Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud
Today's ruling by the Supreme Court will allow state investigators access to the former president's tax returns, potentially setting up felony charges against the former leader and his family. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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    "We gonna' get his orange ass in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT!"

  • Chris T
    Chris T

    Colberts fav governor gonna get jail time for covering up all those deaths in nursing homes? Ok snowflakes the title of the day is Gov Cuomo sexual predator.

  • Roland Smyth
    Roland Smyth

    When did Ted Cruz get his frontal lobotomy? Is he trying to get as fat as his idol Trumpelswillspin?

  • george diddy
    george diddy

    Get a brain will ya the USA does not ever I repeat ever put a ex president in jail for any crime real or imagined ain’t gonna happen so don’t even say it you will sound stupid and gullable

  • Booty Saurus
    Booty Saurus

    Lol even if trump went to jail it wouldnt be a normal jail, I bet it would be like a midrange hotel that you just couldnt leave for a little while.

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson

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  • Feliciano Paixão
    Feliciano Paixão

    If the situation in Texas gets worse, it is the Texans who will tear down the Trump wall.

  • Luke 10:27
    Luke 10:27

    I would like to inform that liberal will accept everything that he is told while a conservative will study the cause and effect before accepting it A little advice the more they attack former president Trump the followers he attracts.

  • Howard White
    Howard White

    Wearing these same masks in 2022 ? Shoot me now,please ....

  • maxfight0701

    Their heads not crushed yet.

  • k ar ma
    k ar ma

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  • Kistinga Tuhuxz
    Kistinga Tuhuxz


  • Dan Bell Fye
    Dan Bell Fye

    Three words to this so called talk show host... POS

  • Rogue Sample
    Rogue Sample

    Colbert’s inflection on Cruz’s quotes is too good

  • Jason Shade
    Jason Shade

    "But you know what they say , those who failed to learn from history were probally educated in Texas" I mean where's the lie LMFAO 😂

  • EvilBunnie


  • Valentin Anghelescu
    Valentin Anghelescu

    We lost power and water for 48 hours at my house, we at least had a gas stove so we could boil snow to keep flushing toilets and to cook our food. My dad never shut up once about how the Green New Deal was to blame. I had hourly panic attacks because of him.

  • Jacquelyn Allen
    Jacquelyn Allen

    Steve. Could I have a cup of what you’re having? 😁

  • Saul Servin
    Saul Servin

    Where is that thing@tylenal

  • James Mcgowen
    James Mcgowen

    Endless bitching thats all dems do🙃

  • Kirk Busby
    Kirk Busby

    This guy's whole life revolves around his hope that a former president has bad things happen to him and his family. This guy seems to promote hate while making a very limp attempt at being funny. What an idiot

  • Jeffrey Durrance
    Jeffrey Durrance

    Ya know ..for a guy from South Carolina, you're pretty funny

  • Sam Ace Rothstein
    Sam Ace Rothstein

    That FDR speech was pure perfection!

  • All Noyz
    All Noyz

    Wishful thinking from the delusional democrat cult....whatever clowns....

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose


  • Bryant Mchenry
    Bryant Mchenry


  • gary gullikson
    gary gullikson

    I guess I might not think Colbert was a comedy fraud if I were a Biden/left wing true believer.

  • ricardo lopez
    ricardo lopez

    Colbert is more and more boring

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Complete rubbish. What about Hawaii and Alaska? which other state are they connected to?

  • Graeme Kenneth
    Graeme Kenneth

    Solar wind turbines don’t work in freezing temperatures. Your fake news. Do you have a problem with alcohol? Your a smart arse Colbear!!

  • Andrea Thomas
    Andrea Thomas

    That fckin face is hilarious and terrifying.....

  • thepetyo

    Orange is the new orange. Even if it happens, you still have an unsolvable problem of millions being cut from reality. I just cannot figure out what could be a solution for that.

  • google education exam
    google education exam

    Ted Cruz is a piece of shit. He’s not a man, does not take responsibility for his actions. « His daughters are responsible. » I can’t believe this asshole threw his daughters under the bus.

  • Abel Servantez
    Abel Servantez

    Fuck you and bitchass bill gates you and his punkass can go fuck yourselfs !?!!!!!

  • P. A. Andrews
    P. A. Andrews

    Why not tell the truth about Texas, the one thing they are is Extreme FASCIST, and until things are UNIONIZED are the Wagner Act has used, it will stay FASCISM

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech

    So much has changed??????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 America will go down but everything protect the pedeophiles Huh? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech

    Whahahahaha that will never happen

  • Christie Graffam
    Christie Graffam

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  • John Dolan
    John Dolan

    Hank hill should take care of texas, a cartoon character...

  • Lurlene Parkerson
    Lurlene Parkerson

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  • Amanda Adkins
    Amanda Adkins

    I fervently hope that Trump receives all the jail time that he deserves. This will accomplish two very important things, Trump will be at least partially held accountable for his multitude of lies and any number of laws he is actually guilty of breaking, and two, sending Trump to jail will cut the head off of the empty, unfocused, platformless Republican party and send a serious wake up call about the true depths of dishonesty their "beloved" leader is actually capable, to Trumpists who are sure to go crazy about the perceived persecution of their beloved cult leader and wannabe dictator. I'm hoping that the indictments will snowball keeping Trump too busy traveling from jail cell to court room in order to defend yet another criminal case that will result in additional jail time, or expensive civil lawsuit which is really about the only legal way to hold someone accountable for their lies. Lying is not illegal, but should be. Look at the damage and long term consequences Trump's lies have caused and continue to cause as he refuses to admit that he lost the still and check out the number of far right extremists and white supremacists whom Trump has successfully brainwashed into believing his lies and conspiracy theories in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

  • Carey Wright
    Carey Wright

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  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    "We're gonna need a bigger boat." 🤣

  • Greg Quan
    Greg Quan

    Complete rubbish. What about Hawaii and Alaska? which other state are they connected to?

  • Alpesh Patel
    Alpesh Patel

    Jail time? Trump..?.. na.. this is america

  • shashwat kaundinya
    shashwat kaundinya

    the view count of this video compared to other videos says it all......

  • saultube44

    Energy increasing prices shouldn't happen, should be regulated with a relatively fixed price and top fixed price, and shouldn't be a electrical company but a Cooperative. If that would have happen in Bolivia, you get lynched without much ceremony, your offices and company burned to the ground and a Cooperative put in place

    • saultube44

      @kolim jone Idiot gets 180x fold bill and you pay it quietly like a good sheeple; and wrong, it's mob mechanics

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone


  • saultube44

    Stephen, the announcement for COVID-19 virus was issued as early as Oct 2019, nobody cared until much later, independently from the WHO, some countries people started to distribute and make preventive Quarentine bio-safety protocols, as early as Nov 2019, like my Country Bolivia, Europe, China etc; later in Jan 2020 the Bolivian Gov. declared and confirmed the COVID-19 Epidemic, later raised to Pandemic, you US citizens were just don't caring much for it, officially or unofficially until people started to get ill and die by the thousands in Mar-Apr 2020; so the anniversary is for USA only mind you

  • Shea Genix
    Shea Genix

    Man I missed your wit lol.. tar'd and pubed smh 🤣

  • Shea Genix
    Shea Genix

    We watched him get his cult riled up and he got away with it. So I won't be surprised if nothing comes of it. My faith in anything changing hasn't changed just as much.

  • Mighty Jim
    Mighty Jim

    please dont become a shouter

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Ezekiel Brown
    Ezekiel Brown

    Sorry keep trying...

  • OttoDeCalumnias

    Stephen... Get out of your basement. You are turning crazy and you need a real audience. Everybody likes feedback on their work - specially performers - but it becomes evident that you need to come out of the bunker. (Hint: Waiting for the laughter of the audience - a few people including your wife - is an indicator. Either it sinks in or it doesn't).

  • Kranjus FrankenCop
    Kranjus FrankenCop

    As soon as I heard Cruz's dog got left behind, I hit that like button. It wasn't because the dog was left alone so much as it was because a living thing was left alone by Cruz and his shit policies.

  • Cheryl Meurer
    Cheryl Meurer


  • Karma Reaper
    Karma Reaper

    There is no way that is coffee in that cup

  • Erica Rose
    Erica Rose

    Trump has become a swear word 🤭

  • Magnum Media
    Magnum Media

    Does anyone watch this goofball anymore?? Looking pretty desperate when all you do is talk about Trump all day!

  • Mister X
    Mister X

    No one likes Ted Cruz.

  • Rimblyboo


  • PSA de Lachute
    PSA de Lachute

    They don't even know what they're doing. They can't stop that runaway train called Covid which they have created themselves...

  • only pain
    only pain

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  • lorenzo gio
    lorenzo gio

    Broken system!!! Why he still at large. ? Broken system decadence

  • Terrence Myers
    Terrence Myers

    Could? You mean will!

  • Piotr Karel
    Piotr Karel

    please slap me in the face if I ever think again that it would be nice to move to USA...

  • Rob Van Gessel
    Rob Van Gessel

    In its efforts to roll back voting rights, the GOP has co-opted the voice and goals of white supremacy. Let's call it like it is and remember the legacy: sltoos.info/for/rGmZvLthe2yW3pw/video&ab_channel=RealStories

  • sgtcrab

    Damn....you cannot even buy a decent judge these days!

  • Mora Mulford
    Mora Mulford

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  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright

    Lock Diaper Don asap. He's wasting valuable oxygen.

  • Henry Taylor
    Henry Taylor

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  • Timelord2001

    At 5:18, a great Jim Carrey moment..."Let me show ya' sometin'!" 😂

  • Erik Cribley
    Erik Cribley

    Presidents don't go to jail.

  • eskimokiss

    Used to like Steven Cobert but he's sooo biased towards his party he doesn't even mention nursing home killer/ touchy feely Cuomo. Smh

  • Isabelle Zablocki
    Isabelle Zablocki

    Our ex president Sarkozy (France) just got sentenced to prison for 3 years for corruption.

  • Dol Quiano
    Dol Quiano

    You are still obsessed with locking him up. Mind you if it hapoens to you or your idols instead.

  • Lady V
    Lady V

    IQ45 in prison? From your mouth to God's ears!

  • MrHailstorm00

    Don't try to shame Ted Cruz based on his moral ambiguity, blame his incompetence. I wouldn't mind the governor or senator to go out for a vacation as long as they leave behind a plan and a capable team to handle the crisis. What did you expect "Ted being in Texas" would do to help with the situation? Rub his beard on carpet to generate his own share of elec? Ted is not the "leader" of all Texans, people would only care if he was actually a casualty of the flash freeze, nothing else.

  • Livi Mora
    Livi Mora

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  • Dominic Viner
    Dominic Viner

    I wonder if he realizes how stupid they are yet. And he was lied too. Like all of us. Nothing new is happening

  • Raufik7070 Tajuddin
    Raufik7070 Tajuddin

    I highly recommend "The Road to Unfreedom" by Timothy Snyder. In it, Snyder discusses the origin of the word "fake" as in "fake news." "It meant creating a fictional text [LIE] that posed as a piece of journalism, both to spread confusion about a particular event and to discredit journalism as such. [President Trump and then other] politicians first spread fake news themselves, then [claimed] that all news is fake, and finally that only their spectacles are real." The ultimate real spectacle occurred on Jan 6, with the assault on the Capitol. On that day, the world witnessed the ultimate power of THE LIE. Trump lied so often about so many things that THE LIE became the truth, and the truth became the lie. THE LIE became the truth for so many because it was supported by so many for so long: actively in partisan politics (Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, David Nunes, Ron DeSantis, Lindsey Graham, Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Rudy Giuliani, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mo Brooks, the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election results, and so many, many more). Passively, by the SILENT, passive-aggressive Republicans on Capitol Hill, and across the country. While THE LIE is old news in politics, as a strategy it has never been so pervasive in our culture as it has been during the past four years. THE LIE has caused thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths due to Covid and government inaction (the new way to spell science became l-i-e). THE LIE has challenged the most fundamental of all our democratic values, truth in voting. The assault on the Capitol was four years in the making-the cumulative effect of THE LIE, topped off by actions of Trump, Giuliani, and Brooks on the day of the assault. The Republicans have no choice but to clear Trump. To find him guilty is to find themselves guilty of aiding and abetting Trump's violation of democracy and the truth. Ironically, by doing so, by so ubiquitously supporting THE LIE, they placed themselves in real physical danger. That is a TRUTH they will have to live with.

  • Claudio Rodriguez
    Claudio Rodriguez

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  • Patrick Bertlein
    Patrick Bertlein

    give up sex hahahahaha

  • Mark Powers
    Mark Powers

    Cancel culture outdated fun and Pope jokes or not really funny just a rhetoric of bullying and pushing your political views if you can find time for jokes for your party and pushing your own narrative cancel culture maybe perhaps you should poke fun at both ends and show both sides of the political view that is really happening instead of pushing your own narrative show the facts make jokes about what's going on and true facts will be funny but in true fun there's always a other side of the truth and you're not showing that at all cancel culture

  • Leslie McCormick
    Leslie McCormick

    Why do Americans always defend systems that rip them off? Why do Americans want to over-pay for everything- medical, fuel, electricity, water, services.... and will defend the systems that have brain-washed them into believing it's "un-American" not to have basic needs turned into huge profit making ventures at their expense? Mind-boggling.

  • Dorothy Barto
    Dorothy Barto

    Too bad you so called comedians are not funny!!

  • Bp Valen
    Bp Valen


  • Will Jones
    Will Jones

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  • Cl Arice Tayag
    Cl Arice Tayag

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  • Shaggy72

    obviously people don't comprehend just how CORRUPT our (in)justice system is. Here in Texas we had a judge (who only recently forced into retirement after decades of corruption) who flat out went to the media & basically said "I don't care what the law is, in MY courtroom the law is what i say it is." ... which allows him to deny people a defense attorney who will actually defend em ("You have the right to an attorney, that doesn't mean you have the right for that attorney to defend you.. we did our part, the taxpayers are paying for an attorney on record" attitude; and that same judge REFUSED to give a fair trial, much less a trial at all "Here is the plea deal. sign it or you go to prison for life. those are your options." No trial allowed; the same judge who saw a client DRUG a woman, CHOKE her until she was unconscious, RAPE her, had men drag him off her... and he said "Oh! I went to the same college as you! 6 months probation!" (But if someone is caught with a little marijuana: 20 years!!!!!!"); the same judge that saw a man go through an actual trial for his multiple felonies, found guilty, went to jail for a few months, got out early on probation, decided he didn't LIKE being on probation so he started committing multiple crime after crime, moved out of state without telling anyone or paying his fees, was arrested locally up there, brought back, and this judge "Oh! you're a veteran? All charges are hereby dismissed! Free to go!"" In which he did, .. to go commit MORE crimes whenever he felt like it; the same judge that would not "ALLOW" ANY witnesses or evidence in a trial to defend/prove a man's innocence or to prove the accuser is lying (even though there is a LOT of witnesses & evidence) & the only thing they wen ton was the accuser's ever changing impossible word (& the accused went to county jail 2 years & prison for almost 2 years & now on sex offender list for life). ... yeah,.. a rich politician face jail time. IN WHAT UNIVERSE!? When politicians during 2nd impeachment go on tv say they will NOT do their job, not do their job, & then go back on tv saying "he is obviously guilty as sin but i'm not going to find him guilty", WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM LOCALS!?!? TRY LIVING IN REALITY, dude! Rich Republicans are above the law, period, we have an infinite amount of data to prove that fact!

  • kim tran
    kim tran

    Stupid video

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert

    If he was cheating wouldn’t the tax auditors find it? I thought the IRS finds tax fraud

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert

    If only!! I can only hold on to hope

  • Dawn Nona
    Dawn Nona

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  • D Wyatt
    D Wyatt

    I wish I was Colbert's neighbor, I would just love to be the guy he waves to every morning on his way to the studio.

  • Serge Vereecke
    Serge Vereecke

    When Fauci says we'll be wearing masks is that by Halloween or Carnaval of 2022 ?

  • D Wyatt
    D Wyatt

    "Tarred & Pubed" 🤣🤣🤣

  • mac scrambles
    mac scrambles

    Man I knew cnn was racist, thats all they do is call everyone out by their color, but wow now its real obvious

  • mac scrambles
    mac scrambles

    How is this show still on ? Gross

  • Everett Mitchell
    Everett Mitchell

    Very Funny and Interesting.! 😎😄👍🏽

  • JL OConnell
    JL OConnell

    You really are a disgusting biased puppet. Amazing how you can still have your job while hard working small business owners aren't even allowed to make ends meat. Enough with the damn show. You're all liars and have perpetuated the worst crimes against humanity since ww2. Crimes all of you on every side of the political spectrum will pay for.