"You Can Be Anything You Want To Be Up There" - Steven Yeun On Falling In Love With Performing
Steven Yeun and Stephen Colbert bond over their common experience as improv comics who got their start in Chicago at The Second City. You can see Steven Yeun in the Golden Globe-nominated film, "Minari." #Colbert #ALateShow #StevenYeun
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  • Kou Lee
    Kou Lee

    Minari is an amazing film. It’s not trying to be Hollywood-like. It’s just trying to be a film of its own, which is great.

  • Jo Montanee
    Jo Montanee

    Awww...I love love Steven and I totally MISS GLENN RHEE. So happy that his acting career just thrives after TWD.

  • cs e
    cs e

    minari is a fine film but burning is grrrreat!

  • coolcanadianbeans

    why did "hey steven!" "hey steven" make me laugh lol

  • Julie Suh
    Julie Suh

    Very talented and handsome he is!!!

  • zevranalenko

    I love him and the movie's great

  • Marie Abesamis
    Marie Abesamis

    Can't stop smiling he's so handsome and I feel bad because he's talking about something so important

  • Hanna Paris
    Hanna Paris

    this man is God’s given gift he’s absolutely amazing

  • Amanda Wang
    Amanda Wang


  • Chase Happy
    Chase Happy

    I’ve met him and he’s one of the kindest celebrities I’ve ever met. He deserves all of his success.

    • Jo Montanee
      Jo Montanee

      All TWD actors are so kind. True story.

  • Uneica Garrett
    Uneica Garrett

    Why has no one commented on how low Steven’s energy is in this video? Steven is a jovial, happy guy in every interview. Maybe the kids are stressing him out? Idk. Seems off though. 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Ayy_ Yo
    Ayy_ Yo

    I loved him in TWD. I lost interest when his character died. It’s great to see him again. Haven’t heard about this movie.

  • Mari

    he’s beautiful

  • Nancy Meier
    Nancy Meier

    Colbert was unprepared for Minari, and aged himself in this video. Colbert asked the same question he asked all Asians who were on his show in the past years, "WTH did your parents think when you wanted to go into entertainment?"..."You doctor? You lawyer?" So stupid. Colbert is smarter but can't ask fun or smart questions. It all tells me he is racist too. He can't talk normally to Asian-Americans. He just can't.

    • Heejay Chung
      Heejay Chung

      I thought the same.

  • jeehyeon kim
    jeehyeon kim

    Minari is also very tasty 😋

  • 나레이터 narrator
    나레이터 narrator

    He was awesome in "Burning." I highly recommend it.

  • D Dew
    D Dew

    I have a crush on Steven. Such a hot cutie. Even more importantly he is such a talented actor

  • Esther Song
    Esther Song

    Oh, Steven....I know how it feels to come to a foreign country and just get thrown into a school. I, too, am Korean-American who came to the US at 9 years old. When my teacher asked me a question on my first day of school, I just cried my eyes out. That's how my life in the US started. Can't imagine what a 5 year old went through, being the only non-white...probably in the whole town. Breaks my heart.

  • supersonic key lime pie
    supersonic key lime pie

    He was fantastic in The Walking Dead.

  • J C
    J C

    The ending of this interview was abruptly cut, WHY 👎👎👎

  • J C
    J C

    Absolutely Loved the movie MINARI, with brilliant acting and story. This IS one of the best movies that will stay with me for many years.

  • Gabi Douglas
    Gabi Douglas

    He is such a BRILLIANT HUMAN!! 💜🌏💚🌍💋✌🌙🌈

  • Ambika Lokesh
    Ambika Lokesh

  • Jfire 61
    Jfire 61

    “Don’t cry” is also great advice for watching s7 ep1 of TWD

  • bookfighterdzd

    My favorite character in the walking dead.

  • manny s
    manny s

    Hot Take: killing Glenn... Killed The Walking Dead

  • Jt Thomas
    Jt Thomas

    Why isn’t he in a Marvel movie?

  • John Coffman
    John Coffman

    "Dying is Easy. Comedy is Hard" - actor Edmund Gwenn (on his deathbed, literally)

  • Wade S
    Wade S

    “Don’t Cry” is a perfect title for his autobiography.

  • Harumia Amirah
    Harumia Amirah

    Steven Yeun on reverse aging, everybody! 👏👏👏👏

  • Robert Hilliard
    Robert Hilliard

    Love hearing the shout out for K and Monkapult!

  • Jessica Pierce
    Jessica Pierce

    This interview wasn't long enough. Steven needs to be invited to more shows, even if he isn't promoting anything.

    • Ami Hontalas
      Ami Hontalas

      Check out his episodes with Conan O'brien. Hilarious!

  • Jeffrey Fan
    Jeffrey Fan

    I love him Sm , Minari was a masterpiece ✨

  • Yasmine Iesh
    Yasmine Iesh

    Never seen him before but gosh, he's gorgeous and looks like he's kind and has emotional depth. Definitely watching his work from here on out.

  • GriPhone

    I love Steve, but he's always so low energy on the talk shows, I hate it

  • McKinley Brown
    McKinley Brown

    I am an emancipated man whom served in two-branches of military service an only have the privileges of the rights of the constitution. America has went around the world fighting wars for freedom, justice and equal rights if the “GOP” doesn’t convict Mr. Trump and his followers for their open acts of treason upon the constitution, the HOUSE of GOVERNMENT and the Flag what good is the constitution. It would mean everything was a LIE THAT AMERICA STOOD for against EVIL. MB•2021®️©️™️

  • babilabub

    Omfg ! So happy to see Yeun here with Colbert show. Can't wait for his movie. But his rapport with Conan is the best. Good going Yeun.

  • Kelly Young
    Kelly Young

    울지마 😭😭😭

  • Hannah Miller
    Hannah Miller

    So happy to learn more about what Steven Yeun is doing!

  • Louis Sallie
    Louis Sallie

    All I know is he beautiful AF!!! Boy, that smile and those teeth are EVERYTHING!!! 😫💖😭💖🧜🏾‍♂️😏

  • John'Michael Dillion Spiller
    John'Michael Dillion Spiller

    He is one of my All time favorite TWD actors. Of course The british guy who plays Morgan is also one on that list.

  • Maggie

    Steven Yeun deserves all the awards! What an incredible person and actor!

  • Jisoo Kim
    Jisoo Kim

    Haven’t watched the movie yet, but minari is one of my favorite vegetables.

  • Michael Lynn
    Michael Lynn

    Interesting story behind the plant, as it pertains to second generation immigrant families. I'll have to watch the movie....

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson

    Mayhem and the walking dead was great by steven. He should have won awards for his acting in the walking dead. So great!

  • Geoffrey Feinberg
    Geoffrey Feinberg

    Good actor. Too bad Glenn died violently.


    I love him ❤️

  • Paul Unwin
    Paul Unwin

    I'm lucky to say I was an early member and one-time leader of Monkapult. I worked with Jordan, but graduated before Steven joined. I'm glad it has thrived and served in some small way as a starting point for these great performers.

  • Richie Cuna
    Richie Cuna

    this guy gives me hope sad yet true

  • Carla M
    Carla M

    Wonder what Koreans would find interesting in Arkansas

  • Poogle Chen
    Poogle Chen

    Minari, a plant that dies in the first season and comes back stronger in later season...aka zombie plant 🥀💀🌷

    • Jo Montanee
      Jo Montanee

      What??? Is is true? Wow. Serendipity.

  • Harry

    One of my favorite actors... Way too underrated in my opinion. Fax

  • aardlord

    I found it hard to follow what he was saying as I fell into his deep, dreamy eyes.

    • Lanky Blackbird
      Lanky Blackbird

      Ahhh and that smile.

  • Ronald Rothschild
    Ronald Rothschild

    Wtd s6 LOL

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson

    One of the best films I've seen in a while.

  • Karloss Coletti
    Karloss Coletti

    Goddamnit he's just devastatingly handsome.

    • Lara


  • Betty-Joy Moreau
    Betty-Joy Moreau

    Awesome dude from Regina Saskatchewan,Canadian. Peace out 🇨🇦😷💙

  • Gustavo Leitão
    Gustavo Leitão

    So talented, charming and ridiculously good looking

  • момenтz

    Steve Yuen is baby daddy for life can’t tell me nothing.

  • Nancy Ross
    Nancy Ross

    Oh my heart! 😭 Poor sweet child dropped into the Canadian west, of course he had to learn "don't cry" first. (I'm basing this on my experience of the Canadian west. Not a lot of open minds out there, especially back then. 😬) My heart aches for that poor sweet baby. 💔 It's good to see that he's channeled that experience into something positive.

  • N P
    N P

    He's so adorable 😍

  • Ginelle Wallace
    Ginelle Wallace

    I want to cry whenever I am in Regina too 😜 Just jokes. Never knew you had local connections. Way to represent. Congrats. Also, it's always nice to hear someone pronounce "Saskatchewan" correctly!

  • David Elligott
    David Elligott

    So the minari is metaphoric of the immigrant experience, one could say. The first generation "dies" and the hope is that their children, the second generation, will thrive. I'm looking forward to seeing this film.

  • Mazinger and Minerva
    Mazinger and Minerva

    How come nobody is saying how handsome he is.

    • Chimchim Wafflemouth
      Chimchim Wafflemouth

      We’re not saying it cause everyone knows it. And so does he. He’s working the camera.

    • aardlord

      I was getting there 🤣

    • Annora

      Don't worry, the female amd gay half of the audience is definitely thinking it.

  • Predaking4ever


  • perevision

    That “don’t cry” story just killed me with the cuteness...

  • Yujin Choi
    Yujin Choi

    He seemed pretty much typical Korean look aside from K-pop boy band put so much make up on. I am super proud and glad to see him as a walking dead fan, he's been successful in the USA and back in South Korea where his origin from his parents. Hope to see him on Conan, stimulating more fun, wit side of humanity.

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12

    Hey Steven! Hey Steven!

  • Laura

    God bless you Steven and Stephen looking forward to seeing your movie

  • That One Hylian Girl
    That One Hylian Girl

    I am so stoked to see this. Usually when movies are set in my home state, it’s about meth. This will be a nice departure from that.

  • miss miou
    miss miou

    omg I'm watching this at 9 30 in the morning while having my cofee Stephen Colbert it's too early to have a heart breaking moment snif

  • Patrick Jarvis
    Patrick Jarvis

    OMG a full shoutout for K!

  • DeltaSceptile

    No one ever mentions that he was Keith from Voltron.

    • Slytherinjess .24
      Slytherinjess .24


  • T0KEtheSM0KE

    "Mayhem" was a fun movie with him in it

  • Dellis Hart
    Dellis Hart

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Helen Patterson
    Helen Patterson

    Yeah....a lot of began our "mask work" at the entry of public school. I like this guy.

  • Natalie

    Hes an Asian Elijah Woods same mannerisms, smile, and vibe... so pure and wholesome 🥰...

  • Parth

    Soo talented!!!!

  • Roxann Watson
    Roxann Watson

    I miss you Steven Yeun!!!!

  • JoAnne Johnson
    JoAnne Johnson

    Wonderful interviews 💌

  • Stacie Stacie
    Stacie Stacie

    "Regina Saskatchewan in America?" Really.

    • Judy W
      Judy W

      He corrected to "in the west" right afterwards. Especially as a kid, sometimes the "big move" from East to West is a bigger deal than between western countries. I can easily see how he contextualizes moving to the USA/Canada both as just one "big" event. If that makes sense.

    • Ricky OldBoy
      Ricky OldBoy

      He probably meant it as the continent North America.

  • Screen Pop
    Screen Pop

    Ooh I’ve been meaning to check out this movie, glad I’ll get a chance to see it soon

  • Yeonhee Ahn
    Yeonhee Ahn

    I love Steven Yeun so so much T_T 스티븐 연기 너무 감동적이다 워킹데드 주연배우다 진짜 그동안 매력적인 연기 감사해요 미나리 얼마나 보고싶다

  • New Message
    New Message

    I'd go to bat for this guy anytime. He's got a real head for acting. Keep an eye on him! Too soon?

  • Julia Connell
    Julia Connell

    As devastated as I was at his character's death on Walking Dead (man, that whole bit of BRUTAL - stopped watching for a while) - so happy his acting career continues to thrive

  • Umair

    A24 rocks!

  • Bibblestone

    Ayye Saskatchetoon gang!

  • katherandefy

    Aw adorable man.


    Who's this dude?

  • Free M8son
    Free M8son

    The fact that he wasn't nominated for something for Burning is criminal.

  • Jerome Wong
    Jerome Wong

    Nice! Dude’s got some range! I’m guessing by this appearance that it’ll be a while before that Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans movie comes out. But Minari looks good too.

  • The Magnificent Whiskerbiscuit
    The Magnificent Whiskerbiscuit

    Glenn healed up, i mean cleaned up great since the walking dead😶

  • Healing Arts
    Healing Arts

    미나리 is "buttercup"

  • Barackus

    Wow his headwound healed up nicely!

  • SweetAngel8642

    11/10 Good job Stephen for not asking Steven about how his parents felt about him acting.

    • SweetAngel8642

      Watched part 2, and I spoke too soon

  • SweetAngel8642

    Steven’s doing interviews!! I’m ready for people to ask him about what his parents think of his career

    • bpxl53yewz

      Yes, one of the 1st questions Asian actors get asked without fail.

    • Lanky Blackbird
      Lanky Blackbird

      He tells a cute story about his parents on an old clip from Conan. Just SLtoos his name.


      Watch the next clip for a kinda answer

  • SweetAngel8642


  • Hero The Plott mix
    Hero The Plott mix

    Stopped watching TWD(spoiler alert) when Steven character got killed off.

    • Uneica Garrett
      Uneica Garrett

      I stopped watching after Andrew Lincoln left. Once they killed off the character Carl, the show should have ended. Rick lived for his kids. That’s why he did all the crazy things he did. Judith wasn’t his blood daughter so I don’t think the connection was as strong. Once Carl died, it’s only natural for the Rick character to give up all hope. Carl was everything to Rick. Carl dies, story ends. ( And this is coming from a previous hardcore fan.)

    • Bexinnamon

      @Hero The Plott mix in the same genre? I'm gonna start Kingdom but can't tell you yet if it's good. And if you like Korean shows, strangers from hell is really good

    • Hero The Plott mix
      Hero The Plott mix

      @Bexinnamon I may watch again so TY for no spoilers. Lol any show you would recommend?

    • Bexinnamon

      I pushed to the beginning of season 8 but I'm not interested in the show anymore.

    • Michael Cha
      Michael Cha


  • mary jones
    mary jones

    lovely but made me tear up too, ty mr yeun, mr and mrs colbert, mr batiste and stay human!

  • kwfown

    I’m surprised Yeun hasn’t been on Conan yet to promote his movie, thought they are pretty close

    • bpxl53yewz

      Maybe because Conan's show is ending soon, May/ June. He's transitioning to an HBO show.

    • K Y
      K Y

      they should definitely visit Korean spa again 😂

    • 101 Maliha Intikhab
      101 Maliha Intikhab

      I was honestly looking for a possible Conan interview. I mean he and Conan have insane chemistry. I really goes on there soon. Their Korea series is the funniest thing I've seen on the internet.

    • Evan Maric
      Evan Maric

      It's monday, possibly the beginning of a press tour, I'd imagine he'll be on soon.

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10 mio.