Taylor Bennett "Don't Wait Up"
Taylor Bennett returns to A Late Show with this performance of a very special new single. Here’s more about "Don't Wait Up" from Taylor, in his own words:
“Hey Family, it all started here, a little background- MR. Hudson is my favorite artist of all time. I was 13 Years old when I Heard his album "A Tale of Two cities", one of the first times hearing music that wasn't "Hip-Hop". from songs like "Dancing in the rain" & "Broad Shoulders" Hudson has always played a major role in My creation. Fast Forward 10 Years later and "You" (My Supporters) have put me in the position to create with My idol. Thank You. This song is special & I hope you enjoy.” -Taylor Bennett
Performed by:
Taylor Bennett - Lead Vocal
Dwayne Verner - Keys / Bass
Ezekiel Raggs - Guitar
Josiah Maddox - Drums
#Colbert #PlayAtHome #TaylorBennett

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  • Travel Long
    Travel Long

    Love it keep it going

  • Ollie

    Wow this is terrible.

  • Teezo Touchdown
    Teezo Touchdown

    chi town family 🖤🔨

  • Margaret Peabody
    Margaret Peabody

    Smoking the roach at the beginning of the clip seemed weird he should have had a roach clip. Great performer/musician.

    • Margaret Peabody
      Margaret Peabody

      @M A I am an oldster trying to bridge my way with the young folk.

    • M A
      M A

      😂 Let the man smoke the way he wants

  • Nes Martinez
    Nes Martinez

    So excited to see Taylor Bennett recognized here!

  • D. S.
    D. S.

    Just FINE

  • jam3s21

    Any reason for not posting new clips from the actual show i.e. monologue, interviews, etc.?

  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent

    I HAVE SEEN AND HEARD YOUR CALL to me this morning MY SON...I have come to terms with all of MAN'S lies...there is NO hell, and ALL is forgiven...you have been ready to go home and it's running late...close your eyes, go in peace, and take ALL the stars with you back to my heavens where they belong...I SEND YOU HOME...I will see you again when it's all over...you're blessed, GOD SPEED💗

  • Malazan

    Looks like chance the rapper

  • Steven Staubach
    Steven Staubach

    I like that were giving the music some love man, that was a brilliant song.

  • GonDio

    Great work 🔥

  • nonhumankind _
    nonhumankind _

    no monologues? whats the point of coming here?

    • Mimi Boucher
      Mimi Boucher

      He is taking a break while using his platform to promote black artists i think

  • Storm GT
    Storm GT

    its funny you never covered trump lawyer defense video at the 2nd impeachment HAHAHAHA!

  • HCV Roscoe
    HCV Roscoe

    My fav! I can’t wait too collab one day ☝🏾

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu


  • Dan

    how do I block this channel from showing up in my recommended? this is pure fucking cancer

    • Dan

      @gimmemoremusic thank you sir

    • gimmemoremusic

      Click on the three dots next to the video title and choose Do not recommend or Hide or something like that.

  • Brandon Young-Kemkes
    Brandon Young-Kemkes

    I hope you guys aren’t hoarding monologues because you’re gonna end up with a viewer less channel.

  • Glam looks
    Glam looks


  • Majestic27

    Absolutely fire Taylor, and the 70's pimp vibe is clean

  • MIAMI2K17

    Probability the rapper

  • Larisa Pravitel Paige
    Larisa Pravitel Paige

    Cool change Steven 🌹👏🙏😉

  • buba426

    What happened to your monologues?!?

    • Suzy Qualcast
      Suzy Qualcast

      Not watching enough to keep updated on what's happening.

    • Fauler Perfektionist
      Fauler Perfektionist

      Stephen's takin' the week off. He told us this last week.

  • plumb loko
    plumb loko

    Don't wait up.👍👍✊✌👊

  • AfricaN FuFu
    AfricaN FuFu

    Gay guys are beautiful 😊

    • Cooper Hays
      Cooper Hays

      He has a wife

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S

    It's beautiful but I'm not gonna lie, that thumbnail had me thinking you had the pineapple pen dude on.

  • Joyce Thoresen
    Joyce Thoresen

    Like his voice and such but wish he wasn’t smoking. Not good model for kids.

  • maggie

    been missing watching his nightly monologues on here ):

    • Patrick

      Return of the king

  • Taylor Bennett
    Taylor Bennett


    • Melissa Chapin
      Melissa Chapin

      Seriously talented, serious groove! 😎

    • Dillon Williamson
      Dillon Williamson

      Killer performance

    • Dillon Williamson
      Dillon Williamson

      Love everything you’re doin

    • Dillon Williamson
      Dillon Williamson

      Aye I was here first just remember

  • Because Of You Fahri
    Because Of You Fahri

    Always love this

  • Emily C
    Emily C

    Cuomo thought he could get away with murdering thousands of defenseless elderly people because CNN MSNBC would cover it up for him

  • OuterSpace90

    Chance's long lost identical twin brother?? 🤔

    • JamieVBM

      It's actually his younger brother lmao, the resemblance is definitely there

    • Dillon Williamson
      Dillon Williamson


    • Dillon Williamson
      Dillon Williamson

      Literally his brother

  • Derek Ho 2013's
    Derek Ho 2013's

    Stephen Colbert Taylor Bennett music

    • Taylor Bennett
      Taylor Bennett


  • endymion

    I thought it was Chance lol it's his younger bro. Mad respect to the both of them.

    • Taylor Bennett
      Taylor Bennett


    • Adrienne Hollaway
      Adrienne Hollaway


    • Josh Cooper
      Josh Cooper


  • Chris J. Films
    Chris J. Films

    Where’s the monologues

    • Fauler Perfektionist
      Fauler Perfektionist

      Oh. Stephen's takin' the week off. He said this last week.

  • Santiago Munoz
    Santiago Munoz

    Criminally underrated still

    • Taylor Bennett
      Taylor Bennett


  • Davorian Ware
    Davorian Ware

    Ok. You and Chance don't need to look that much alike. One of yall need to change faces.

  • Mirek Heikkila
    Mirek Heikkila

    nice nice

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather

    Beautiful song!

    • Taylor Bennett
      Taylor Bennett


  • Spencer Amyntosophia!
    Spencer Amyntosophia!

  • guitarstrunged

    In spite of me liking Colbert's show a lot including his liberal bent I almost never like his musical acts, including this one.

    • guitarstrunged

      @Dillon Williamson Glad you enjoy him. I admire anybody who's got the balls to get up and perform, I couldn't do it.

    • Dillon Williamson
      Dillon Williamson

      Taylor is actually a great artist

    • guitarstrunged

      @Marion Johnson Seems to be having a week off.

    • Marion Johnson
      Marion Johnson

      Where is Colbert?

    • guitarstrunged

      @Santiago Munoz Absolutely! And I subjectively don't like the music on his show. Usually. I think his house band, John Baptiste, is great.

  • SlidV

    I’d love to perform something here one day 🥵

    • Oliver Collins
      Oliver Collins

      That's be great. Love your music Slid.

  • Nick Adelman
    Nick Adelman

    good groove!

    • Taylor Bennett
      Taylor Bennett


  • moaath


  • Nelson Qin
    Nelson Qin


    • Brian Hobaugh
      Brian Hobaugh

      brilliant work