You Do Not Want Bruce Castor Defending You In Court
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury... what was I talking about again? #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens
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  • Gabi Douglas
    Gabi Douglas


  • Rough Habit
    Rough Habit

    I’d have him . He wins!

  • Hadley Scott McIntyre
    Hadley Scott McIntyre

    Do you write your mankaren dialog?

  • wvu05

    People in SE Pennsylvania knew for years that he was a jerk. Last week, we just learned just how stupid he really is.

  • Mr. തക്കുടു
    Mr. തക്കുടു

    Plot twist: Bruce Castor is a democrat.

  • 2bescene

    Meanwhile he got 43 nimrods to agree

  • martha monson
    martha monson

    Didn’t matter what he said, did it? Stammering, forgetting, etc., trump was acquitted. Maybe that was Bruce’s point, he could of recited a nursery rhyme, the gop had already decidedly, decided fuck “Law of The Land”, gloat heart trump was America.

  • Jimmy The Hand
    Jimmy The Hand

    Has it occurred to anyone that Bruce is tanking it on purpose.

  • Sean W
    Sean W

    Whoooooo twice acquitted donald trump most innocent president in history, let the swamp draining commence! Lets start with these democrat bought late shows. Theyre not even funny anymore just boring hate peddlers. Your time is up.

  • J vO
    J vO

    Opening clip of "news" based on unsourced gossip, followed by out of context clips of Castor. Dishonest liberal media as always.

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones

    "I'm a defensive tackle"

  • Louis D
    Louis D

    They shoulda made that van der veen guy the lead

  • Charm Serenia
    Charm Serenia


  • Wayland Chin
    Wayland Chin

    How is his head so small compared to his body and suit?

  • Natsuki Illuna
    Natsuki Illuna

    Maybe he just took the case in a final effort to get some of the Republicans to change their mind? 😂😂😂😂 Though to be honest, I would be at a loss how to build the defense anyway (except of course the obligatory insanity-plea... for which T*** would probably kill him^^')

  • Kube

    this guy truly is a lawyer. He knows his client is guilty but he just wants their money

  • Jefferson

    why would u waste money on good lawyers when u are immune to justice?

  • Fata Morgana
    Fata Morgana

    Bruce Castor looks like the WISH version of Kevin Costner

  • V R
    V R

    Doesn’t matter. He could literally say “Yep, my client is guilty.” and the spineless GOP wouldn’t vote to convict.

  • Tonya

    Bruce didn't prepare his opening presentation two to three months ago. That's really awful 😕

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy


  • D Mercury
    D Mercury

    “In the name of God, shake your booty!”😂

  • Shinko

    Wait he prosecutor? he isnt...yeah you say you know whT that means but do you really my man?

  • Make_Me

    “I’m a defensive tackle, I mean defensive attorney” 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • fred james
    fred james

    The conviction evidence is very clear, republicans who vote nay will be forever marked down IN HISTORY as being greedy cowards

  • Rudy Car
    Rudy Car


  • mmd 378
    mmd 378

    Funny. I laughed to tears.

  • Roy Evans The Cosmic Cowboy
    Roy Evans The Cosmic Cowboy

    We must ALL continue to call and write these republitard senators and remind them of the game they're REALLY playing. Tell them if they don't commit to justice and convict the criminal who incited a riot that KILLED A COP there will be an uproar of RAGE those cowards have never seen before. Tell them that if they don't want an all out civil WAR fueled by a population that has completely lost faith in the government and justice system, then they better do the right thing because the REAL STORM will be coming if they don't.

  • Tony Samuels
    Tony Samuels


  • Robert Jack
    Robert Jack

    I do now after day#4 this was planned they lost the left ha ha ha

  • Mari Oka
    Mari Oka

    Rambling lawyer just like his rambling boss - who talks about shower sprinklers, flushing toilets etc.

  • Peter Hallett
    Peter Hallett

    Trump: Get off my lawn!

  • not available
    not available

    Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. Business, Business, Business. Is this working...?

  • Just Joe
    Just Joe

    The point is my client what's his face seeks to prove I forgot what it was and so on 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephanie Shannon
    Stephanie Shannon

    A public defender would have been better

  • Oliver Dash
    Oliver Dash

    This is the perfect lawyer for guilty people. With this type of advocacy you are sure of winning a new trial because of nonsensical representation.

  • Chris McNaughton
    Chris McNaughton

    I'm sure the institution where Castor received his law degree (assuming he actually has one...obviously very questionable at this point) is hoping it's NEVER published. Cracker Jack Box U is my guess.

  • Serge Tardif
    Serge Tardif

    When $ rules unrestrained over votes, that's what you get USA. Bottom of the filthiest gutter.

  • Sweger Shanna
    Sweger Shanna

    Rudy could have planned a better defense

  • sublacol

    Bruce Castor is right! This case is more serious than just impeachment. Trump should be arrested and charged with inciting violence against the American seat of power.

  • TheBusyJane

    They need to subpoena Donald to testify. These lawyers know they don't have to do anything because the "jury" has already decided. Get him up there and question him in front of CSPAN.

  • Joey Scott
    Joey Scott

    This the same guy that said he would represent a woman in court even if he didn't believe her. He just told on himself that he doesn't believe in trump.

  • Jetmorrison

    this makes me miss harvey birdman a lot.

  • luvmibratt

    Chased a squirrel in the building 😅😅😅

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson

    Let us, every American, make this a goal: RETURN THE RED/BLUE WAR WE HAVE NOW BACK TO THE LEVEL OF CIVIL DISCOURSE AND AGREEING TO DISAGREE. The immediate question then becomes: WHAT CAN I DO TO REACH THAT GOAL?

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard

    The ghosts of the founding fathers are kicking him in the head while he speaks...

  • Suzanne Berry
    Suzanne Berry

    How much effort would You put into defending a client who probably won’t pay?

  • The Smart-Casual Gamer.
    The Smart-Casual Gamer.

    Instructions Unclear. Recited video in public and am now junior legal council to Marco Rubio.

  • Dennis Schohan
    Dennis Schohan

    this is like MST3K Classics

  • Sunny 2
    Sunny 2

    Castor’s had at Least a couple of martinis beforehand lol- all the signs are there ..😂

  • Autumnskyes

    Somebody has to get video or at least audio of Trump blowing up at his tv!

  • T M
    T M

    Imagine spending all that money on a defence team and then watching Bruce Castor introduce himself as the “lead prosecutor”.

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence

    Honestly I think this is just showboating. Trump is going to have the worst defence ever, in the most open and shut case ever, and still the republicans won't vote to convict.

  • Jane Thorson
    Jane Thorson

  • Caston Young
    Caston Young

    This is what happens when you have a history of not paying your lawyers.

  • Chch pool bombers
    Chch pool bombers

    Wow this guy is the biggest numpdy

  • dePlant


  • Workman Films
    Workman Films

    As soon as I saw this man, I was hoping that Stephen would bring out his Gregory Peck impression for him. Didn't disappoint. "In the name of God, shake your booty!"

  • Wiser Daley
    Wiser Daley

    Lol 😂

  • MouseWhite5

    The two lawyers' photos that Seth showed (Bruce Castor from 2nd Impeachment & Stephen Castor -- the one with the green grocery tote from the 1st Impeachment) are actually cousins!

  • Tommy


  • John Tuel
    John Tuel Reminds me of the stuttering lawyer scene from my cousin Vinny haha

  • SuperKing604

    Stephen loves doing a gregory peck impression

  • Sucs For You!
    Sucs For You!

    Is he channeling his inner Columbo??

  • Paula Hello
    Paula Hello

    Wow. He just plain sucks.

  • Charge7 whitebag
    Charge7 whitebag


  • Honkytonkified

    I needed a laugh, as Democracy dies from GOP cowardice. The Lynching VP Pence attempt in the prosecution's presentation telegraphed threats to GOP jurists. That's the argument that will get their not-guilty vote.

  • Jelly Whit
    Jelly Whit

    LMAO 😂 from start to finish

  • Beatrice M
    Beatrice M

    You do not want Bruce Castor defending you in court...unless you're Donald J Trump who has the Republican Senate guaranteeing his acquittal.

  • Mexican Panda
    Mexican Panda

    Im always down for fudge

  • AlexanderThePup

    I’ve hired the best people folks the best people. And they’re gonna use words. The best words, beautiful words.

  • Etterra

    Bruce Castor, somehow even less palatable than castor oil.

  • Etterra

    What's wrong Trump? Are you not entertained!?

  • Do Med
    Do Med

    The illustrious seat culturally fry because calculator experimentally polish like a thinkable cent. judicious, aberrant antarctica

  • Rondalyn Reynolds
    Rondalyn Reynolds

    Now the orange man knows how we feel when we listen to him ramble on about a million different things that has nothing to do with anything or with what he said previously or will have anything to do with what he says in any of his following remarks.

  • Jeff Naslund
    Jeff Naslund

    To Mock a Killingbird


    All kidding aside...45 is going to be acquitted regardless how bad his lawyers perform since most of the Republican senators haven't grown a spine to uphold the constitution and laws.

  • JRock

    Fart jokes.

  • George Sturges
    George Sturges


  • Tyreis Keyhea
    Tyreis Keyhea

    You missed it on this one. I am not a fan of misuse of a national treasure and a sign of the times. Pick My Cousin Vinny next time please. Thanks 😊

  • Robert Gibson
    Robert Gibson

    Poor man. Just trying to make a living. YEAH RIGHT

  • Rikavari

    It was like a bad episode of Matlock. 😂

  • Rolyat Neek
    Rolyat Neek

    Dude got his retainer check cancelled and went through it anyway.

  • Brett Clark
    Brett Clark

    Spared no expense!

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan
    Dr. Mantis Toboggan

    Your Honor. I would like to cite the case of What's-His-Face v. So-and-so, circa sometime in the past - I forget when. Hey, does anybody remember cassette tapes? Those were cool. Anyway, the prosecution really hit a homerun today. Speaking of home runs, my dad took me to my first baseball game when I was 10. I can't remember what I was talking about. The prosecution rests. I mean...the defense rests. When's lunch? Thank you, Your Honor.

  • Barry Kaine
    Barry Kaine

    I just hope his lawyer's extreme incompetence inspires fat donny to represent himself; as he said: "what have you got to lose?". Then, the real comedy would begin! - popcorn, stand back and stand by!

  • Peter Tan
    Peter Tan

    when you know you gonna win for sure, find the cheapest if not pro bono

  • channelforwhat

    My name is Bruce Castor, ..i am a defense attorney and i chased a squirrel into the building , and that's why i am here today. The point is, my Client - what's his face - seeks to prove , i forgot what it was and so on.

  • A. Miller
    A. Miller

    I'm convinced Castor and the other guy are purposely awful. I appreciate it.

  • Ross- A -Roni
    Ross- A -Roni

    "In the name of God: shake your booty."

  • Gonz

    knowing trump, I bet he had him on a phonecall right before that. He still didn't assimilate trump's anger and is still in shock for all the evidence shown by democrats. Perhaps He is both confused and scared. He knows he won't get paid.

  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali

    😮😮😮My client, Brock Lesnar!😲😲😲

  • Adam Gardiner
    Adam Gardiner

    When the Reptards don't care about justice, why not send a fudging clown?

  • Fabiola Macabre
    Fabiola Macabre

    He got the lawyers he deserves lol 😂

  • Sweeptheleg !
    Sweeptheleg !

    Atticus Finch was 10 times the attorney of this clown.

  • rob

    "lead prosecutor" sure Mr Castor you said it as a mistake but that sounded more like a Freudian slip.

  • Chris Monkman
    Chris Monkman

    I wonder if Trump negotiated a "no win, no fee" deal?

  • Bryan C.
    Bryan C.

    This makes perfect sense.

  • Brian Dillon
    Brian Dillon

    And further ..... MOMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Livvy Weimar
    Livvy Weimar

    Hahahaha. That ending was hilarious! "Dear God, everyone shake your booty! Now let's eat fudge" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂