Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Were Shocked By The Reaction To Their Super Bowl Ad
Country music superstar Blake Shelton says he has experienced many highs and lows in his career but he knew he'd truly made it after he witnessed the way friends, family and fans reacted to his Super Bowl ad with Gwen Stefani. Stick around to see Blake perform his new single, "Minimum Wage," in his first performance on A Late Show. #Colbert #BlakeShelton #MinimumWage
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  • Harold Olivia
    Harold Olivia


    • Amaya Taylor
      Amaya Taylor

      All of yall are BOTS

    • Alan Nicolas
      Alan Nicolas

      even a novice will understand with his way of explanation.

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      Alan Nicolas

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  • John Hurunui
    John Hurunui

    Clean yourself up man you’re looking like slob,how could Gwen continue to love you heaps of doubt

    • T Bear78
      T Bear78

      What are you even saying? HE LOOKS GORGEOUS! He's funny, charming, talented and RICH! But for sure, he is so good looking. A slob my ass LOL

  • Faith Nyaitera
    Faith Nyaitera

    Love Gwen and Blake

  • Kurt Tuchscherer
    Kurt Tuchscherer

    I wonder how many guys are going to start wearing spurs now

  • geekdivaherself

    Minimum waaaaaaaage: HiYAH! doo doo dooooo, dooooo, doo doo dooooo.... &c. _al fine, per_ TMBG, IIRC.

  • Myriam Tuttle
    Myriam Tuttle

    It seems 5 days ago was the last posting of the show everywhere. Mr Colbert either retired or went private/ moved on to capitalize the hig rating :( if you know where or how to get full daily episodes, please let me know

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger
    Strange Wayfaring Stranger

    I feel like people have a short memory about him.

    • T Bear78
      T Bear78

      No. some people have a LONG memory about shit that happened 12 plus years ago. I specifically remember the whole #cancel timeframe. I specifically remember how he came forward and apologized. Do you have something more current?

  • Sharon Barton
    Sharon Barton

    My very first job I was paid 125 a week, had a house, drove a new truck! Lived good.

  • susan tester
    susan tester


  • JamesAllmond

    If Adam Levine really got them together, that just make it stranger and nicer all at the same time...

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina

      Haha yeah and it was pretty funny how Adam didn’t even know they were dating at first.

  • Chappelle168

    They should have had Fallon interrupt unscriptedly and start making fun ok Blake

  • Lisa

    Happy for Blake in this newest chapter. Have watched him since he started (first time at a friend's wedding), worked on a couple of his vids, and enjoyed his humour on The Voice (when I had TV). Wishing him and Ms. Beautiful Talent a spicy, laughing, long life together.

  • Sayari Kyoto
    Sayari Kyoto

    Ok he's looking a lot better here - he looked like Hell in that Super Bowl commercial.

    • Sayari Kyoto
      Sayari Kyoto

      @T Bear78 yep, I'm sure he will.

    • T Bear78
      T Bear78

      Oh okay. He'll be so happy you think so.

  • suzawilo

    He is sooooo adorable😍😍

  • John Boy
    John Boy

    Adam, help your friend. He took a blue pill and is losing his manhood. 😱

  • Angela Barton
    Angela Barton

    Me and my partner moved a fireplace once

  • Lanai Winter
    Lanai Winter

    Please Share Website for Freedom...all one word with a dot and an org at the end: the healthy american Had to write it like that because SLtoos/Google is not allowing me to share links to truth. Censorship anyone?

  • Morgana Gray
    Morgana Gray

    No one remembers that Blake is a cheating SOB, huh?

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu


  • Mary Bruce
    Mary Bruce

    Worse commercial,hate it.

  • Mercedes Barton
    Mercedes Barton

    The lethal teacher logistically mix because taste correspondingly charge between a decorous barbara. grumpy, noiseless eyelash

  • Sabrina Mc Dowell
    Sabrina Mc Dowell

    You should have treated Miranda so generous. With a little heart.

    • lara polovosheva
      lara polovosheva

      Miranda WHO?

    • Terri

      You mean the same Miranda that cheated on him for months with Ryan Westbrook, her married tour manager? That refused to live in the same house with him in Oklahoma even after they married? She had to have her own house because (in her words from her interviews) he got on her nerves after about 2 weeks spent together. The same Miranda that always “forgot” to mention or thank him whenever she won an award? That wrong a song “Dear Diamond” when they got engaged about her confessing to her ring that she was already cheating on him? I could go on but you get the picture. Blake did treat her well and speak well of her too just like he does Gwen. Listen to some of his old interviews. That’s just the kind of guy he is. She’s the one who didn’t treat him right. After their divorce, she busted up Evan Felker’s marriage, took Brendan away from his baby and baby mama, started fights and threw plates on old people in a restaurant. Wrote a song “Vice” about her addictions to alcohol and sleeping around. That’s just the kind of person she is.

  • ღSwnsasyღ _
    ღSwnsasyღ _

    I'm not into country music but I love watching both of them grow over the last 5yrs.. My husband and I got together the same time they did but we got married a lot faster.. Lol.. Celebrating 4th anniversary in 2wks.. Haha...

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    crypto kruz . com

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  • MJ C
    MJ C

    Blake and Gwen are such a cute couple 😍💕

  • detoqueville1

    Love the Colbert Show, Love B Shelton & G Stephani/ their ad & LOVE THEIR SLtoos VIDEOS OF HOME FOR COVID (Gwen with the hair clippers)!!!! Check it out! They are fantastic!!!

  • Clarissa Moreno
    Clarissa Moreno

    The valuable september consequently entertain because onion eventually jog among a quick offence. instinctive, delicate equinox

  • Damion Sailors
    Damion Sailors

    Do your homework, Stephen

  • Mustafa Shahid
    Mustafa Shahid

    Your show has been a nice escape from everything these days, I watch your clips eveyday I get time from the hospital. It's more than show , it's like a nice family evening with the fun uncle! Keep up the good work.

  • NiNi Na
    NiNi Na

    Congratulations! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Maybe this could be worked into a song

  • Traci Andrews
    Traci Andrews

    At 50ish!?? hit sex again! $he is pretty noticed up her case not one wrinkles or droop. At 50!!!! Not natural🐱🐀🐀🐀🐀

  • Lynne Bucher
    Lynne Bucher

    Being a horse woman, i would melt if my date showed up wearing spurs!!!

  • Michelle Tate
    Michelle Tate

    Love that Gwen and Blake are happy!!! Wishing you, both, love, happiness, and every good thing! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Michelle Tate
      Michelle Tate

      @jessica mcdaniels Perhaps, you need to do a little homework on this one, Jessica. Gwen's net worth is much higher than Blake's... by millions of dollars. She's a recording artist, songwriter, producer, fashion designer and icon, TV personality, etc. She certainly doesn't need Blake for his money. And, as far as class and sophistication, she has it in spades. And, while I'm sure Miranda is a lovely person, you can't put her in the same category as Gwen. Have you seen Gwen on the covers of Vogue magazine? Stunning!

  • reallyreallyrhonda

    Love Gwen, Love Blake. Because I love you I gotta say: Stop singing & talking about what it's like to be 'poor but in love' when you are Rich AF and forever engaged to a Rich AF, Gorgeous, Talented Woman. It's insulting.

    • jb pb
      jb pb

      Stupid Comment. Song has nothing to do with minimum wage!

    • NiffNiff Hooray
      NiffNiff Hooray

      They both started where many are now. They didn't grow up with wealth and fame.

    • Brenda Haddad
      Brenda Haddad

      Why would that insult you? It has nothing to do with you other than you might understand the feeling that love brings. If not, don't listen to the song. Here's a tip... you are not the center of the universe. Other people have experiences that have nothing to do with you and they are allowed to express themselves. This song was written by 3 women and given to a man that has worked his way up from nothing. His current success did not negate everything that came before. Being butt hurt over someone expressing that love is more important than money makes you a big part of the problem in today's world.

  • Maitri Nancy Peden
    Maitri Nancy Peden

    Seems a fine man.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      kelly tell blake he treated her terrible she always says it on the voice to blake he does not say any thing.

  • Carla M
    Carla M

    I really did like his super bowl ad

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina

      Yeah that probably was the best one cause I thought the other ones were pretty lame.

  • Connor de Bruler
    Connor de Bruler

    Such a relatable comment. I literally CAN'T do the same level of physical labor I did as a worker in 20s and , sad to say but true, I'm only in my early 30s. I pushed it and I pushed it all for a paycheck and I paid the price. Story of America.

    • Jeremiah Nordstrom
      Jeremiah Nordstrom

      Shoutout to you Connor! Labor destroys the body, I've seen emotional labors destroy the heart. I guess in the end our salvation is to plan ahead for a transition in careers or to atleast teach that to our kids so that they may escape the same fate.

  • Squirrel Covers
    Squirrel Covers

    When did she get a new face? Pretty but UNRECOGNIZABLE

  • D B
    D B

    It reminds me of Jerry and Gayle's marriage on Parks and Rec. She's stunning and nobody can figure out how she ended up so happy with Jerry

  • Priscilla Wilson
    Priscilla Wilson

    They're both professional musicians. They both care about their looks. I don't know why people would be surprised.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      they no gwen can not sing blake can sing so gwen sings with blake ha ha not hard to understanp

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Thanks for the kind words . You can email me to know more about our joining together!

  • darcenex14

    The legit conversation about roofing. 😂

  • McKinley Brown
    McKinley Brown

    Truth is it’s AMERICA versus WHITE SUPREMACY and SYSTEMATIC RACISM.... and IF Mr. Trump and his Constituents don’t face harsh punishment... THERE’S NO MORE AMERICA 🇺🇸 in the eyes of the NATIONS CITIZENRY or THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.... MB • 2021 -™️®️©️

  • ric hernandez
    ric hernandez

    bro you are worth more than jimmy kimmel? thats cool man

  • y1521t21b5

    Great _Southern drawl!_ ;-)

  • James Baker
    James Baker

    Lotta respect for Blake Shelton for being such a good sport getting roasted for the first half of the interview.

  • Polly Tiks
    Polly Tiks

    I thought at first Gwen + Blake was a head-scratcher pairing, but when I saw them interviewed I could really see how well-matched they both are. G+B for decades to come!! 💞

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      i believ he greives for miranda he is so in love . he has aged 20 years what in the hell happen to him an he drinnk so much he did not look like that with BEAUTIFUL MIRANDA AN HE DID NOT DRINK WHAT HAPPEB TO HIN

    • Polly Tiks
      Polly Tiks

      @jessica mcdaniels wow, who spit on your avocado toast

  • James Stange
    James Stange

    I’ve always loved no doubt and I’ve never heard of that guy until this clip but he seems really cool and nice and he’s handsome so make sense to me and I do love that commercial which I saw for the first time just now

  • Tom Lloyd
    Tom Lloyd

    Colbert, one would think you would be a better interviewer by now.

  • Lynda Trones
    Lynda Trones

    ANY interaction between Blake and Adam will be brilliant...they are Network GOLD..⭐⭐

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton This is the email . I will tell my PA to watch out for your email . Thank you @Lynda Trones

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Thank you for the compliment @Lynda Trones . You can email me for info on our joining together soon .

  • S.O.S. Exploration
    S.O.S. Exploration

    Its 2021 Stephen!

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    I _absolutely_ recommend dating people from other countries. Maybe the relationship works out. Maybe it doesn't. You benefit either way.

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    Now you _know_ you're country when you don't get around by horse, but you still wear spurs.

  • Makamurphy

    Blake and Gwen are such a happy couple!

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime

    Hey,there are many women who would kill to be Blakes gf too! He's awesome too,and talented and kind and sooo good looking. I really don't see them as a strange pair at all. If they share their time between Oklahoma and L.A they'll be ok. Love takes care of the rest. 🤗

    • Noelia Jaime
      Noelia Jaime

      @gloria simpher Oh is it?Is it true? LMAO. They live each other.They have been living together for 5 years so get over it. Gwen is 1000 times better for him than Miranda was.

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      blake will never marry gwen as long as miranda is alive sorry but true.

    • Jack Nack
      Jack Nack

      Someone lookin to be a back-up singer sounds like. Hey way to go for it!

  • Denise Ross
    Denise Ross

    CANNOT STAND COLBERT. I think he should be arrested for harassment and inuendo threats to PRESIDENT Trump. Yes. PRESIDENT Trump. not biden,

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina

      @Salty Sailor haha yeah exactly.

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina

      @akwinner yeah exactly. Shouldn’t Trump be in jail for in sighting violence at the capital?

    • akwinner

      In case you missed it, the Republicans in the senate just said it’s ok to threaten people with innuendo, hence the non impeachment of the trumpster.

    • Salty Sailor
      Salty Sailor

      Yet you still watch every episode. I hear misery loves company, so go to Trump in Mara Lago and cry on his shoulder before he gets evicted or sentenced to jail. Hurry tick tock his time is running out, wolves at the door

    • fritzykarl

      Cry, snowflake

  • Knudge

    Gwen picture it the background is outstanding.

  • FoCoPuffs

    If the framers are worth a damn, we build the cricket for you.

    • Lynne Bucher
      Lynne Bucher

      For some reason my 1979 house's roof didn't get built with one, but I had it added when getting a new roof.

  • jokosalsa

    I loved that commercial....super funny!

  • Valerie CA Mtn
    Valerie CA Mtn

    me ⁉️ WTF🤠 no 💰 & no ♥️ here FYI ⁉️ TRUCK broke I walk/ride bus ONLY THE RIFFS SAVE THIS RIP Charlie Pride & & & & 😷

  • Gerb McNuggets
    Gerb McNuggets

    “I walk and talk like a field hand But the boots I'm wearing cost three grand I write songs about riding tractors From the comfort of a private jet I could sing in Mandarin You'd still know I'm pandering Hunting deer, chasing trout A Bud Light with the logo facing out”

    • Valerie CA Mtn
      Valerie CA Mtn


  • Frizzle the Cat
    Frizzle the Cat

    I can't listen to him speak. (edited: For me, as a German listener,) he sounds like(edit: too close for my personal comfort to) Lindsay "Pillsbury Proud Boy" Graham with his accent and I can't unhear it. But I guess good luck to him and Gwen. May they be and remain a happy couple (edit: I mean that with all my heart. He and Gwen seem like good people, and I always wish good and happy marriages on good people. It always breaks my heart a bit if a couple that seemed happy breaks apart, especially when it ends in ugly divorces. So I mean it when I say that I wish them a happy marriage and a good time together)

    • Frizzle the Cat
      Frizzle the Cat

      @Brenda Haddad Oh, dear. I didn't want to make you spring into the defense - I thought I made it clear that I don't wish him anything negative, he seems a good guy and I only wish him the best. It's not very nice to call me ignorant just because I can't tell Oklahoma and.whatever that other state is apart - I'm not from the US. I wouldn't call you ignorant if you thought that all German people spoke Bavarian accent (which they don't). Especially not since that's what most movies/shows that even BOTHER to put a native German speaker on the screen think is "genuine". For me, as a German, in this small clip compared to small clips of LG, they sound close. to your 3) I didn't judge him? I didn't say he's a terrible person or anything because of his accent - if I recall, I wished him all the best but re-reading it, i can see how it might have come across as sarcastic. that wasn't my intention. I could throw the ball back in your court, seeing as you judge me as being superficial, but again - my wording wasn't the best so you have a point. I'll edit my original text a little to make it clear that I wasn't intending to insult anyone.

    • Frizzle the Cat
      Frizzle the Cat

      @Chrissie K Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't want to imply that I'm judging him based on his accent! I'm sure he's a smart man, and the few moments I'd seen him on The Voice I thought he seemed a nice person and quite witty (Very important feature for me). I just can't quite listen to him speak without being thrown into the comparison, and that's not HIS fault but LG's fault for ruining a whole regional accent.

    • Brenda Haddad
      Brenda Haddad

      Actually, he doesn't. His accent is quite different as it is pure Oklahoma. But continue to show your ignorance by 1) not being able to tell the difference between accents 2) not understanding that you have an accent too, and 3) judging people by such superficiality. People have no say over where they are raised.

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K

      Well, try not judge folks for their accents, we all come from somewhere, it's what is said, and most importantly, what is done that matters 😉 Stephen naturally also speaks like that, at least when he was a kid, he just learned Mid-Atlantic newsman way of speaking so he wouldn't be automatically written down as southern dummy by the so called cultured city folks.

  • Nina Padilla
    Nina Padilla

    I thought they were married already??

    • Jason Andolina
      Jason Andolina

      Well they couldn’t cause of the pandemic. They probably could’ve secretly.

  • miss miou
    miss miou

    when they say opposite attrack, they are not kidding

    • roger murray
      roger murray

      Opposites attack? Yes, too true in this social climate although I don't see the connection to these luvin' country folk.

    • Priscilla Wilson
      Priscilla Wilson

      opposites attract

  • TLouise Allen
    TLouise Allen

    I am a huge fan of Music. They sing a duet called, “I could be happy anywhere with you ” and it’s obvious....They’re meant to be together 🤷❤️👌✌️🙏🏼🖖🏼

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      he does not show in his looksthat he is happy an he drinks he was beautiful to look at he looks vterrible an he looks not happy poor man. WHAT HAPPEN TO HIM MIRANDA LOOKS BRETH TAKING NOT BLAKE OMG?

  • Robert Michalscheck
    Robert Michalscheck

    Roofing is a hard-ass job,tried it,didn’t like it,specially a house where you won’t survive the fall.

    • Angela Siegfried
      Angela Siegfried

      I worked with a guy who had a tar paper roofing business. Extremely hard physical labor.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle

    I was talking to my ex-wife recently (we're still friends) and Blake came up and she said that every time she looks at our wedding picture she thinks I looked like him. (I'm not sure I see anything more than MAYBE a vague resemblance) but my first reaction was, "I could have married Gwen Stephanie!"

    • Pat Doyle
      Pat Doyle

      @Kim Hood Oops! What was I thinking? Maybe because my niece is named Stephanie, and I am used to writing that.

    • Kim Hood
      Kim Hood


    • Ms Stella Fay
      Ms Stella Fay


    • Ellen Hajie
      Ellen Hajie


    • TLouise Allen
      TLouise Allen


  • KallofKthulu Z
    KallofKthulu Z

    Wow, Gwen is unrecognizable now. I had no idea

  • Kitchen Fired
    Kitchen Fired

    I am waiting to watch you first then go to bed !!

  • L K
    L K

    John's dance at the end ❤️❤️❤️

  • Susie Floozie
    Susie Floozie

    Sorry, Country Boy. The song title "Minimum Wage" will always bring to mind THE BUSBOYS, the best black new-wave rock band the '80s ever spawned!

    • Yobgod Ababua
      Yobgod Ababua

      @Maureen Wagg MINIMUM WAAGE!!!

    • Maureen Wagg
      Maureen Wagg

      Exactly. Especially when you are old enough to remember the eighties as a teenager lol

    • Yobgod Ababua
      Yobgod Ababua

      I think of the They Might Be Giants song from 1989...

  • Street Cat
    Street Cat

    Cultured. . Give me a f*cking break

  • Mike Litt
    Mike Litt

    No love.... I am truely blessed. I wish I had never gotten involved with women. They took everything I had and left me with nothing. I am not in any kind of shape to physically do the work any more....and yet I still do choice but pain and a burning desire for that pain to end forever. I wish I was ambitious enough to kill myself.

  • Blaise MacPherson
    Blaise MacPherson

    Who remembers hearing dont go loving on nobody but me when it came out? Old school fans where you at?

    • Angela Siegfried
      Angela Siegfried

      @Blake Shelton 876-922-9209

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Hello super fan,thanks for all your support and love.Kindly paste your number to me here for more conversations 😘

  • Matt Conklin
    Matt Conklin

    If somebody told me, even before he married miranda lambert, that "Hollaback Girl" Gwen Stephani would marry "Ol' Red" Blake Shelton I would have laughed in your face. But those two seem cute together so best wishes to them both.

    • Noelia Jaime
      Noelia Jaime

      AND so in love.

  • The Caffeinated Owl
    The Caffeinated Owl

    In that commercial, idk who took away the old gwen, but they have transformed her into something she never looked before... In a bad way.

    • TLouise Allen
      TLouise Allen

      @Blake Shelton 😄

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Hello super fan,thanks for all your support and love.Kindly paste your number to me here for more conversations 😘

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Hello super fan,thanks for all your support and love.Kindly paste your number to me here for more conversations 😘

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Hello super fan,thanks for all your support and love.Kindly paste your number to me here for more conversations 😘

  • Jacob Sincyr
    Jacob Sincyr

    Blake and Gwen together, simply magical!!

    • gloria simpher
      gloria simpher

      he has aged 20 years a drunk alot what is going on with poor blake he was so beautiful with miranda i never seen him drunk with miranda they BLAKE ANMIRANDA WHERE BETH TAKING TOGATHER >

    • Betty Smith
      Betty Smith

      @Blake Shelton you are not Blake Shelton. You have been reported

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Hello super fan,thanks for all your support and love.Kindly paste your number to me here for more conversations 😘

  • Rey Skywalker
    Rey Skywalker

    Gwen and Blake are such a weird pairing, it just works so well. Life long Gwen fan, glad to see her so happy again! 💞

    • Adventures In Organizing
      Adventures In Organizing

      I do miss No Doubt

    • Memo Vasquez
      Memo Vasquez

      Yes, I'm also glad to see sooo happy again. She deserves it ..

    • marie kastler
      marie kastler

      This city girl has a lifelong affinity for country boys! They tend to be good at useful things...lots of useful things!!! And they are not put off by a manageable dash of crazy, which turns out to work well for me.

    • Kitchen Fired
      Kitchen Fired

      i never see him a long time

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Hello super fan,thanks for all your support and love.Kindly paste your number to me here for more conversations 😘

  • Maki Burgess
    Maki Burgess

    The song is about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s a contrary view, arguing that love is more important than shelter, food, etc.

    • marie kastler
      marie kastler

      @Chrissie K well said💕

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K

      Without food or shelter you wouldn't exist. Without love you won't live 😉

    • marie kastler
      marie kastler

      Always thought Maslow needed tweaking!

  • Rolando J-Rmn
    Rolando J-Rmn

    What is it with rich celebs singing about living without money ?!?

    • Terri

      Because most of us average people don’t want to listen to them singing about how rich they are.... I guess if you’re into that, there are plenty of rap songs flaunting the cash and prestige.

    • Chrissie K
      Chrissie K


    • Thurber

      Just like most everyone else, they started somewhere.

    • Jean Francis
      Jean Francis

      Most of them weren't always rich.

  • Tripple A+
    Tripple A+

    Blake looks so happy and it makes me happy too. 😍🥰😘

  • klientproby

    What on earth happened to Gwen Stefani's face?!?!? She's unrecognisable and looks like a plastic puppet! And what a stupid advert!!

  • Robin Stewart
    Robin Stewart

    Blake Granny Gwen not the perfect couple

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp

    Who else can't take their eyes off that picture on the wall?

    • Emmie Hockey
      Emmie Hockey

      @Igor Schmidlapp um ok cool wasn’t really talking to you but ok foo

    • Strange Wayfaring Stranger
      Strange Wayfaring Stranger

      It's the only fucking thing on the wall lol

    • Anna L.
      Anna L.

      Blake Shelton you first.. give us ALL your number 😜

    • keith gould
      keith gould


    • Igor Schmidlapp
      Igor Schmidlapp

      @Emmie Hockey REALLY!? No kidding? A real fake? LMAO (at both)...

  • Alma Victoriano
    Alma Victoriano

    I loved them both 🥰

  • Monica

    Congratulations Gwen and Blake. Adorable commercial. Keep that sense of humor.

  • Thomas San Filippo
    Thomas San Filippo

    Love Gwen and Blake, perfect couple nicest people! God Bless them!

  • JoAnne Johnson
    JoAnne Johnson

    Happy Valentine's Day Gwen n Blake 💕❤❤

  • Yasper Casper
    Yasper Casper

    The kid looks not very happy…

  • Anna L.
    Anna L.

    That commercial is freakin good 😃

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      Thank you!

  • S otobe
    S otobe

    Love Blake and his music ♥️

  • mary jones
    mary jones

    such a lovely interview, ty mr shelton, mr and mrs colbert, mr batiste and stay human. min wage was $1 and change when i started out. yep, i'm that old, lol.

    • Blake Shelton
      Blake Shelton

      @mary jones . Thanks for the love . 🙏

    • Polly Tiks
      Polly Tiks

      $2.50 here! 💰

  • 22CARLOCO22

    I have maximum rage

  • Vic Petrov
    Vic Petrov

    6:24 wtaf

  • J C
    J C

    You lot are dreadful .shocking comments

  • R

    Can you have Elizabeth Olsen on

  • Youssef Hegazy
    Youssef Hegazy

    Why is everyone acting shocked that someone can be with a fine woman like Gwen ? It’s kinda very disrespectful to keep talking down to the man acting like he doesn’t deserve to be married. You can see he is pretending to be a good sport about it, but it feels like he is going to explode one day.

    • Tamara

      @KC Putri that's true haha, she was even Adam's celebrity crush when Adam was 15, and now his friend is marrying her 😂

    • KC Putri
      KC Putri

      Because she was everyone’s crush in 90s and 00s, not because he is undeserving. Blake dated a woman who had Gwen’s posters plastered in her room and now he’s marrying her? He recorded a song about a guy with a girl that everyone wants, kept it for years but only released after he dated Gwen because it really fits his life. He is basically rubbing it off on everyone’s face, he looks so happy and proud.

    • myaddictions

      @Sun Shine you sound like a jealous hater lmao. did you come to the wrong page?

    • Tamara

      @Sun Shine she's not bland for sure, she's actually really interesting and very far from the 'california bimbo' she portrays in the commercial. They're just poking fun at the stereotypes.

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine

      @Tamara All this time I thought he was the one who had downgraded. She’s pretty bland... makes for a good commercial, tho.

  • CD_ Promo
    CD_ Promo

    Gwen's a lucky woman...

    • CD_ Promo
      CD_ Promo

      GEEZ, calm down people. I don't even know who he is. You fans act like you actually know these people. I don't follow either music. I'm a grandparent simply looking at a guy who seems to love a woman. If she feels the same, thats great. That's it.

    • Kimberly Winters
      Kimberly Winters

      Am I missing something, why does everyone hate Gwen ? I'm not into country so I know only he was with Miranda, nothing else...oh and they were alcoholics

    • CD_ Promo
      CD_ Promo

      @Kimberly Winters yes he is.

    • TLouise Allen
      TLouise Allen

      They’ve both made those comments on various interviews. I love when people talk people UP!

    • Kimberly Winters
      Kimberly Winters

      And he's lucky man💜💜💜

  • Ostblock Latina
    Ostblock Latina

    So when was the last time Blake had a lot of love make having little money so much better? Was it around that time Whitney Huston was living in the grand central station and it was OK because she had her baby with her? I'm so sick and tired of wealthy people writing and singing songs explaining how money doesn't buy everything because they have no bloody idea what they are talking about and it's effing offensive to poor people.

    • TLouise Allen
      TLouise Allen

      @Xochitl Sandoval 💪🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼✌️🖖🏼

    • Xochitl Sandoval
      Xochitl Sandoval

      There's a reason Rage Against the Machine hasn't made a new album, very hard roll down Rodeo with a shotgun when you're driving a Mercedes.

    • peachesandpoets

      He wasn't born into money lol

  • Rose S
    Rose S

    No wonder the US is so fucked up. Who cares if your phone was “melting up”. Is that the measurement by which you count nearly half a million dead Americans over the past year? You’re a shameful narcissistic. I’m so glad I live in New Zealand.