Sara Kays "Remember That Night?"
A Late Show is thrilled to welcome Sara Kays for her late night television debut, performing the song that has blown up on TikTok and beyond, "Remember That Night?" #Colbert #Music #SaraKays
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    When Sara is famous we can say:” we were the first one”

  • elle crisostomo
    elle crisostomo

    really a fan of her music 🎧❤️

  • Rachael is annoying
    Rachael is annoying


  • Derek Alvarez
    Derek Alvarez


  • Vic Calloway
    Vic Calloway

    Nice song, Sara sounds SO GOOD! Who is the keyboard player? I really like the way he plays!

  • hhholsteiners

    The standout artist kicks in at the end of the song with a gotcha.

    • hhholsteiners

      Too many times the guy in this situation calls back cause she's next up in his little black book. I've gotten these remember that night calls many times. Every time I've already moved on.


    You were amazing!

  • joao nuno Marques
    joao nuno Marques

    Its allright but it sounds like a million others songs out there... But hey this just one song. So despite finding it on the boring side, she should more music in her. Lets wait and see more to have an informed opinion.

  • Brody Pankowski
    Brody Pankowski

    Omg she’s so good

  • Pamela Leon Lara
    Pamela Leon Lara

    Omg I’m so proud iloveher🥺

  • Izzythewizard:3

    She did so good

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank

    Oh my god these girls all sound EXACTLY the same! it's so BORING!

  • C Cookie
    C Cookie

    Oh my gosh her voice is godly 🤩 I listen to her every single day! ✨👏👏

  • Aaliyah Toppin
    Aaliyah Toppin

    Soo proud of her the first time i heard the song was from a small clip on indta and now it BLEW UP. Keep going strong girl🔥🔥🔥

  • Abril Almeyra
    Abril Almeyra

    I'm in love with her

  • Edward Allen
    Edward Allen

    So, umm, yeah. I went and bought all her stuff on 7digital. Was quite an emotional experience, she really puts it all out there on the E.P. "Camera Shy." Amazing. Good luck to you, Ms. Kays! Can't wait to buy a record of yours.

  • Krlmx Stlin MaO
    Krlmx Stlin MaO


  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo

    Glad to here Sarah for the first time ....I will follow...

  • Vanessa Lage
    Vanessa Lage

    I’m so excited that she’s getting recognition :) last year she wasn’t nearly as known and sent me a friendship bracelet she made. I knew at that time that she would blow up ❤️

  • Amal R.
    Amal R.

    Came from her TikTok 🖤🤍

  • stefanie peake
    stefanie peake

    found her on tik tok a few months ago and now she’s making her tv debut!! woooo!!

  • Quinn Cooke
    Quinn Cooke

    GO SARA!

  • Amberly Edwards
    Amberly Edwards

    Go girl go! So proud to have followed you through this journey

  • Gabe Matos
    Gabe Matos

    Sara is so talented! The first time I heard her perform I was blown away

  • lessander daniel macias abreu
    lessander daniel macias abreu

    Eres una estrella Sara Kays 💖🎶😊✨💗🤗

  • Aaron

    Randomly came across this girl when her TikTok promoting this song came over my FYP. I was immediately entranced to the song and story of it and after looking her up on Spotify, I fell in love with all her music!! So happy to see her making her tv debut!!

  • Ken C
    Ken C

    Very nice vocals.

  • Cassie Wilson
    Cassie Wilson

    love to see it!!!

  • Heather Bynum
    Heather Bynum

    Great song! Congratulations Sara! 👏

  • AndyGM05

    found her thru tiktok proud of her!

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole

    Here from her tiktok video hahah

  • Captain Wow
    Captain Wow

    I am actively working to ensure that she gets less attention than she deserves.

    • thatei 02
      thatei 02

  • Adam Black
    Adam Black

    She will go far make sure Mr C xoxoxox

  • Jayesh Lalwani
    Jayesh Lalwani

    Sara Kays is the angelic voice of our generation and I beleive she will make her way to the top very soon! 💖

  • Source1

    Wow... Now that's a beautiful voice.

  • Kathleen Sump
    Kathleen Sump

    Amazing! Great job sara

  • kelly kennedy
    kelly kennedy

    This song used to make me want to commit suicide. I love it and it empowers me now.

  • Wendy Gacsi
    Wendy Gacsi

    Awe sweetie.... sublime and engaging! Well done 😎

  • Joseph Q
    Joseph Q

    💜2021✨Amen pass the Word... #MillenniumLanceAndTheOpenScroll 🌹 Daniel 11-12 Revelation 20-21 keeping the Faith... 💜😎

  • Mary Nikkel
    Mary Nikkel

    Thrilled to see her getting introduced to the world!

  • kam_gef

    Sooo great😍thank you Sara 💚

  • Kory Christopher
    Kory Christopher

    Loves a Beautiful Beach...

  • Sara W
    Sara W


  • Tami

    This is soooo angelic.... i can definitely sleep to this😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Darren Bent
    Darren Bent

    Does anyone else have a feeling that this could have been from the 13 Reasons Why or Stranger Things shows?

  • Mohammed Alwadidi
    Mohammed Alwadidi

    Dope vibes happin here girl😍😍😍💕💖

  • jada thai
    jada thai

    So proud of her! 🥰

  • Nina Tytyeanna
    Nina Tytyeanna

    i swear she gets better every time she performs this song ilysm sara

  • Eric Giles
    Eric Giles

    Damn, that girl gotta hellva voice

  • 吕静-Christina Lu
    吕静-Christina Lu

    yas, sara! She's finally getting the recognition she deserves!!!

  • Barry Sabine
    Barry Sabine

    Good job keep growing

  • Alexander Matthews
    Alexander Matthews

    So good

  • Hayd


  • Edith A.
    Edith A.


  • Jia-Yee Lee
    Jia-Yee Lee


  • Jia-Yee Lee
    Jia-Yee Lee


  • Jia-Yee Lee
    Jia-Yee Lee


  • Jia-Yee Lee
    Jia-Yee Lee


  • Wendy Clever
    Wendy Clever

    Who!? Never heard of this girl. Music putting me to sleep. Sounds like elevator music. 😴

  • German Blanchard
    German Blanchard

    Amazing performance, Sarah's voice is incredible. Congratulations from Chile, we are looking forward to hear some more!!!

    • Scott Kays
      Scott Kays

      ¡Germán! ¡Gracias por el apoyo! Vi este comentario y dije: "Guau, comentó alguien de Chile". Y luego vi tu nombre y dije: "¡Ah, pues, es Germán!" 😆

  • Brennan White
    Brennan White

    Awesome performance. Big up to Steven Martinez too!

  • MusiKat

    I dig her vibe -- how have I not heard of her before?

  • Gilbert Jacobs
    Gilbert Jacobs

    she definitely should be one to look out for. a bit shakey in the beginning but she started to connect with her music in the middle

    • thatei 02
      thatei 02

  • Zachary Drummond
    Zachary Drummond

    Why even have a guitar if you aren't going to play it? Such a turn off.

  • kadek

    Broootal .. 🤮song felt like it was never gonna end😫

  • Emily Flynn
    Emily Flynn

    So incredible.. Sara’s voice is angelic

    • Vishal Neelan Pinto
      Vishal Neelan Pinto

      I swear. Ive heard no other voice better than hers.

    • Steven Martinez
      Steven Martinez

      no h 💙

  • Lori Goshert
    Lori Goshert

    Another modern artist doing indie voice. Boring, sorry.

    • Molina Koshy
      Molina Koshy

      @Deja Voodoo bruh there a lot more people hating on her for no reason

    • Izzythewizard:3

      Its her first tv debut soo sh:) go hate somewhere else

    • Deja Voodoo
      Deja Voodoo

      Get off my lawn

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay

    I wish i was a singer...but im a physicist and a fighter

    • Molina Koshy
      Molina Koshy

      @Krlmx Stlin MaO they are a different kind of fighter

    • Krlmx Stlin MaO
      Krlmx Stlin MaO

      What kind of fighter? Fire fighter or flight fighter

  • Asher Postman Music
    Asher Postman Music

    Sara did so amazing !! she’s so good live 👏🏼👏🏼 i was honored to play bass for her in this show :)

    • Cailin Honer
      Cailin Honer

      You did really good! Good job I would be scared

    • John McEniery
      John McEniery

      impressive use of root notes ringing out for whole measures

    • hhholsteiners

      @Asher Postman Music will you guys make an instrumental version?

    • Heather Bynum
      Heather Bynum

      Great performance! WOO!

    • Deja Voodoo
      Deja Voodoo

      Awesome! How did you get the gig?

  • Othoap Proto
    Othoap Proto

    why do all today's female artist sounds the same?

  • xill cy
    xill cy

    Music? She's famous in spoken word... Didn't know she also did music

    • xill cy
      xill cy

      Ah, seems I'm thinking of Sarah Kay... Sarah Kays is a totally different person nvm. Good song tho. Added to my Playlist

  • Keira Lee
    Keira Lee

    why does she not have a bigger fan base. like this girl should be a star at this point.

    • Slow Buildings
      Slow Buildings

      She’s ok, but she’s about as derivative and predictable as music can get. So maybe that’s holding her back.

  • Slow Buildings
    Slow Buildings

    Her backing band looks like a hostage video, trying not to mess up while playing really easy parts.

    • DethstruXioN ™
      DethstruXioN ™

      Hehe yeah. I almost always regret clicking Colbert's musical guests, i keep thinking: "i shouldn't be so prejudice and give people a chance", but yeah... my gut feelings still seem to know me best.

  • tamia m
    tamia m

    yes sara!!! GO SARA GO GO SARA GO WOOHOOOO :)))))

  • Kurt Neufeld
    Kurt Neufeld

    Kinda boring ngl

    • Izzythewizard:3

      On tv

    • Izzythewizard:3

      Yeah but vocals were awesome but remember her first time live

  • Cyborg Birdie
    Cyborg Birdie

    Yesss we love you sara

  • JoAnne Johnson
    JoAnne Johnson

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Amanda Meyer
    Amanda Meyer

    i love her music so much🥺

  • Amy Moe
    Amy Moe

    oh wooooooooooooooow i love her songs nd now she is on stephen colbert damn i am so proud of her

  • Lord Everybody
    Lord Everybody

    Remember when songs had stories. Wonder how this would sound with Gin Wigmore singing it.

  • Jacqueline Uthoff
    Jacqueline Uthoff

    Been there...fuck she is amazing

  • El Ram
    El Ram

    Life is Strange vibes. 👍

    • doll me up baby
      doll me up baby

      YES OMG.

  • William Kamahele
    William Kamahele

    Nice song

  • milkeh S
    milkeh S

    Remember the one night stand

  • 03 AI
    03 AI

    She has a beautiful voice.

  • Zaina Ayub
    Zaina Ayub

    She's so underrated! Deserves a lot more attention!

    • Vishal Neelan Pinto
      Vishal Neelan Pinto

      Critically underrated. Shes so amazing.

    • Heywood Jabuzoff
      Heywood Jabuzoff

      Who does the ratings that everyone says are too low for every mediocre artist on YT?

    • nesseiht gnay
      nesseiht gnay

      Me too right?

  • Mr. Hopper
    Mr. Hopper

    Straight clicked on this from the thumbnail because i thought it was Alanis Morissette doing a gag with Stephen.

  • Godric G
    Godric G

    Love this song so much!

  • Rodolfo Ayala
    Rodolfo Ayala

    Beautiful Lyrics. Amen 🙏🏻.

    • Izzythewizard:3


  • David Woodside
    David Woodside

    That was great 👍

  • an bh
    an bh


  • Fabricio Sampaio
    Fabricio Sampaio

    Nice song 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷