KIRBY ft. D Smoke "Superpower"
The amazing KIRBY joins us for this live performance of "Superpower" featuring D Smoke. Find out more about KIRBY at and follow each performer on social media: @singkirbysing, @dsmoke7, and @spencestewart.
Performed by:
Kirby Dockery “KIRBY” - Vocals
Daniel Anthony Farris “D Smoke” - Vocals
Kevin Randolph - Piano

#Colbert #PlayAtHome #KIRBY
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  • Donald Evans
    Donald Evans

    Inglewood official Supa Good!!!!! Superpowers from the most high God

  • Dame Cacao
    Dame Cacao

    Literal. Angel.

  • james eaton
    james eaton

    And Joe has now approved any man that identifies can be in woman's sport's.... awesome...

  • james eaton
    james eaton

    And now Joe Biden says that most non White Americans don't know how to use internet....good job Dems

  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent

    my spirit law enforcement is on scene handling the old🕎 energy's tresspass.

  • Sam Dowdall
    Sam Dowdall

    So have to see D smoke my favorite musican and my favorite show. Super Powerful song, and beautiful.

  • Teddy B
    Teddy B

    Kirby's voice woow

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu


  • Dan

    how do I rid of this shite showing up in my recommended feeds? can't you just stop it

  • Kiana Hayes
    Kiana Hayes


  • ZemiraMusic

    Sample betta harmonize!!! 😁🙌🏾✨👑 great job you two

  • Joyce Thoresen
    Joyce Thoresen

    Love their voices!

  • Luna GEM
    Luna GEM


  • MrDino1953

    Meh. Standard incomprehensible rap whining.

  • Nikki Nicole
    Nikki Nicole

    Love it

  • Emily C
    Emily C

    Cuomo thought he could get away with murdering thousands of defenseless elderly people because CNN MSNBC would just cover it up for him

  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent

    ...AM LIGHTENING shadow team is FREED=youtube horoscope reading UPDATED-entitled: scorpio THIS IS A HELL NO FROM ME

  • Emma Blainey
    Emma Blainey

    d smoke fan for life 100%

    • Rafaela Varela
      Rafaela Varela


  • HI- Q
    HI- Q

    Stephen has a black friend everybody Stephen respect black people everybody get ready for virtue-signalling everybody 🤣

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    THANK YOU for listing all performers. Hope this becomes the rule from now on.

  • Carpenter

    Mediocrity raised to a new level.

  • Mark Verschell
    Mark Verschell

    For such modest production, this was just powerful and beautiful.

  • Thirza Cook
    Thirza Cook

    this is how.much views youre suppose to.get colbert on ur 8 million sub channel.....this is your real view count without trump lol

  • Atlas Apollo
    Atlas Apollo

    Judgement; you're pathetic

    • Atlas Apollo
      Atlas Apollo

      White supremacy isn’t a problem it’s a burden

    • Atlas Apollo
      Atlas Apollo

    • Atlas Apollo
      Atlas Apollo

    • Atlas Apollo
      Atlas Apollo

      If we were created (confirmed) then your appeal has been denied and if we're not then you suck far too much to keep carrying with minimal reward

    • Atlas Apollo
      Atlas Apollo

      exnay on SOL-ay

  • TEQ Snukka
    TEQ Snukka

    Wait.. who is this siren that just hypnotized me? What a soothing, beautiful voice! And D Smoke with his fantastic tempo that guides us through the vines of his rhymes. Please! Encore!

  • Mitchell Krouth
    Mitchell Krouth

    Thank you for real

  • Hallo Hallo
    Hallo Hallo

    Loved that!

  • Donna Mitchell
    Donna Mitchell

    A feature on Stephen Colbert’s channel? Congrats, KIRBY!! But of course with that voice and that delivery, she’s getting due recognition.

  • Glam looks
    Glam looks

  • The FM Club
    The FM Club

    No Late Shows this week? 🤷‍♂️

  • Shane Killeen
    Shane Killeen

    I bet if they did the monolog at the end, with a few witty references to the guest's comments, they would get more viewers.

  • Eugene Maynard
    Eugene Maynard


  • 123 456
    123 456

    Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby


    It better if it was just her

  • John Orosz
    John Orosz

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  • Brother Matha
    Brother Matha

    BEEutiful :DDD

  • ric hernandez
    ric hernandez

    stay cool stephen thumbs up

  • David Adams
    David Adams

    Took me to a spiritual place. Peace

  • Smart Recovery
    Smart Recovery

    Super powers by you know Y comes from God I am anointed you know Y Prince

  • Perry Burns
    Perry Burns

    Where's the monologue Stephen!

    • Perry Burns
      Perry Burns

      @Matthew Mangum oh didn't realise, thanks

    • Matthew Mangum
      Matthew Mangum

      They’re on a hiatus.

  • Mr. Price
    Mr. Price

    D smoke is on a whole other level...he reminds me of Kendrick lamar...glad hes getting the recognition he deserves.

  • vsquadmusic


  • vsquadmusic


  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent

    ...THIS BLACK FEMALE disposition out here has worked my last nerve===reign it in gentlemen ☃️😜🗡🔒

  • Nik M
    Nik M

    Supa Good!

  • blacksheepboyz

    So smooth, it brings out the soul in my whiteness. It's that good.

  • Jackie Hering
    Jackie Hering

    Magic has no powers idiots!! You are in hell believing you have life, what gives you life if not the idea that you have it! Ignorant worms! Ooops! Worms are offended.

  • nikki jackson
    nikki jackson

    I love them so much!!! Kirby and D Smoke was a combination I didn’t realize I needed. And ACAPELLA!!!

  • Michael Edgerton
    Michael Edgerton

    D smoke really hitting them vocals for the one time

  • KouriRyu

    I'm disappointed this had nothing to do with the video game Kirby. Anyone else?

    • Nicole Montgomery
      Nicole Montgomery

      Not at all. Do you hear her voice??? 🙌🏾

    • The Gaming Railfan
      The Gaming Railfan

      me too, I was a little confused at first so yeah

    • Michael Edgerton
      Michael Edgerton

      That’s her name 😂


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  • Thiago Albino Santos
    Thiago Albino Santos


    • Thiago Albino Santos
      Thiago Albino Santos

      @KouriRyu POYO POYO, POYO! ⭐⭐⭐

    • KouriRyu



    this is love

  • Steve Empire Videos
    Steve Empire Videos

    d smoke became one of my favorite rappers in the span of two years

  • Derek Ho 2013's
    Derek Ho 2013's

    Stephen Colbert superpowers

    • Late show with Stephen colbert
      Late show with Stephen colbert

      Thanks for the comment....

    • Late show with Stephen colbert
      Late show with Stephen colbert

      Thanks for the comment....

  • Twila Wilcox
    Twila Wilcox

    Her voice is amazing

    • Carpenter

      You're easily amazed.

  • S O N J A
    S O N J A

    Niiicccceee ❤🎶 🎤

  • Torx Impact
    Torx Impact

    f yeah! the power of love ^^

  • Mj Web
    Mj Web

    Absolutely amazing

  • NxDr

    "life is emotional"

  • Jev

    Kirby is such an amazing artist and as a fellow artist I respect her artistry and hopefully I get a chance to work with her one day

  • Because Of You Fahri
    Because Of You Fahri

    Always love this.

  • William Redwine
    William Redwine

    D Smoke is the real thing.

  • JoAnne Johnson
    JoAnne Johnson


  • Lets Go Flying
    Lets Go Flying

    I swear I hear a soul glow commercial in there somewhere.

  • IamwithJesus Forever
    IamwithJesus Forever

    But not above the creator

  • Azteac Eagle
    Azteac Eagle

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  • Akirafan99

    What does this have to do with Dreamland?

    • The Gaming Railfan
      The Gaming Railfan

      IDK, I'd say just the name.

    • Murpaderp

      glad im not the only one

  • Sid New
    Sid New

    Was I the only one expecting something with a cute, pink cross between a marshmallow and a vacuum-cleaner?

    • Sid New
      Sid New

      @Chris Robot Yeah, I thought so.

    • Chris Robot
      Chris Robot

      You were not the only one 🤣

  • Garrag

    Watch the NASA live stream right now :)

  • Chris Waden
    Chris Waden

    Great song

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