th1rt3en (Pharoahe Monch, Daru Jones, Marcus Machado) "Scarecrow"
th1rt3en is Pharoahe Monch (Vocals), Marcus Machado (Guitars) & Daru Jones (Drums). Their debut album, “A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism,” is available now via Fat Beats Records Song written by Pharoahe Monch & Shy The Beat Yoda. Performed by th1rt3en.
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  • dj FRiTZo
    dj FRiTZo

    whaaaaa !! incredible.

  • James MT
    James MT

    Love this, the whole album is amazing.

  • Keith Hilliard
    Keith Hilliard

    This performance still gives me goosebumps after at least half a dozen repeats. Absolutely 🔥

  • the Truth
    the Truth

    salute real talent.

  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent


  • Heaven Sent
    Heaven Sent

    with the death of the old ex energy===I have started something NEW💡 with my spirit energy is released, it will now longer demonstrate to me through the old🕎 now works through the new✖✝️❌ I have moved on and COMING OUT onto the 🌍stage.

  • Herb DeCordova
    Herb DeCordova

    If Miles was still know he'd be playing on this...right? Standing against the stage, almost facing Daru, wearing his blackout shades and a white fur coat. Poetry in motion. Some Kinda Blue 2022.

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu


  • Arash Karimpour
    Arash Karimpour

    Thank you 💋 Though... Am I really on the yellow brick road? Or is actually red and I'm just seeing it as yellow? 😶 🤫

  • Derek z7
    Derek z7

    All he's doing is talking over music in a monotone way with the only thing different from anybody else is a different body and face at this point rap has run its course of any kind variety. It is cluttering up the music scene and preventing actual music with variety to should be hard because of the rush to support what's currently popular but get as far as any kind of true musical Talent where people actually sing without being a parody of what's already there producers have to start looking elsewhere

  • Derek z7
    Derek z7

    As derivative and still as you can get. Rap music how to. place a long time ago. All the beats and even the voices are about as similar as you can get. It has infected all music genre's Every Beat is the same. ba ba ba ba ba. Ot yeah yeah yeah. Whatever sound you want to make to approximate the best sound son has zero Variety in it in any form of pop, country, and rap itself. It practically mocks itself. A parody to itself. There is nothing new except for the face

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    I watched this the last time I signed in. Why is my view not showing up?

  • Luna GEM
    Luna GEM


  • Brandon

    Pharoahe needs more recognition and it's long overdue. I always notice how he's left out of top ten lists and that's a shame, he's one of the best. Stress: The Extinction Agenda is my personal favorite hip-hop album.

  • # oneandonlytyler
    # oneandonlytyler


  • Wendy Clever
    Wendy Clever

    Rap crap! 👎

    • Martial Gamer
      Martial Gamer

      Rethink that statement please then come again.

  • Mitchell Krouth
    Mitchell Krouth

    Nice rip

  • lisa Molapo
    lisa Molapo

    Seeing them LIVE in concert would be a dream🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 covid needs to flippin end so we can get our lives back

  • Prometheus Reign
    Prometheus Reign


  • Meeshack Lee
    Meeshack Lee


  • Channel Th1rt3en
    Channel Th1rt3en

    We created this album with the foresight in mind to tour and have it translate live on stage, while we humbly campaign for your fandom!! The pandemic has snatched that away from all musicians, so we are extremely honored for the invitation to perform on your platform, sharing this music in the way that it was originally intended. Thank you Stephen Colbert and the late show for this opportunity. We hope everyone enjoys the performance!

    • Suzy Qualcast
      Suzy Qualcast

      Respect, Guvnor.

    • Gudmundur Ingi Gudmundsson
      Gudmundur Ingi Gudmundsson

      I really liked it. Well done! 👊🐺☀️🌎🌘🧙‍♂️👍

    • djjagdish

      Exactly what the world needed. Can't wait until you can finally take this show on the road!

    • Malu Machado
      Malu Machado

      Obrigado irmãos.

    • Matt Thompson
      Matt Thompson

      You had me at 'We!' Kings 🙌

  • Sue Kelsey
    Sue Kelsey


  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST

    Where is Stephen?

  • Dreadboi87

    Wow I haven't seen this guy since the late 90s

    • lisa Molapo
      lisa Molapo

      You've missed a lot

  • JL Bailey
    JL Bailey

    A little Rage Against The Machine-y... or nah?

    • Matt Thompson
      Matt Thompson


    • Carl Peczynski
      Carl Peczynski

      Nah way different vibe!

  • Because Of You Fahri
    Because Of You Fahri

    Love this.

  • M Bruhn
    M Bruhn

    My god... this is so bad

  • Brookie Adkins
    Brookie Adkins

    Well... that's not the Munchkins singing: follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. teeheehee 🤭😘💋

  • wil Dominion
    wil Dominion

    Always Dope

    • Derek z7
      Derek z7

      Always derivative copying itself in style & 'music' If you really think that's difference and never done before you probably need to listen to more music that is not so-called rap

  • Mciran DV8
    Mciran DV8

    The cd is GNARLY! It's everything I want my group to be but we don't stand a chance..ever

    • Tim Sunmey
      Tim Sunmey

      You got it dude take inspiration from it and find your own unique sound and message anybody can throw paint on a canvas and call it art and it is but a real artisan takes nearly a lifetime to perfect their technique keep at it maybe one day but keep at it

    • Derek z7
      Derek z7

      Tell us exactly how this is different than everything else out

  • Juan Ramirez Gonzalez
    Juan Ramirez Gonzalez

    VVould definitely konsume more if given the opportunity yes

    • Juan Ramirez Gonzalez
      Juan Ramirez Gonzalez

      I likes double platinum blunt wraps :) !

    • Mciran DV8
      Mciran DV8

      One of the sickest cd's of 2021 TRUST Once I start it I can't stop the repeat process of listening to it again. Throw in his other Group Organized Konfusion's Equinox and it's a wrap

  • Silent Whisper
    Silent Whisper

    Says everything....Multiple words not necessary. Goosebumps


    Incredible. Wow.

  • Hamza Davis
    Hamza Davis

    Three-alarm 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    I let my 2 year old daughter hear this 10 minutes ago , since then she already went to college and got a degree 🔥🔥🔥💯

    • no yes
      no yes

      look again, out hooking with a habit, junkie not head gear. uber driver with a crack connect.

    • jackbauer322

      weird, mine went down back to elementary school from college and drools ...

  • Starcloud Hidden
    Starcloud Hidden

    If you want to know secrets you must not tell

  • Skylit

    I am lost for a sentence to describe this. All I can do is 👍👍🤩😍🤯

  • Derek Ho 2013's
    Derek Ho 2013's

    Stephen Colbert pharaoh'e MONCH DARU jones Marcus Mach ado music

  • Will Finn
    Will Finn

    Still keep it poppin without the Artist and Repertoire, cuz Monch is a Monarch only minus the A and R.

  • The World Famous Dork
    The World Famous Dork

    Simon says...

  • lenore johnson
    lenore johnson

    I see. 👁️👻

  • Mar López
    Mar López

  • Neri

    Awesomeee! Monch!!!!!!

  • Relax Music Pro Channel
    Relax Music Pro Channel


  • M Donovan
    M Donovan

    Good 👍🏾

  • thabiso shabalala
    thabiso shabalala


  • Jonny Bueno
    Jonny Bueno

    Whoop whoop 🙌


    Your always amazing

  • Fito The Catholic
    Fito The Catholic

    Great video like 👍always

  • M Donovan
    M Donovan

    Good 👍🏾

  • Lone Zombie
    Lone Zombie