Where the only homicide recorded was a policeman shooting an unarmed woman and where the media LIED for MONTHS about some lame story that an officer was beaten with a fire extinguisher (turns out he died a couple of days later from natural causes and was NEVER hit by anything.) How long should we as a country let our government and their dogs at the media lie to us?

    • appleblossomxo

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving: Do some research, lina isn't rewriting. Try to find and watch some of the original tapes with original audio (couldn't find anymore otherwise would link you). Regarding vet being shot, BLM person was standing at the window close to her, strange setup there were plainclothes security on the stairway behind her and a big mouth male yelling with others egging her on, she felt safe for some unknown reason. Sad situation. The mainstream media are partnered at the corporate level with the CCP, Biden is a globalist, widen your view, the next phase is WTO+UN2030 "one country one vote", wise up. Protect the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights. NO on HR1, Federalizing the citizenry election will eliminate the individual sovereign citizen's ability to give voice to power through individual vote. If you are unfamiliar with the global agenda, here is a link to a Congressional hearing of a global capitalist warning Congress about it (if you chose to watch, it may seem dated, it was only 25 years ago, it's their discussion that matters). Later Clinton signed the bad WTO agreement that lead to our fracture in society today, supported by Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry among the dem/gops.

    • Just lina
      Just lina

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving and how am I rewriting history? If you can't refute my comments with facts then all you're doing is spouting false narrative. Because what I wrote IS factual.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      Except rewriting history to suit YOUR agenda isn't cool, lina. Not at all.

  • Jason Fladager
    Jason Fladager

    Let's do more. Jesus this was an insurrection.

  • Ali Thomas
    Ali Thomas

    Does she still support what she said in “Kill Chain” ? If she stood her ground and pushed the same type of investigation she said she wanted at that time then there wouldn’t have been a January 6th. Riots are the language of the unheard right?? This is all so phoney, it’s gross.

  • stephen prive
    stephen prive

    Just absolutely the worst human being ever. An absolutely corrupt liar. The phony-ness is palpable.

    • I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother
      I Don’t Get Notified About Replies So Don’t Bother

      Fox News much?

  • I. Pastor
    I. Pastor

    I heard she was a bad boss. I don't like that, but I dislike even more the people she is fighting and I think she is a good fighter.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      I guess it's hard for some people to work for someone who expects them to do their jobs. And for them to think about things instead of 'feel like' about things.

  • Dave Hempfields
    Dave Hempfields

    Amy you rock

  • Felicia Gardner
    Felicia Gardner

    So she is learning her info from John Oliver? Do they know anything?

  • CMV Alt
    CMV Alt

    Had the pleasure of hearing Sen. Klobuchar speak at a Democrats Abroad Town Hall the other night. Totally worth staying up for!

  • Jessi Werner
    Jessi Werner

    Okay, stupid question: what episode of John Oliver is she referring to? I wanna watch it XD

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      Google it! You'll find it.

  • Dean William
    Dean William

    The Jan 6 protest is now nothing more then political theater. People arrested and grand standed only to later be released when these liberals get bored.

  • Robert DuBard
    Robert DuBard

    Here is why you hate your pillow: Bespectacled gingers dropping scary bowling ball right where your head should be.

  • Peaceful American
    Peaceful American

    What! Rob Portman doing something good?!?

  • Glen Conley
    Glen Conley

    ......and I'm a Scarborough boy..... (Please pass this on to Lorne)

  • diane graham
    diane graham

    What a fabulous woman - you’re very lucky to have her- from UK

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      Sadly, she wasn't 'news-worthy' or controversial enough to get the nomination in the era of 'reality TV' politics. Nothing attention-getting about someone who can negotiate, and smooth over conflict. Basically, she's boring to a populace and media who want conflict and division.

  • Glen Conley
    Glen Conley

    Hey Steven (that's right, "Steven" I don't use "ph's because that would be gay) I'm looking at transitioning from Rock "n" Roll musician to comedy writer....( I get it.... equally gay, [not that there's anything wrong with that]}. But I digress.... (or do I?) For the record, I'm a heterosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Please don't judge me and give me a job. Rock "n" Roll pays shit!

  • Psiberzerker

    She was right across the table when the last president said "Take the guns, then go to court." That was the first time I read the name Amy Klobuchar. You remember that? When a Republican president literally told Senators to come for yer gunz? I guess not.

    • Psiberzerker

      I voted for her. In the primary. I really wanted her to win instead of Joe "The Lesser Evil" Biden. Big fan.

  • Rok Fin
    Rok Fin

    Amy Klobuchar represented Derek Chauvin at one point in time. Nuff said. Stephen Colbert is friends with other criminals who.should be arrested, lol

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      @Rok Fin She left her office as County Attorney because she was sworn in as a US Senator. Her run for president wasn't until 2020. And she most certainly did NOT represent Derek Chauvin. Derek Chauvin's attorney would have represented Derek Chauvin.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      @Rok Fin - So she didn't represent Derek Chauvin. And she didn't ignore multiple police misconducts. As County Attorney, her office took these types of cases to the grand jury as long established standard practice - something that was done in many if not most jurisdictions around the country at the time, and frequently still is. She wasn't ignoring police misconduct, it was being handled as per past practice. She never declined prosecution, and the case went to the grand jury after she took up her seat in the US Senate. People tried to dirty her up about it, but in no way did she 'represent' Chauvin. Do your research, don't just take what 'they' say as gospel.

    • Rok Fin
      Rok Fin

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving She doesn't care about her community. Also, the case is pretty murky. She also ignored multiple police misconducts in her career as a attorney

    • Rok Fin
      Rok Fin

      @AbsentWithoutLeaving Amy represented Chauvin at the 2006 Wayne Reyes Case and left the case to her replacement, to pursue her presidential goals

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving

      She represented Derek Chauvin? What are you talking about? When did she represent Derek Chauvin?

  • alumpyhorse

    for the algorithm. Beautiful interview

  • Stonecat92

    "Still angry" implies there's supposed to be a point when you get over the fact that a colleague tried to overthrow the government and have you killed.

  • alumpyhorse

    positively exhilarating to hear her say she was watching John Oliver. we’re so lucky to have him. and Stephen, Seth, Trevor, Sam B, - (please add to the list

    • alumpyhorse

      when she said competitor it caught me off guard. Stephen and John have such a great friendship. As do so many in the comedy community.. Extremely cool. And Covid has brought them all closer, at least that’s what we see, because everyone stuck at home they get to talk to each other more = a plus for all involved especially for us. they’ve all made their shows work so well that I don’t want to go back to having an audience

  • Ai chan BainSidhe
    Ai chan BainSidhe

    She looks like she might've had a stroke? Hope she's ok

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    Holley, Cruz and others my be US Senators but they are also traitors to the United States and our democracy. How can they be considered anything else? At the very least they should be expelled from the Senate.

  • Realpeopleneverpost

    If that attack happened in 1821 instead of 2021, Cruz and Hawley and a third of the GOP would have been hung already.

  • Gloria H
    Gloria H

    You have my support! Where do I sign

  • fruit

    Trump Ted Hally must be put in the same cell to support each other

  • Rick


  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren


  • Mr Grey
    Mr Grey

    Trump's 1st impeachment had one GOP party member's vote for guilty. Trump's 2nd impeachment brought 5 guilty votes from GOP party members. At this rate, things aren't looking good for Trump's 3rd impeachment. Come on Democratic "we'll get 'em next time!" Party!

  • Jennifer Hilliard
    Jennifer Hilliard

    Missourians are still embarrassed and disgusted by Hawley (and Cruz). Can't wait to vote that PoS out the next time he's up for reelection (he should be expelled if you ask me and many others), and hopefully we'll get a Democrat to replace that GOP dinosaur Blunt next year. #notMYSenator #expelHawley #Hawleydoesntevenlivehere #turnMissouriBlue

  • Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann

    I call BS on Klobuchar. If she were really mad about it, she would have been trying since Jan 7th to get them removed and arrested. "She ain't no hero."

  • El Bee
    El Bee

    Man, with her quick and always-on wit, her intense focus on getting sh!t done right now but doing it thoroughly, and her fantastic sense of fashion (nothing quite like someone who knows what they look awesome in and rocks it, especially when it's bright colors they're sporting), and her sincerity for those she represents/desire to actually improve their lives, not just her wealth like the McConmen and their hump-a-tee dRumphties, I confess: I kind of have a galcrush on her that isn't unlike the one for Madam BOPOTUS [boss of the POTUS :P] Obama and occasionally Elizabeth Warren though she's not quite in the league of these younger two. AOC's super cute, too, but in a pixie with major attitude and superhero in training way, commanding the room sprinkling her 'you should be ashamed' dust all over the room when hypocrites steadily sh!t out of the wrong end which is basically every time they hit an audible decibel level when exhaling.


    Where can we buy her book


    I just want to say thank you to Amy Klobuchar.. I really wish we had more women and men like her in congress

    • Di42

      Senator Amy Klobuchar - Happy Mother's Day especially for all your courage; carrying the mahogony boxes of our ballots on Jan. 6, 2021 and SAVING THEM from those treasonous clowns led by Agolf Twittler and his Orange minion insurrectionists on out Capitol.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern

    I really love her hopeful spirit :)

  • Green New Turd
    Green New Turd

    Amy Klobuchar is one of the greatest reasons we have Derek chavan, like Stephen a complete piece of fecal matter!

  • Dean F.
    Dean F.

    Four years ago, the Trumpster-divers told the rest of us, "You lost! Get over it." How about following your own advice, assholes?

  • ErF RooT
    ErF RooT

    I wouldn't call myself leader of the free world when nuking people is my exit strategy!!

  • Sean Penn
    Sean Penn

    I’ll admit I didn’t like klobuchar during the race but she has been fantastic for this administration. I didn’t realize how great she really is.

  • Adam Mundok
    Adam Mundok

    #SenatorKlobuchar is legit! #Power2ThePeople ... Don't believe me? Watch and tell me your thoughts. ✊🏽

  • Thats not funny
    Thats not funny

    I stay off Facebook.

  • Thats not funny
    Thats not funny

    I'll check out the book when I see it at an affordable price.

  • EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling
    EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling

    She's awesome! She's coming for your job though Mr Colbert ;)

  • aalkounis G
    aalkounis G

    If she felt so inspired after beiing escorted and hidden by armed men and then the "enemy" just got bored and left, imagine how men felt after fighting close combat wars. And I mean face to face wars not the modern sissy way with drones and a billion airstrikes, the kind of war Americans always lose.

  • misujerr

    Go Amy! Thank you!

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley

    being introduced to the mind of Amy klobuchar was the best part of 2020 for me.. I didn't quite understand during the election but the more I get to know her the more I get it... I hope she sticks around

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days

    Applause, Applause. Applause.

  • Daisy A
    Daisy A

    Typical spineless corporate democrat. 😴

  • Alec Y Not.
    Alec Y Not.

    When will any politician stand up and say, yes it was D J Trump and his gang that we are going after and hold them accountable. Being a nice good guy is not required. Nail the republicans for all their bullshit, The court cases, stealing an election. The GOP just will not work or support any Democratic policies!!

  • Chris Sator
    Chris Sator

    I totally disagree with the “Google Search Monopoly” argument since alternatives exists and anyone can just easily switch to Bing or others if they want to, at no cost. I have used Bing before but stick to Google now. I believe that 90+% of people do use Google because they prefer it, for making a better service. I do not think Trust-busting makes sense on this case. However, increased and refined regulations (say to better protect privacy) does make sense. In Google’s case I think a breakup is rather unfair to Google and would be equally unfair and frustrating to consumers. Facebook’s case however is more complex since they bought WhatsApp and Instagram as to literally eat up their competition.

  • sirtyler79

    I stand behind her disavowing Cruz and Hawley. YET, she is a serious corporate bought politician herself. She needs to be held up to scrutiny just like they are!

  • Lolo Wilder
    Lolo Wilder

    Klobuchar was visibly exhausted that night. She keeps it classy, though.

  • Wiki Jiménez
    Wiki Jiménez

    I loved how she quoted John Oliver to explain something to Stephen

  • Ekkie101

    One of the reasons we have such powerful monopolies in America is because Reagan decided to stop enforcing the Sherman Antitrust Act after which began an orgy of mergers, acquisitions and hostile takeovers in the corporate world. Just one more example of the damage Reagan inflicted on America.

  • melody marks
    melody marks

    amy you are terrific. never quit!

  • Laurie H Sherrod
    Laurie H Sherrod

    Amy for president in 2024!

  • C. H.
    C. H.

    Amy's so smart and full of fun. Great gal! Smart gal! So hard working!

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett

    The board game Monopoly ought to be encourages kids to become self-serving and greedy.

  • Leslie Walker
    Leslie Walker

    Amy is a Trustbuster, committed to preserving our American ideals.