Even The Cat Lawyer Would Be A Better Impeachment Advocate Than Bruce Castor
Republicans were harshly critical of the disorganized opening arguments by the former president's impeachment lawyers, making it clear that he could use better representation. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • James Dodson
    James Dodson

    Joe Touch an Sniff.!!

  • Julian Sandoval
    Julian Sandoval


  • Amy Quinn
    Amy Quinn

    I never believed Americans could be funny. But I stand corrected. And by the way, I'm not a cat.

  • Rough Habit
    Rough Habit

    This aged well

  • Petr Stanovský
    Petr Stanovský

    1:00 Come on,man. Christopher Nolan has his unique style and all fans of great movies should be very gratefull for it.

  • Norm Rayos
    Norm Rayos

    So Trump got mad about a guy who seemingly had no idea what he was doing, rambling on and on about everything yet saying nothing at all, frustrating anyone with half a brain? Good - now he knows how it feels watching him. The only difference is he’s so infuriating I always screamed at the tv.

  • Mike A
    Mike A

    thems some pit sweats 5:12

  • MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster
    MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

    americanmind.org/salvo/once-upon-a-presidency/ The media has an 11% approval rating. This Colbert video supposed has 1.5 million views, but less than 2000 comments, which implies either the views are fake, or 1.5 million idiots watching this don't have the critical thinking or writing/typing skills to comment. If you're one of these people, AND a U.S. citizen, you should really read the article linked at the top of this post.

  • Buenomars

    Wasn't the judge himself who posted the video? 😂

  • beeble2003

    It was actually the judge who released the cat-lawyer video. Presumably, he won't find himself in contempt.

  • Loren Renee
    Loren Renee

    I never get tired of the cat lawyer routine. It is the most covid routine ever. We are ALL. Now cats.

  • M L
    M L

    Hes the leaked council caf 🐱

  • M L
    M L

    Perplexed, ramble and nonsensical describes the republican party perfectly.

  • Linkyst

    forgot I was still subscribed to this, this guy is a weirdo and propaganda mouthpiece for the left

  • Alex S.
    Alex S.

    Here's the thing, though: Bruce Castor won. That's the only thing that matters in the long run, no? Bottom line: Trump won. You can be smug about it if you wasn't, Stephen, but that doesn't ease the pain. Trump was acquitted. Doesn't matter why, or how. Castor's win-loss record in this trial reads 1-0.

  • Vona Kenyon
    Vona Kenyon

    Idea for new series "Claw and Order-SKU (Special Kittens Unit".)

  • Corastone

    wow, this is so unfunny. no wonder late night show host ratings have plummeted.

  • jay j
    jay j

    He was just doing what liberals do.

  • Dave Driscoll
    Dave Driscoll

    I thought recording of hearings or their live streams were prohibited?!!! Or is that another BS law the makers know full well will be impossible to uphold????

    • Harry Azcrak
      Harry Azcrak

      David. There’s like 5 cspan channels. Wake up. Also, who are “the makers?” Care to take me down your rabbit hole? Btw, David Driscoll, looks like your moms soccer dreams for you never happened.

  • Rod Blackmen
    Rod Blackmen

    Trump not guilty you a hole

  • Tammy Stratford
    Tammy Stratford

    The pinstrip suit on Trump's lawyer has the weirdest arms, am I right?

  • Shane Kräuchi
    Shane Kräuchi

    Stephen's description of Bill Cassidy was priceless.

  • AMT

    What a total fkn farce .... A disgrace .... An embarrassment ... How can children be taught about the cause of Jan 6th ... Surreal ..

  • Womynxx

    Lol nervous kitten lawyer! 🤣 How were the other men not dying?

  • Joey Josey
    Joey Josey

    ....and yet, Trump was acquitted. Maybe the lawyers were sorry but the case against Trump must have been sorrier. Continued waste of taxpayer money.

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck

    biden tells anderson cooper there was no vaccine stockpiled -the cupboards were bare .....dot dot dot as biden lies through his teeth and is shown on other news taking his second vaccine shot............when there was suppose to be no vaccine from Mr. President Donald John Trump's warp speed program.......biden is a bald faced liar and fraud...

  • Maple Tree
    Maple Tree

    The only reason I clicked on Colbert is the cat lawyer (hoping the joke would be kind), otherwise... corporate shrill like many. Was Jon Stewart the last mainstream satirist with some integrity? Ridiculing bad and destructive policies of both sides of the isle...

  • rianda riki
    rianda riki

    love from indonesia fan

  • Mr. Peanutbutter's TCaP Channel
    Mr. Peanutbutter's TCaP Channel

    Objection the witnesses clearly the under the influence of catnip

  • Pronto

    Going forward, Castor will only get business from MAGAts.

  • Devon

    Even Cattorney wouldn't play the stupid identity politics race card like the democrats' lawyers. When you resort to identity politics, you lost the impeachment. Yall failed to impeach Trump TWICE move the fk on and focus on your wacky Creepy Joe

  • Carrot 4 Thought
    Carrot 4 Thought

    The cat lawyer have inspired me to make parody video, You can watch the parody in my channel.

  • Hannah Rolling
    Hannah Rolling

    Has Colbert always been not funny? I thought it was Trumps fault but now that he is out it seems worse. Maybe once everyone gets their shots it will get better.

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank

    Ha! It was the JUDGE who posted the video!

  • Mal Mort
    Mal Mort

    Colbert is such a hack

  • HI- Q
    HI- Q

    Stephen the orange man is coming back OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😆

  • Eboni M.
    Eboni M.

    Hilarious! The zoom filter was priceless!!!

  • Shoba Singh
    Shoba Singh

    “The TVs in the White House came with wiper blades.” Hilarious. Thank you.

  • Geoff Elder
    Geoff Elder

    T***p "almost" screaming at the TV is such an oxymoron, it's like looking at him and saying he "almost" ate hundreds of cheeseburgers!

  • Aqua Mina
    Aqua Mina

    The eyes, his voice, the “I’m not a cat” comment.. such a perfect moment...

  • Dresden H
    Dresden H

    Everyone in government should only use zoom and cat filters when the do government stuff... That way they would be more chill and not take eachother so seriously all the time... I think maybe even throw in a few real cats to keep them on their toes. All hail The United Cats Of OUR Laddy America!!!💜💜💜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Karina W
    Karina W

    I had to watch Tenet with the subtitles on and pausing every few scenes to figure out what the hell was going on. However I loved the movie! Once you get it, there’s no going back - or is there? The scene where the trains are going past is a massive hint from Christopher Nolan. One train is going forward the other train is going backwards. That’s the crux of the whole movie.

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch

    2:27 Poking at Trevor Noah !

  • Jed Tarbo
    Jed Tarbo

    I’m not a cat.

  • JWW

    More crap from Stephanie oops Stephen Colbert spell check

  • Muhammad Syed
    Muhammad Syed

    the salt

  • James Gilmore
    James Gilmore

    Does not matter how bad the lawyers are the the jurors are partial to the criminal.

  • fred james
    fred james

    he conviction evidence is very clear, republicans who vote nay will be forever marked down IN HISTORY as being greedy cowards

  • Frank Illuminati
    Frank Illuminati


  • Stoopeed 1
    Stoopeed 1


  • Singis Tinge
    Singis Tinge

    0:35 "Never trust a wealthy man who buys himself an ill fitting suit." - Me 2021

  • produdeyay

    I think it's a filter? You mean you considered it might be a cat that speaks human language?

  • Beatles0223

    The lawyers put on that sham performance because they knew the fix was in.

  • Michael Glenn
    Michael Glenn

    This is cringy

  • Chris George
    Chris George

    The hapless croissant finally scratch because toy scilly memorise plus a nutritious harmonica. military, fluffy spy

  • rod7139

    Not interested in the manipulated evidence by the Democrats Lawyers which in fact lost them the case?

  • Evan Bower
    Evan Bower

    The Nolan movie he is asking for is called Insomnia (2002)

  • Paleoman 1914
    Paleoman 1914

    Democrats showed their bag of tricks, hope you can pull another rabbit out of your hat next election.

  • Paleoman 1914
    Paleoman 1914

    So happy for Trump! Excited to see more of him in the coming years.

  • crypto kruz . com
    crypto kruz . com

    You should be really psyched about crypto with Elon's purchase of 1.5 Billion worth of crypto coins a few days ago? Love your video. Thanks. be wise

  • The Sharkk
    The Sharkk


  • SirEvilestDeath

    Liberty and justice for none. The rich and powerful can get away with anything. This trial just showed that Charles Manson did nothing wrong, he simply guided people to do illegal things for him.

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor

    Remember when trump said he could kill someone on the street and get away with it? Well, he caused 5 people to be killed, including one police officer bludgeoned to death, and got away with it. I guess he was right.

  • Kevin Budzisch
    Kevin Budzisch

    The neat jaw cytopathologically spark because pint problematically stamp like a ruthless ramie. common, abortive undershirt

    • Chris Richfield
      Chris Richfield

      Is that you Joe?

  • Pi Kiar
    Pi Kiar

    "Man at work remembering he forgot to take his kids to school." I thought murder was a crime, Stephen Colbert.

  • Hollins23

    Stephen: Gross! Take care of that problem!

  • AwkwrdPrtMskrt

    Steph even points out the recording restriction, holy Jeebus.

  • Hollins23

    The laughter in the background is a joy to hear!

  • Andrew Daley
    Andrew Daley

    The Glorious Leader's Gauleiters were going to acquit from day 1. No breaking news there. These nasties are far from cute and funny.

  • Liv Free
    Liv Free

    Haha!!! Trumps lawyers eviscerated the House Democrats pathetic stance ... now how are you pedo lefties going to get your orange fix? Rage is a serious addiction....

  • Huttnugget

    Tic toc red shoes

  • Tribune O'Plebs
    Tribune O'Plebs

    So this failure means Trump can run again? Biden's time will be one big Trump campaign ad.

  • Ian Hughes
    Ian Hughes

    he could have got up and scratched his ass for an hour and no republicans would vote against the party. They are all scum.

  • PinkiePinkie SteffSteff
    PinkiePinkie SteffSteff

    The drab sweater aesthetically unfasten because queen partially compete without a tawdry australian. tranquil, political science

  • Loki

    🐱I'm not a cat!

  • Marta Villanueva
    Marta Villanueva

    Why didn't he just turn off the video. "I'm not a cat 😺" ----really🤯🤭. No shit Sherlock. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 😅😅😅. Oh, sore stomaches muscles the next day.🤭😅🤕"I'm not a cat 🐈" accompanied by his voice got me out if my pandemic depression.

  • American Scorpion
    American Scorpion

    Read the Constitution of the United States. Mandatory for all americans.

  • touhouguyII

    I was not ready at all for that cat bit. Have a huge mess of drink to clean off my desk and I think something broke

  • NoMore me
    NoMore me

    HAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂😂. The man got you twice didn't he

  • Dennis Bourgeois
    Dennis Bourgeois

    Now it's Bidens turn....lol....

  • J. Escobar
    J. Escobar

    2700 likes. 800 something dislikes... who are these losers? And why are you here?

  • SSS🌙

    Huge difference: the cat was actually a lawyer

  • Frank Kessler
    Frank Kessler

    The video itself is funny, the lawyer is humble. For you to ridicule him, not cool.

  • Nanny Alberico
    Nanny Alberico

    The fresh toad conventionally play because dressing longitudinally fetch amid a calm throne. illustrious, opposite squirrel

  • thePheonixqueen

    Cat lawyer has been revealed to have used his position to harass an ex girlfriend by having her family arrested and her business raided until she literally left town to escape

  • Sandra Schwab
    Sandra Schwab

    cat castor was the best! lol

  • Paul Werndli
    Paul Werndli


  • Jilly Bean
    Jilly Bean

    Day 5 Aquitted for second time. The only joke is you now!! Sad I used to really like you years ago before you became an Ass. Your mean jokes are over the top. Low bar and you couldnt even reach it!! LoL

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    The cat judge finds you guilty and sentences you to community service cleaning litterboxes!

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    Making fun of old people and US presidents. Good for you guys! Maybe I should reconsider my politics.

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver

    Steve, how much Trump money is enough? Glad to see all the good your putting out in the world.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    If you read, Tonight Pay Per View... The Late show with Stephen Colbert only 10.95 would you tune in.

  • Shin

    idk how people watch colbert

  • kjfuell

    Impeach colbert.

  • Beardy Wilson
    Beardy Wilson

    Womp womp.....😂

  • Sizzle Crisp
    Sizzle Crisp

    Who is here after the Acquittal? Colbert must be fuming now.

  • C T
    C T


  • vir

    Why wasn't the capitol protected? Where did the guards be? If home security did know about the people meeting at the capitol, why was not protection to the capitol? Americans pay so much to protect so where was the protection to a building? What do I see is a political gain? The people entered the Capitol were in their own will, not because a speech or anything else, they wanted to breach the building in mob style, and they are going to pay the consequences of their own acts. The house managers altered the speech then they are fabricating false statements. The altered speech can't be presented. The security fell to do their jobs. They didn't protect the Capitol.

  • TS SCI
    TS SCI

    Acquitted.... again. Are the democrats done with trump yet? Nope. They are obsessed.

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin

    Talk about the Lincoln Project. All the dem child molesters!! What are the odds that Colbert ever mentions that?

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