Ringo Starr Takes The Colbert Questionert
What's Ringo Starr's favorite Beatles song? What's his favorite action movie? What does he think about oranges? You'll really get to really know Ringo Starr in this edition of The Colbert Questionert. #Colbert #RingoStarr #TheColbertQuestionert
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  • Bruce

    80 year old Ringo 😎

  • canarsie56

    Came here to see Ringo, Clbert is a left wing moron

  • Wendy Johnson
    Wendy Johnson

    Love Ringo Starr. I was fortunate enough to be at Paul McCartney's concert in 2019. Ringo came out to do an encore with Paul. I got to see half of the Beatles. Best concert of my life! Also Joe Walsh also did another encore with Paul. Ringo and Joe are brother in laws. How cool is that!😎💖😘👍

  • Benj Clarke
    Benj Clarke

    Well of course he would choose Apple.

  • rupinderh01

    Wow I love his answer to heaven

  • Anthonyy Gamboa
    Anthonyy Gamboa


  • thewkovacs

    let me guess...every answer was peace and love/peace and love

  • Willette J
    Willette J

    He hates stupid interviews and particularly stupid interviewers. This could have been so much more productive and FUN!

  • MarcusIsI

    Ringo is 80, people. I wish I get to look that fit when I’m 80!

  • Honest Reviews
    Honest Reviews

    almost famous

  • Lucy Braun
    Lucy Braun

    Sending a truck your way!

  • Lucy Braun
    Lucy Braun

    Yes, goat cheese is more healthy!

  • What'd you say?
    What'd you say?

    5:36 I was thinking of seven

  • Rusty Bear
    Rusty Bear

    There is no way this guy is 80. If so, I hate him (jealousy).

  • No No
    No No

    WOW I just noticed something really weird you guys. Did anyone else notice that in this episode when he asked them what number he was thinking of they all answered in multiples of seven? Ringo said seven, Jodie Foster said 21, And John Oliver said 42. What are the weird odds that they would all say multiples of seven? And that's not even getting into the matter of what number is Stephen was actually thinking of. Strange

    • No No
      No No

      @Linda Samul lmao fuck i did it again, i keep saying jodie foster when i meant jane fonda wth

    • Linda Samul
      Linda Samul

      I think Jane Fonda also said 21!

  • No No
    No No

    Why is Ringo Starr looks so young.... WHY

  • dj diSi
    dj diSi

    "Come Together" (with barely a second's thought)... that is actually really touching 😢😙❤❤

  • Frank Boyd
    Frank Boyd

    Ringo is the best friend we never actually met. ☮️💜🇨🇦

  • Do no harm
    Do no harm

    Peace and Love.

  • dj diSi
    dj diSi

    I love Ringo's psychedelic halo

  • So Jorn
    So Jorn

    They should allow the guest to speak in the intro and have a 2 and 2 volley instead of just the dominating compound sentences and run-on sentences of the host

  • Ale Lollipop
    Ale Lollipop

    Thanks Ringo

  • Ruthypops1

    Ringo looking f**king fantastic as per

  • Brian Glade
    Brian Glade

    How about "I think I farted" by the Partridge Family....I mean, what's there to think about really, you either did, or you didn't......

  • ktpinnacle

    Considering how good he looks, maybe it's time to listen to the man regarding how to live.

  • Ilsa Malsi
    Ilsa Malsi

    What a quick wit Ringo has on him!

  • mazasan

    Love Ringo!

  • Mercurial Pierrot
    Mercurial Pierrot

    If goat cheese makes me age like Ringo, I'm in!

  • Gary Leonard Teacher
    Gary Leonard Teacher

    Is milk sacred?

  • Gary Leonard Teacher
    Gary Leonard Teacher

    Where can I get a pint of Elephant milk?

  • givebirth01

    Have you seen a cow?

  • Janice

    Ringo looks awesome!!

  • Jeffrey Imagine
    Jeffrey Imagine

    Can’t believe u have a beatle on here and u ask him what his favorite sandwich is fuckin ridiculous

  • OldCountryman

    Pachelbel’s Canon in D

  • peace and love
    peace and love

    Dumb questions sorry you had a beatle

  • Phil B
    Phil B

    Come Together was the right answer.

  • YoSoyPanchy

    Why am I 23 and look older than Ringo?

  • matt

    curious - how do u get a beatle on ur show, and then choose to ask such profoundly stupid questions? how does one make that decision?

  • David Kral
    David Kral

    Come on, Ringo have you no shame. WTF are you doing on Colbert?

  • Richard Peters
    Richard Peters

    How much do I love Ringo!!

  • Kaila Kocsis
    Kaila Kocsis

    let me tell ya, his ageless appearance is due to the meditating, peace, love, and good vibes. and thats the truth.

  • neonrot77

    He has Ringo Starr on and asks him apples or oranges 🤦‍♂️

  • Autonomous Collective
    Autonomous Collective

    “Which hand does he wanna hold?” was a very witty and quick comeback. Ringo’s still sharp and humorous.

  • Winterdock

    come together was recorded live by the fab four off the floor....not bad, eh?

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey

    Whose hand?

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey

    Come Together..love it..`Jew Jew eye balls`...

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey

    App Bus Timetable

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey

    Man is the scariest animal...Second the boar (which almost killed m dog)

  • Sandra Shevey
    Sandra Shevey

    Cheese sarnie..

  • Linda Pogor
    Linda Pogor

    He has some sense there. Cows milk is for calfs. (I drink it but I've heard this argument) Plus with all the hormones they put in it...look at our young ladies, Breast size has been incredible over the last 20 years or so, and I do believe it has to do with the hormones in the food.

    • Linda Samul
      Linda Samul

      I'm with you on all this. And I've always thought it was weird that people drink milk meant for baby cows. Animals stop drinking milk when they are weaned. Why do humans continue to drink it? That said, I don't care for it, unless it's chocolate. But I do like all other dairy products, especially cheese! It's confusing, lol! Regarding Ringo, I think he's found the Fountain of Youth... and Paul is no longer the "cute Beatle"! Sorry Paul! 😉

  • LaMusicade4

    That starry sg !

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke

    John Matuszak was the heavy in Caveman, not Lyle Alzado. Different Raider.

  • sandy kopitopoulos
    sandy kopitopoulos

    These are the correct answers: Stephen: What is the best sandwich? Ringo: A Yellow Sub Sandwich Stephen: What is the one thing you own that you should really throw out? Ringo: That darn sacrificial ring that keeps me in trouble since 1965 Stephen: What is the scariest animal? Ringo: Eric Burdon, he’s the scariest of all The Animals Stephen: Apples or oranges? Ringo: 🍏 duh Stephen: What do you think happens when we die? Ringo: Not sure, but I’ll send you Postcards from Paradise Stephen: Favorite smell? Ringo: Well, I was walking down the street the other day, You know, and I said to myself, what's all this hurry, What's all this hustle and bustle. Why don't I just stop, look at the pretty roses, Smell them for one moment, take the time to see, Take the time to smell, have a good time in life. Don't let ev'rything pass you by, you're only here once And I've been here longer than most of you! So roses. Stephen: Least favorite smell? Ringo: The smell of gun powder Stephen: Exercice, is it worth it? Ringo: Oh My My, All By Myself I can carry the Weight of the World... Y not, I’m the Greatest! Stephen: Flat or sparkling? Ringo: Sparkling, I like Beaucoups of Bubbles Stephen: Most used app on your phone? Ringo: The Tweatters Stephen: You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it? Ringo: Grow Old With Me Stephen: What number am I thinking of? Ringo: Number 9, number 9, number 9 Stephen: Describe the rest of your life in five words Ringo: it’s going to be great!

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H

    Man, Ringo is so boring.

  • Craig Opperman
    Craig Opperman

    Ringo looks good having died his hair. It makes him look much younger than an 80 year old man or whatever age he is. I know he's around 80. The world doesn't have much more time before Ringo and Paul are gone sadly. Although most will never have been able to see or chat with either one, it's still going to be depressing when they're gone. And McCartney is like the motzart of pop/rock. There will definitely never be another human on earth that has / had the talents of Paul McCartney. Greatest rock singer, greatest melody and lyric writer, great player of bass, guitar, drums, piano. Yes, McCartney is someone who we will never see the likes of again ever.Not presently, but in his prime younger years, nobody including Elvis could sing better, compose better or look better. He was simply the a around greatest musician ever born.

  • Lesley Davis
    Lesley Davis

    Pleased that he mentioned dear old Spike Milligan, the comedian and Goon show writer & performer we all grew up with when we lived in the UK, truly the comedian's comedian. Clearly not forgotten by Ringo, probably Paul too,

  • Keet Randling
    Keet Randling

    Ringo is just lovely

  • Nerfcar1

    Colbert was a treat to watch when he was on Comedy Central, but now he is just another lame talk show host.

  • FrankieUtka

    I love that Ringo KNOWS he's Ringo & that he doesn't have to abide by ANYONE'S rules, I love. I Peace & Love

    • dj diSi
      dj diSi

      No Beatle ever does, did nor should, and that's exactly as it should be... 👌✌❤

  • FrankieUtka

    "I don't have a lot of them anymore" Yeah, I wouldn't either after that sandwich vending machine scene from Help! 🧐☠️😂🙌🏻

  • Michael Hancock
    Michael Hancock

    My favorite Beatle

  • James Heath
    James Heath

    He says peace and love way too much

  • James Pollock
    James Pollock

    Ringo? He's just the drummer.

  • Sean Owens
    Sean Owens

    How does Ringo manage to look younger every time I see him

  • James Buckingham
    James Buckingham

    3 good questions - the rest were figuratively awful. And not funny

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo

    Ring, my friend, I’d said you’d call Doctor Robert.

  • Gib Williamson
    Gib Williamson

    Stephen Colbert, Nice one mate. "Jacinda"said Hi Here is a song I wrote about NZ, (Please excuse my harmonizer, I had the wrong setting)

  • John O
    John O

    Ringo rocks

  • John Clifford
    John Clifford

    Come Together is the one Beatles song I can never get the lyrics to be in sequence. I always get my flat tops mixed up with my toe jam footballs or monkey fingers. If it was the only song I could ever hear again I would die of frustration!!

  • F Z
    F Z

    Tim Heidecker w/ Jon Glaser brought me here!

  • Jackson Greer
    Jackson Greer

    Well I learned about cow molecules tonight

  • Dave Witter
    Dave Witter

    Ringo philosopher, poet and treasure of a person.

  • Sevi Regis
    Sevi Regis

    Is that really Ringo? He looks younger than Colbert

  • wildsmiley

    Stephen apparently communicates with Ringo circa 1977 through the Guardian of Forever. I have no other explanation.

  • Lynn Reese
    Lynn Reese

    "You know the interview is over when the guests start to leave.", hahahaha, classic Stephen Colbert.

  • tuskedbeast

    Whatever this man has to say about health and diet, don't mock, listen! Fucking LOOK at him!

  • Debra Donato
    Debra Donato

    Heaven has John&paul George💚🌟💟

  • Debra Donato
    Debra Donato

    Ringo looks 40♥️♥️🌟🌟🥁🥁

  • Barbara Tibbets
    Barbara Tibbets

    We should all look so good at 80.

  • Roberto149

    I doubt Liverpool zoo was very safe in the 1940s

  • Mary Lieberman
    Mary Lieberman

    Brilliant As Always Stephen!💕

  • Andy Dixon
    Andy Dixon

    Avoid the cow to look as good as Ringo.

  • SifuMcIlwrath

    Jesus Christ I swear Ringo stopped aging.. What the hell is he doing..

  • Darin James
    Darin James


  • Marianne Huston
    Marianne Huston

    How did he look without glasses 😂😵😵😜😜

  • John Urban
    John Urban

    He knows nothing about Ringo. Surprised he even knows who he is.

  • Sally D
    Sally D

    Peace and Love

  • cjpmugsr999

    The lyrics of Come Together are each member of the band in verse. The first is George, the second Paul, third is John and fourth is Ringo.

  • Henry S
    Henry S

    Ringo is Dracula, except the sucking park.

  • Ivan Blakely
    Ivan Blakely

    what number am I thinking? I reckon it was (fab) 4

  • Jordyn Corrie
    Jordyn Corrie

    Come together is my fav song toooooo

  • Mark A
    Mark A

    I dont even think Ringo knows who stephen is lol

  • Luca Menato
    Luca Menato

    Always amuses me how even the most determinedly "woke" US show hosts welcome Brits with the most dim-witted views on their shows when they would not imagine bringing on their US equivalents. You do know that most of these guys are just grumpy libertarian tax-dodgers, right?!

  • Sally Martin
    Sally Martin

    Lovely to see you Ringo

  • LillianArch

    Ringo Ringo! Looking as good after all these years. Thanks fthe "seconds" of love.

  • Dain Huston
    Dain Huston

    Thank you that put a smile on my face Peace and Love

  • Dan Vorosmarty
    Dan Vorosmarty

    Casually mentions reincarnation.

  • Gerry Nightingale
    Gerry Nightingale

    *'Richie from the Dingle'= 'The Portrait of Dorian Gray'*

  • BonerMaroner

    Please do me a favor send a truck

  • Andres C
    Andres C

    Everything about “Come Together”; John’s singing/VOICE, Ringo’s DRUMMING, Paul’s iconic Bassline, George’s classic minimalist solo with just the perfect TONE, John’s words/flow and delivery almost like Hip Hop in the 60s, George Martin’s production... it truly is the ultimate Beatles song where every individual member shines and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

    • Janice

      Oh the drums in that song are so good. I am glad he is proud of that.